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Every year, more and more women watch their health and vitality slip away. Today, so many women are overwhelmed by chronic health problems. It doesn’t have to be this way. In the Whole Body Upgrade podcast, I help women struggling with emotional or medical issues that aren’t responding to traditional medical treatment. I use ancient practices with modern day wisdom, to help people spiritually, nutritionally, energetically, and emotionally.

This podcast is about how we can take charge of our well-being and raise our vitality. It’s a new way of being- and it’s so important right now for all of us to take charge of our own wellness. 

The Whole Body Upgrade show supports you in creating good health, so that you can enjoy your life, and becoming more resilient energetically, spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

It’s time for you to upgrade.  

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You Are Your Own Expert: Ep 81

Hello and welcome back to Whole Body Upgrade. I’m so grateful you are here with me. I’ve been very excited preparing the Whole Body Upgrade course and the Burnout Recovery Workshop for the last few weeks, and it’s very exciting. If you would like to join me, the...

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Why Resistance Will Lead You To What You Want: Ep 80

Hello hello and welcome to episode 80! I can’t believe I’ve recorded 80 podcasts. Amazing. Today I want to talk about resistance. You know when you are feeling like you just can’t do something or that you don’t want to. This was on my mind today as I’ve been seeing it...

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How to Feel Your Emotions: Ep 79

Hello dear ones- how are you?  Here in Georgia, things warm up fast and it’s already spring. For me spring always feels like a reawakening or remembering of who I am. I’ve been spending some time this week avoiding it- which is really interesting because of course the...

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The Magic and Power of Tending to Your Soul: Ep 78

Hello dear ones. I’m so grateful to be with you today. It’s a lovely spring day here in Georgia, and I’ve been sitting on my deck today, relaxing, reading, learning, and working. The sun is out, the birds are singing, and the temperature is just right. This is all...

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We’ve Forgotten How to be Well; Ep 77

Hello my friends. Welcome to Ep 77 of Whole Body Upgrade. How are you this week? I’m good- I’m still recovering a little with some fatigue from when I was sick in January, but I’m finding the right minerals and foods to nourish my body and increase my energy, and of...

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How you know you are burned out; Ep 75

First, I want to just talk a little bit about why I'm doing this podcast- why I’m so passionate about helping women. I'm really committed and I'm really hoping that I can reach more and more women who are feeling exhausted, who are feeling burned out. And this podcast...

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The Influence of Patriarchy on Health, Ep 74

Today I've been thinking about patriarchy, and what it has to do with health, because for a long time, I thought patriarchy was kind of over there. It's a system that keeps people of color and marginalized and women down, and it's not good; but I never really fully, I...

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Trusting Yourself and Your Health, Ep. 73

  I wanted to share with you a little bit today  around trusting yourself and being yourself. This is a really important topic to me, and it's not one that I would've said a few years ago was an important topic for health and wellness, but it is such an important...

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Getting to the Seed Moment for Healing- Ep. 72

  Hey, and welcome to Whole Body Upgrade this week, I recorded a video and audio, and I want to just note that the quality is not what usually happens-- and in the spirit of just not having to be perfect, I am posting anyway, and just notice how it's okay. It's...

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How to Stop Suffering – Ep. 70

Before we jump into today’s episode fully, I’m going to ask you to review this podcast. I hear from so many people how much they enjoy the podcast and how supportive it is, and I’d love for you to leave a review so that other...

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Exhaustion is a Symptom – Ep. 69

I want to talk to you about something very important today. As you know I’ve been dealing with my own health challenges, and I've been reminded of how difficult it is to navigate health and wellness. My heart just aches for the past part of me who just struggled so...

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The Problem With the Industrialized Food System – Ep. 68

How are you my dear friends? Are you loving each moment? Ok, maybe not each moment because we know that the human experience contains all types of emotions, BUT are you having moments of enjoyment? If not, it’s good to ask why not. That’s part of what I’d like to talk...

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Self Compassion is Critical for Your Health – Ep. 67

Before we begin, I want to mention that the day this will be released is Indigenous Peoples Day. To celebrate, I’d like to ask you to educate yourself about the Indigenous People of where you live, and to donate to the First Nations Development Institute. They are an...

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Meet Rebecca

I believe the body has wisdom because it gives us signs and symptoms that are the messages we need: nutritionally, energetically, and emotionally. I believe food is medicine and energy can heal. I believe when we are in touch with spirit guides and nature, life gets way easier. I believe that loving ourselves is a way to heal our bodies and our minds because the inner critic-- leads to dis-ease (and despair). I believe in you.

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