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Clear out old patterns to step into your new life today



You’re exhausted and sick. Chronic health issues often show up when the body is trying to communicate a message. This message can be trauma, overwork, or energetic sediment. True wellness comes from a holistic approach. 


Who and how we connect with people is influenced by trauma, emotions,  beliefs,  our past. Our relationship with ourselves is mirrored by those around us. Want to have a better relationship with others? The first step may be closer than you think.

Stress and Burnout

The overworking is often a pattern played out trying to prove worth or that you are “good enough.”  Stop saying yes, when you mean no. Start learning how to love and care for your body, mind, and spirit. 


Energetic, emotional, mental patterns show up in your career and can slow momentum down to a trickle. Clear old patterns to lose the confusion and find clarity about your next steps. 

Clear Old Patterns with Integrative Coaching

Do You Feel Stuck,

Like You are Spinning in Place?

You might not know what to do next, unable to peel yourself away from the social media binge; or never able to say no, desperately seeking gold stars, working into all hours of the night.  That exhaustion, stuck-ness, and overwhelm are actually patterns and parts of you asking for help. The body speaks in messages, and the younger parts crave attention. 

The good news?

It’s possible to change the patterns that are keeping you stuck in 3 months. 


What Is Integrative Coaching?

Get to the heart of the matter

Many clients come to me thinking they know what is holding them back, and when we look with loving compassionate presence, and with the help of the guides, we can get to the heart of the matter. Often it’s two or three layers deeper than we originally thought, and it’s always showing up at just the right time. 

Create compassionate connection

One of the greatest gifts we can give ourselves is a compassionate connection with the younger parts of us who have struggled. Loving and compassionate guidance to the energetic and emotional younger parts leads to a healing that isn’t experienced when we only work in the thinking or mind level.

Clear energetic patterns and/or connections

If you’ve tried everything, energy is often at the root of the issue. My spirit guides are clear energy that doesn’t belong to you, and guide us in finding that place that needs healing. It’s my secret ingredient to deep healing. 

Return energy and/or essences

Trauma can cause a part of our energy or essence to go into hiding, and the shamanic practice of soul retrieval returns them to you with love and care. Once soul essences have been returned, you will feel whole, and ready to move forward in your life. 

How Do I Know If Integrative Coaching is Right For Me?

If you are feeling stuck in an emotional  pattern, relationship, job, or in your business, integrative coaching is an effective, gentle, and compassionate way to shift old ways of being . If you are used to pushing yourself, and are tired of the critical voice in your head telling you it “has” to be this way, why not try something new?  Over the last seven years I’ve developed a framework  that gets to the root of the issue, and will get you on the right path for you. It’s a multidimensional and holistic approach that clears out the old patterns  and mind clutter, so you can move forward. 

The secret ingredient: Energy

Our culture doesn’t take energy into account. The Energy Wellness Body often holds the secret ingredient to clearing patterns. When old energy is cleared, you can be fully in your own essential energy. When you are in energetic integrity, all the other problems start to fall away. 

An untended parts: Emotions

Inside of each one of us are younger parts who need love and attention. By learning to listen to and be present for yourself, emotions that are stuck begin to move and flow. This clears out the emotions that get stuck in your body and shows up as physical pain as well. 

The hidden parts: Soul Essences

When you’ve experienced traumatic events, soul essences can go into hiding until things are safe. The shamanic practice of soul retrieval is a beautiful part of shamanic coaching. It will leave you feeling grounded, whole, and complete. 

Becoming the watcher: The Mind

The brain has amazing ways to keep us safe, and one of them is the negativity bias. Unfortunately, this often appears the critical voice in the head (that voice that always FEELS like it is part of us, but is super mean- and hint- it actually isn’t YOU). When you begin to watch that voice in the head and learn to redirect your attention to the kind, loving, compassionate part of yourself, the game changes. 

The keeper: Body

The body is the keeper of wisdom, memories, and an amazing communicator. Often we just haven’t been taught to listen. By learning to listen to the sensations in the body, you build a relationship to yourself that is strong, loving, and meaningful. It’s the way to heal trauma, and rewire your nervous system to heal your emotional and physical challenges. 

My Approach

After years of my own struggles with burnout and health, I finally allowed myself to rest deeply and receive healing from the guides. With that came hope, clarity,  and health. Rest, stillness, and working with the guides are the foundation to everything and the opposite of what we’ve been taught about success. 

