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Meet Rebecca

I’m Rebecca and I became a health-seeker in my 20’s after poor diet and a mountain of stress (graduate school, worry, car accident, busy schedule) lead to several trips to the doctor, diagnoses, suggestions and no solutions. Strange dizzy spells, high cholesterol, migraines, fatigue, stress, and excessive worry, and self-critical thoughts. Things that “shouldn’t” be happening to a 20-year-old were happening to me like:

  • hypoglycemia
  • high cholesterol
  • fibroadenomas
  • migraines
  • polycystic ovarian syndrome
  • irritable bowl syndrome

…and I started searching for ways to change my life. I knew there had to be a better way!

Completing 108 Sun Salutations this year!

Completing 108 Sun Salutations this year!

I became a vegetarian, decreased sugar and increased healthy choices. Exercise became a regular part of my routine. In fact, my whole routine changed. Sleep, yoga, and meditation became priorities. I learned how to stress less! Lifestyle changes (less alcohol) became easier as I added more healthy habits and spirituality into my life. Things started changing! My cholesterol dropped dramatically, I could touch my toes again, headaches disappeared, and life just seemed better.

Years later, my diet changed again due to my sweet boys being diagnosed with food allergies/intolerances. So we’ve been gluten-free for ten years now, and vegan for eight.

Through my training as a speech-language pathologist, a researcher in cognition, years of experience for seeking alternative paths to healing, I’ve worked to integrate wellness information across many areas and fields. My goal is to help bring clarity around healthy living through multiple mind-body techniques (Nutrition, Exercise, Yoga, Emotional-Physical connections, Mindfulness Meditation, Reiki, Tapping, and more) with compassion and presence. I’m also a certified Martha Beck Life Coach, and love how each of these modalities works together. The final piece in the healing puzzle was shamanism. I’ve been practicing shamanism for three years now and the so many missing pieces fell into place when I learned that my spirit guides could do a majority of the healing work. 

Sometimes you need to know someone is out there to support you as you make changes in your life. Think of me as your partner in health :).  Find out more about my free destuckification call. 

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Rebecca Shisler Marshall, PhD (CCC-SLP), yoga and meditation instructor, researcher, teacher, wellness enthusiast, Shamanic and Reiki practitioner, Martha Beck Wayfinder Life Coach, and lifelong learner


Who am I?

I am a mentor. I mentor with love, and I love to teach others what I’ve learned, as well as help others find their own original path. I mentor and train individuals in shifting perspective. Years ago, I would say to myself “There’s got to be a better way!” and now I help others in finding their own best way.


I believe in love. I believe love is stronger than hate. I believe that loving ourselves is a much more powerful change agent than beating ourselves up. One. More. Time. I believe that loving ourselves is a way to heal our bodies and our minds.


I believe that people are doing the best they can. And when they know better, they do better. I believe in meeting people for who they are without judgment. I value who they are, what they can become, and believe in them wholeheartedly.

Social Intelligence

I’ve always been curious about how people think- why people make certain decisions- what is behind a person’s choices. I find learning about human beings utterly amazing. I believe when we understand who we are and where we come from, the underlying issues are revealed.


I believe when we are in touch with the higher power, life gets way easier. I believe that offering who and what we are up to the divine allows us more opportunities.


I believe that every ‘problem’ is a spiritual opportunity if we approach it with wonder and curiosity. I see the world as a giant experiment, and we are just gathering information.




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