Overcome Burnout.

Three out of five adults are experiencing burnout RIGHT NOW. This typically includes emotional exhaustion, physical symptoms like headaches/migraines or digestive issues, and feeling numb.

The good news is that there are things that can help you recover and find relief.

Listen friend- please don’t wait one more minute. It’s time to shift the narrative that working ourselves to death (literally) is ok. I am deeply disturbed that tis is our normal here in the US.

It’s time to feel better. 


Shamanic Coaching and Healing Session:

Are you forgetting things multiple times a day, hitting snooze 5 times before getting out of bed and kissing your coffee cup each morning?

Are you frozen in indecision, while simultaneously feeling like you need to make a decision quickly?

The migraines happen more regularly than they used to and you can’t remember the last time you didn’t feel bloated and sluggish. You’re so tired at the end of the night, you can’t even play that card game with your kid before you accidentally snooze between turns.

Life feels hard. The world seems on fire. You don’t know what to do next so you don’t do anything but scroll. When you need to take the next step forward, you can’t decide what the next step might be! You are feeling confused, stuck, exhausted, depressed, anxious, and scattered.

Getting to the root cause of the energetic, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual issue is key to getting clear and free. Shamanic Coaching and Healing identifies the root cause, and unhooks it from your energy body. 

WARNING: It’s likely to leave you feeling relieved, relaxed, comforted, held, clear, and better than when the session began!


What happens in a shamanic coaching and healing session? 

This work is rich, deep, and complex. A healing session is information straight from my helping spirit guides, mixed with a dose of intuitive insight, compassionate mindfulness, and a heaping helping of mind-body coaching. I use a novel approach called the Centered Wellness Framework that I developed along with my guides. As part of the session, we include the 5 Wellness Bodies (Physical, Emotional, Mental, Energetic, and Spiritual). The guides help determine the root issue, and we’ll find the core hook of that underlying problem. The guides will lead us through clearing and healing practices so that you leave feeling lighter, more relaxed, and clear. 


Shamanic Coaching and Healing Session (55-60 min on Zoom): $250

You’re exhausted.

The world thinks we need to work ourselves into the ground.

High achieving career.

Never say no attitude.

Pinterest perfect house.

Instagram worthy body and clothes.

Please and Thank you kids.


Burnout is thick. It’s emotional, physical, and mental. AND we think that it’s *normal.*  Those migraines, digestive issues, and bone deep exhaustion aren’t normal.

Your body is trying to communicate with you- don’t cover up the issue- LISTEN.

Underneath it all is the root of the problems

– A nervous system that’s been working overtime trying to keep you safe.


– A younger part of you that’s afraid that she’s not good enough and is working overtime to prove she is worthy.

– The energetics of who and what we are go back through our families and our ancestors .

Together with my guides, let’s get to the root of the problem to clear years of pain and suffering, and replace it with love and understanding.


Get to the root of the problem. 

3 month Shamanic Coaching and Healing Program


Does this sound familiar?

  • You are burned out and exhausted
  • You don’t even know what you love to do anymore
  • You’ve tried everything and you still feel stuck
  • You’re stressed, exhausted, and constantly worrying about everything
  • You have trouble falling and staying asleep at night
  • You struggle with aches, pains, and exhaustion
  • You suffer from migraines, IBS, low blood sugar, or other physical symptoms, but you’ve been told there is nothing anyone can do for you
  • You’re desperately searching for something, anything that will offer you some relief

I get it. I was there. I know what it’s like to live in a place of total exhaustion and constant worry. Unable to even make a decision about what to wear! That critical voice inside my head was screaming and my body was in pain.

Over the years, I’d tried just about everything to feel better. What I learned along the way is that feeling good occurs on multiple levels: physical, emotional, mental, energetic, and spiritual.

You’ll receive guidance straight from the helping spirit guides, clear the root cause of your challenges, a deeper connection with your own guides, develop a deeper relationship with yourself and your body. I use a novel approach called the Centered Wellness Framework that I developed along with my guides based on shamanic and yogic practices. My work uses the 5 Wellness Bodies (Physical, Emotional, Mental, Energetic, and Spiritual) to bring clarity and energy, and I teach you how to use this in your own life.  We’ll go deep to the root of the problem to bring you relief. Using ancient wisdom, and modern practices, it will change your life. This work is for you if  you are ready to receive the help you need and step forward into a new way of being. 

Overcome Burnout

Using shamanic wisdom, guidance from the helping compassionate spirits, tools in mindfulness, and personal, one-on-one healing from someone whose been there and understands your struggle, this 3 month program will help you achieve:

  • Relief from stress and burnout
  • Clarity
  • More energy to do the things you love
  • More peace and calm
  • A better relationship with your body
  • Support from someone who understands

Are you ready to claim the life you deserve? 

This loving and supporting program will move you from confused, exhausted, and heavy, to light, energized, and well.

You will receive

  • 3 months of compassionate support, including 6 individual Zoom sessions (every other week)
  • Individualized support for your challenges
  • Shamanic, emotional, energetic, physical, and mental healing lead by the guides
  • Pre-work questions to get your energetic body aligned before our first session
  • Email/Voxer access in between sessions
  • Energy healing and clearing between sessions 
  • Access to Everyday Mindfulness, a 4 week mindfulness course for incorporating stillness strategies in your life ($39 value)
  • Access to Whole Body Upgrade, a 8 week course to move from exhaustion to wellness ($350 value)
  • Grounding and centering practice to heal your energy body
  • A guided, deep relaxation technique to reduce stress, heal inflammation and rejuvenate your body.
  • A guided mindfulness meditation to further release any residual stress in your mind and body.
  • Reiki mp3s to amplify healing 

Ready to leave the burnout behind?

Move from exhausted to wellness: 

3 months = $1222

Not sure if this is right for you? 

Let’s chat! Free 20 minute consultation to make sure this is a good fit :). 

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