Now I’ve taken what I’ve learned to help other women who experienced burnout to rest, heal, trust, and find themselves again. 

I’m a certified change maker, life coach, health/wellness coach, yoga instructor, mindfulness instructor, Reiki Master, shamanic practitioner, and a lover of nutrition. I’m also a recovering stress addict with a PhD in cognitive psychology. I believe that the fusion of these healing modalities is where change and wellness begins.

You don’t have to wait to feel better. You can start now.

Schedule a free chat to see if working together is right for you. 

How It Works


Not sure what to choose?

You can decide what program works for you at this time. Good for You? Integrative Possibilities? Shamanic mentoring?  Place to Rest Community? Sometimes reading about the options can be confusing. Let’s find the right fit for you-  schedule a free consultation call today.

Schedule a Free Consultation

The best way to find out if this is for you is to schedule a free consultation call. I offer a 30 minute chat where you can tell me what you are dealing with and where you’d like to be. I’ll tell you honestly if/how I think integrative coaching  can help you, and if not I’ll make referrals to other individuals that might be a better fit.  

Get Started

Let’s get you from where you are to where you want to be. Schedule a free chat or request a free recording of a Rest Session. If you are ready for community,  join A Place to Rest Community. Don’t listen to the voice in your head that says you are too busy, or when this project finishes. It will never feel like the right time.

The right time is always now. 

Good For You Package

Easily Create Healthy Habits That Stick

Most people have it all wrong- willpower is not how you make change in your life.

Stop relying on willpower to do the things that are good for you. Instead, easily create healthy habits that stick using evidence-based neuroscience practices.

Habits Can Change

Integrative wellness coaching changes habits using the science-based practices of self-directed neuroplasticity, self-compassion, awareness, and mental rehearsal. These simple and powerful practices are easy to integrate into your life, with fast results so it doesn’t even feel like work to do the things that are good for you.

Here are some examples of what can change in Good for You.

  • More sleep
  • Exercise regularly
  • Eat more vegetables
  • Eat less sugar
  • Less scrolling
  • Meditate regularly
  • Stop stress eating
  • Less anxiety (yes, anxiety is a habit)
  • Less alcohol
  • Stop nail biting
  • Stop overworking

Good For You is a package of three virtual sessions- we’ll meet weekly on zoom- changing the brain takes practice that is close together. So that next time you’ll walk right past the chocolate chip cookies and grab the carrots on your way to walk in the woods.

Schedule your free 30 min consultation call. 

More Details

Q: I’ve tried changing my habit before and it didn’t work. How will this be any different?

A: Most of the time people try to change habits by willpower or beating themselves up until they do the thing they want to do. This can work over the short-term, but is not a long-term sustainable solution! Instead, I use science-backed techniques to change the neural networks. Your job will be to practice that change between sessions to help it to stick. They are science based, but feel like magic.

Q: How can a habit change in only 3 sessions?

A: Not all habits can change in 3 sessions- some change in only 1 session, and some take 5 or 6 sessions. Three is a good place the average number of sessions it can take to change the brain. When you have the tools, it gets easy.

Q: How long are the sessions?

A: 50 minutes each

Q: What if I have multiple habits I want to change?

A: If you have multiple habits, I recommend scheduling a consultation call to learn more about the Integrative Possibilities Package, which is 10 sessions and a great fit for more complex situations.

Q: My parent/spouse/friend wants me to change this habit but I don’t really want to. Will this work?

A: This is often a really tough situation. Usually, if you don’t want to change, it will be more difficult to practice the tools to get the change. That’s totally fine- I just don’t want you to waste your money if you aren’t ready.

Integrative Possibility Package

Coffee is a major food group, served up with a dose of morning self-judgment. You stopped showing up for yourself. You over prepare for everyone else, while your own dreams are covered in proverbial cobwebs.

It feels like a rope wrapped around your waist,  holding you back. Every time you try to go forward, it’s like one foot is on the gas, one foot on the brake. 

Therapy and coaching are helpful, but it doesn’t seem to dissolve that thick rope or release the brake.  You stay stuck no matter what you try.

There is a reason why. There are parts of you that need attention for old patterns and beliefs to be cleared and unhooked.

Then- the rope and  brake are released. And you are free. 

Imagine at night you put your head on the pillow feeling satisfied. Your dreams are not only dust-free, but in glorious technicolor because you have energy and space to cultivate them. You create your freedom. You don’t have to be everything to everyone.

