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Every year, more and more women watch their health and vitality slip away. Today, so many women are overwhelmed by chronic health problems. It doesn’t have to be this way. In the Whole Body Upgrade podcast, I help women struggling with emotional or medical issues that aren’t responding to traditional medical treatment. I use ancient practices with modern day wisdom, to help people spiritually, nutritionally, energetically, and emotionally.

This podcast is about how we can take charge of our well-being and raise our vitality. It’s a new way of being- and it’s so important right now for all of us to take charge of our own wellness. 

The Whole Body Upgrade show supports you in creating good health, so that you can enjoy your life, and becoming more resilient energetically, spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

It’s time for you to upgrade.  

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The Games Y0ur Mind Plays: Ep. 54

Hello my friends, how are you? It’s full swing of summer here. The garden is growing, swimming, and taking things at a slower pace. Summer is typically the most challenging season for me. I have more difficulty with my emotions, health, and my mind. It’s been a...

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What’s Your Priority? Ep. 53

Hello my friends! How are you? I’ve returned from vacation and it was so fun to be away and it is so good to be home. I really benefited from getting out of our routine and being in new places.  We had fun seeing family and having adventures like hiking,...

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Reminder to Rest

Hello dear ones. I’m popping in with a quick reminder and not a full episode. Just a reminder . This weeks’ reminder is to Rest. To rest and to play. I have been noticing how important this is and as I sat thinking about what I could offer to you all this week as an...

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It’s Really a Revolution: Ep. 52

Hello my friends! How are you? As I’ve been recording the 4 part series on the last 4 episodes and getting the word out about the program, and the more I talk to people, I’ve realized that this training is really a revolution. And that right now, especially in the US,...

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Ep. 47: You Are Sacred (So Treat Yourself Like It)!

I’ll start with the biggest exciting news- I’m accepting applications for the Centered Wellness Training program. This training program is for coaches who want to accelerate their clients progress and their own success. It’s for any coach who knows that it’s important...

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Ep. 46: Is Perfection Holding You Back?

I’ve been working on my training program to teach the Centered Wellness framework to coaches who want to help their clients accelerate their progress using a holistic approach. It’s really been the focus of the last few months as I’ve been developing the curriculum,...

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Ep. 45: How Health and Purpose Actually Go Hand in Hand

I’ve been developing a certificate program to train people in the Centered Wellness Framework and I’ve been excited and thrilled, and terrified simultaneously. There are dips and peaks in life and how there is nothing wrong with it, it’s just the cycle. I work too...

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Ep. 44: Learning To Be I Awe and Wonder

Today was one of those days that I reflected on and saw how far things have come for me in the last 5-6 years. There has been a monumental shift in so many pieces of my life. It may look the same on the outside to some people, but on the inside so much has changed....

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Ep. 43: My Journey With PCOS

I’m in awe of how magical spring is every year, and I just love watching the flowers blooming, the bees busy around and the trees becoming green again. It fills my heart with so much joy to watch nature waking up.  And that waking up is what I want to talk to you...

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Ep. 42: It’s Not What You Think

Today I want to talk to you about something I often see in my clients that maybe it will help you in as you address what is happening in your health and wellbeing.  So often my clients come to me thinking that there is one thing that is keeping them stuck or that...

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Ep. 41 Committing To Yourself

Last week I mentioned that a few weeks ago, I was feeling knocked over by the world. There was a heaviness and a weariness that had crept into my bones. I was tired. But not only tired, just had lost a little of the spark and fire that had been there around my service...

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Meet Rebecca

I believe the body has wisdom because it gives us signs and symptoms that are the messages we need: nutritionally, energetically, and emotionally. I believe food is medicine and energy can heal. I believe when we are in touch with the higher power, life gets way easier. I believe that loving ourselves is a way to heal our bodies and our minds because the crazy mind-- the lizard mind-- leads to dis-ease. I believe in you

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