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Meet Rebecca

Welcome fellow overworking, overthinking, and overachievers! If you’re here, chances are you’ve already made three to-do lists before breakfast with pros and cons for each item. I’m here to help you reclaim your sanity, enjoy your life, and help you feel better (and maybe even find time for a guilt-free nap).

Hi I’m Rebecca, and I’m not your ordinary life and wellness coach. In fact “coach” doesn’t really seem to capture the work that I do. Let me explain…

After 22 years of running into blockades, dealing with multiple stress-related illnesses, and being told to do more while the men around me literally had far fewer publications and students, I jumped the proverbial ship of academia. My two masters degrees and a PhD and a long list of accomplishments still left me feeling, well, dissatisfied and miserable. It was time to finally enjoy my life doing what I loved. Finally, I decided I would finally create my own evidence-based curriculum for wellbeing steeped in magic to help other women feel better and enjoy their lives. 

Many years ago my migraines, high cholesterol, and PCOS were brushed off by doctors so I did my own research and found the underlying connection of physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual aspects to my own wellness. I found that most practitioners could only help with one aspect, but none of them were talking to each other and it left me to piece it all together.

The more I learned, I started feeling better- more like myself than I ever had. I could close the laptop at night knowing I had done enough (and that I was enough). I said “NO” without feeling guilty, and I actually had energy to play with my children at the end of the day. I no longer spent days ruminating on small decisions for fear of making a mistake. I could feel the fear, and still do the thing that I loved. 

With a background in cognitive psychology, speech-language pathology, and extensive training in shamanism, reiki, mindfulness, yoga, and hypnosis, my practice is rooted in a diverse array of modalities that work together seamlessly. I’ve found harnessing the power of both science and spirituality facilitates transformation (even when it feels impossible).

So welcome to the realm where practical magic lives full time! Think of me as your personal wellness wizard, sprinkling a dash of mindfulness here, a pinch of shamanic wisdom there, and maybe even a dollop of cognitive research for good measure.

If you’re tired of taking a vacation only to find yourself still working while at the beach,  feeling unclear about how to actually take care of you, and have that pit of dread in your stomach each night- it’s time to finally take time for yourself. Let’s change that overwhelmed feeling and critical voice in your head into a thing of the past (it’s easier than you think). Schedule a free consultation call. 

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Rebecca Shisler Marshall, PhD (CCC-SLP)

Integrative Life/Wellness Coach + Shamanic Practitioner

Recovering stress magnet, yoga and mindfulness instructor, author, health and wellness coach, Integrative Changeworker, Shamanic and Reiki practitioner, Martha Beck Wayfinder Life Coach

Who am I?

I am a mentor. I mentor with love, and I love to teach others what I’ve learned, as well as help others find their own original path. I mentor and train individuals in shifting perspective. Years ago, I would say to myself “There’s got to be a better way!” and now I help others in finding their own best way.


I believe in love. I believe love is stronger than hate. I believe that loving ourselves is a much more powerful change agent than beating ourselves up. One. More. Time. I believe that loving ourselves is a way to heal our bodies and our minds.


I believe that people are doing the best they can. And when they know better, they do better. I believe in meeting people for who they are without judgment. I value who they are, what they can become, and believe in them wholeheartedly.

Social Intelligence

I’ve always been curious about how people think- why people make certain decisions- what is behind a person’s choices. I find learning about human beings utterly amazing. I believe when we understand who we are and where we come from, the underlying issues are revealed.


I believe when we are in touch with the higher power, life gets way easier. I believe that offering who and what we are up to the divine allows us more opportunities.


I believe that every ‘problem’ is a spiritual opportunity if we approach it with wonder and curiosity. I see the world as a giant experiment, and we are just gathering information.

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