10 weekly sessions to change an area of your life- which has ripple effects on all of who you are. It sounds impossible- and it’s much closer than you think.

Let’s chat- you, me, and the spiritual guides. 

Schedule your free 30 min session to learn about Integrative Possibilities!

More Details

This work is all about change- and fast. Ready to get rid of anxiety, sleep better at night than you have in years? This is the package for you. It pulls together integrative change work in a beautiful and compassionate way that will have you walking around smiling and singing :). 

Single session: Integrative Possibilities

You have patterns you want to change: start creating that new program you’ve been dreaming of, stop scrolling social media until all hours of the night, walk away from the dessert table after 2 cookies, or actually make it to that spin class you started paying for months ago. You’ll be surprised by how much can change in one

We’ll calm the nervous system and change neural networks for permanent and deep habit change. 

A single session is great for anyone with an understanding what you want to change, who wants to be healthier, keeps running into roadblocks, feels like they can’t do it. 

More Details

This 50 minute session is a great way to see if working together is a good fit. Think you might want to try the Integrative Possibility Package? Schedule this session and if you are a “YES!” and you want more sessions, we’ll count this session as your first session, AND apply this to the $1500 package price. Win-win!

Spiritual + Shamanic Mentoring 

You are tired of feeling lost and alone. The never ending onslaught of negative voices are around you. AND YET, you know the guides are waiting for you. Your power animal, your spiritual mentor. But how do you meet them? How do you step into a spiritual life in the middle of work, kids, and LIFE?!

Some people call it a spiritual awakening; I called it my spiritual meltdown. It seemed like I was going crazy, while also knowing I could never go back to the way it was. 

Easy breezy connection with your guides may feel impossible and so far away, but it really is as close as one question in the woods or even on your balcony. It does take stillness and a deep level of listening (and a little practice). This connection is so fulfilling and will lead you to new people, jobs, and possibilities that right now feel almost too ridiculous to even dream. 

With practice comes connection to the spirit realm. You can meet your compassionate spirit guides, and develop an intimate connection. You know you have something that is calling you, and you are ready to find out what it is, and to stop the mean voice that is taking you further and further away from the kind compassionate voices of your guides the divine spirit.  

Let’s chat- you, me, and the spiritual guides. I’ll ask my guides how to best mentor and guide you on your spiritual path. The link leads you to my calendar to schedule a free chat to learn more.

More Details

Many individuals want to go deeper into their spiritual practice, but don’t know where to start. Together, we’ll develop a curriculum that supports your spiritual needs. We’ll work together with my guides (and yours!) so that you’ll have a strong and customized spiritual practice, which brings more ease and joy in your life. 

Schedule your free chat to see if working together is a good fit. 

You will receive

  • 3 months of compassionate guidance, including 6 individual Zoom sessions (every other week)
  • Individualized support and teaching
  • Shamanic, emotional, energetic, physical, and mental tools
  • Email/Voxer access in between sessions 
  • Access to Everyday Mindfulness, a 4 week mindfulness course for incorporating stillness strategies in your life ($39 value)
  • Access to Whole Body Upgrade, a 8 week course to move from exhaustion to wellness ($350 value)
  • Grounding and centering practice to connect with intuition

A Place to Rest Community

Three out of five adults are experiencing burnout RIGHT NOW. This typically includes emotional exhaustion, physical symptoms like headaches/migraines or digestive issues, and feeling numb.

The good news is that there are things that can help you recover and find relief.

Listen friend- please don’t wait one more minute. It’s time to shift the narrative that working ourselves to death (literally) is ok. It’s not. 

It’s time to feel better. 

More Details

The problem with this is it doesn’t take the actual human being into account. You are exhausted and burned out. Even getting dinner on the table feels like a huge task.

You may think you can’t do one more thing, and yet, who is going to do all the things that have to be done?

Everyone needs something from you and you can’t seem to find time or space for yourself.

If only you could turn off the constant requests for your time and energy. You’ve tried saying no, but the “To Do” list seems to multiply at night.

You may even have health problems that no one seems to understand.

What you really want is REST. SPACE. TIME.

You have permission to rest.

You don’t have to keep doing, pushing, and striving.
You can set it all down and rest.
You can listen to what your body, mind, and heart need right now.
Even though it may be hard to believe,
You can rest.

Learn more in my book,

Whole Body Upgrade

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