A Place to Rest

Supercharged Rest for Difficult Times.


When you are exhausted and burned out from life, you need a place to rest. People socialized as women have been conditioned to believe that doing more leads you to having what you want in life. What I’ve found is that the opposite is true. Rest and finding a place of stillness, will lead you to actually have more of what you want. And using Energy and the Guides is the *fastest* way to get there.

A Place to Rest is a sacred rest/healing membership circle that will give you the results you want, by being, instead of doing.


Listen to what your body needs


Taking action from stillness heals the body, mind, and spirit


You + Like Minded Women + Rest= World Changing

Sun through trees

The world is on fire- and so are you.

The modern world is built on premise that more is better. 

People socialized as women are taught that being busy is a good thing and that being productive is how you know you are worthy. 

The problem with this is it doesn’t take the actual human being into account. 

You are exhausted and burned out. Even getting dinner on the table feels like a huge task.

You may think you can’t do one more thing, and yet, who is going to do all the things that have to be done? 

Everyone needs something from you and you can’t seem to find time or space for yourself.

If only you could turn off the constant requests for your time and energy. You’ve tried saying no, but the “To Do” list seems to multiply at night.

You may even have health problems that no one seems to understand.

What you really want is REST. SPACE. TIME.

You have permission to rest.

You don’t have to keep doing, pushing, and striving.
You can set it all down and rest.
You can listen to what your body, mind, and heart need right now.
Even though it may be hard to believe,
You can rest.

Rest is a radical act of love for yourself.

A Place To Rest: A Community of Embodied Stillness

A Place to Rest is a supported community designed to hold all parts of you in compassionate rest. What I’ve found in my own life is that rest is multi-dimensional and requires more than just sitting on the couch. Our society has taught us that sleep and vegging out on the couch are the only ways to rest; but it’s not true. Rest happens on the mental, emotional, physical, energetic and spiritual levels. There are specific tools to help your nervous system move into rest- evidence based tools that can shift burnout to relief in a matter of days or even HOURS! Rest works better when people gather together, and shamanic healing from the guides takes place. Clearing and healing energy is an untapped resource for rest! And it WORKS.
Here’s a little known secret: rest can feel both uncomfortable and blissful. The trick is to notice what kind of rest you need in your life and to stay with the feeling of being uncomfortable. Why? Being uncomfortable as you rest is a sign that you are detoxifying from the programming of productivity. It doesn’t feel good at first, and that is a good thing!  In A Place to Rest, you’ll receive expert guidance in developing your resting muscle, detoxing from the patriarchal systems of productivity, and resting all parts of you so you can heal. This can happen easily and gently because the Rest Sessions are channeled work through my guides. It’s basically a gentle yet powerful shamanic healing session.

How does it work?

Rest works better in community. The energy builds. The guides clear and transmute energy that doesn’t belong to the group, and bathes you in the energy you need to keep going. You’ll gather with other people socialized as women to practice deeply resting, listening to your own internal wisdom, and receive messages form the guides. Rest is not only a radical act of nourishment for yourself, but also an act of rebellion against the patriarchal belief that striving and doing are the ways to be worthy. A Place to Rest is not a course, it’s an anti-course where you aren’t learning, you are practicing resting your nervous system so it can heal and receiving energy from the guides. This monthly membership amplifies healing by gathering in community to support rest and stillness.  The power of resting, receiving, and healing in a group changes the depth and breadth of what is available to you. In other words, you go deeper with less effort. You heal more in less time. It’s magical. Rest each part of you: the physical body, the mind, emotions, energy, and spirit.  This experiential online community will bring you to a whole new level– you will feel better. You will rest and heal.  

What do I need to know? 

This community is designed to be simple and easy.

Each week you’ll gather to receive the energetic entrainment of rest. Your nervous system will shift out of flight/flight/freeze/fawn  and activate the parasympathetic rest and digest mode.  Healing is exponential in a group. The guides get louder. The messages are clearer, and you’ll feel different at the end of each session. Information is channelled from the guides, energy is cleared. That old connection to your former boss or ex-husband? GONE. Confusion about your next step? EVAPORATES. Each live session is an experience- and I mean that in the best way- it will heal your nervous system as well as your energetic and emotional systems. It’s deep and healing rest, in a supportive community. In a word? Magical.🌟

You Can Rest.

What’s Included?

  • Group Energetic Rest Sessions on Zoom each week so that you don’t have to do it alone
  • All past Energetic Rest Sessions (since April) for extra healing between the sessions (and yes, recordings are super powerful)
  • Energy clearings (removing energy that isn’t yours)
  • Transfigurations (providing more energy to support you)
  • Magical work from my guides including channeling, oracle cards, healing and more
  • A library of resources and prompts for support, including audios tools to help you regulate your nervous system
  • Facebook group to support your rest, build community, ask questions, and give you a boost between sessions
  • The option to purchase individual healing/coaching sessions at a huge discount for only $108 (a $250 value)

How much? 

  • $54/month for the founding members
  • Optional $108 individual healing/coaching sessions

Founding Members- only $54/mo




Rebecca Shisler Marshall, PhD

Spiritual Guide and Integrative Wellness Expert

I’m so glad you are here! With 22 years of research, teaching, and trainings, I’ve found that the foundation of all we want in life lies in the amount of rest and stillness we have within. Energy is the missing piece that most people aren’t talking about- and it supercharges rest like nobody’s business!

After years of my own struggles with burnout, I finally allowed myself to rest deeply and receive healing from the guides. With that came hope, clarity,  and health. Rest, stillness, and working with the guides are the foundation to everything and the opposite of what we’ve been taught about success. 

Now I’ve taken what I’ve learned to help other women who experienced burnout to rest, heal, trust, and find themselves again. 

I’m a certified life coach and yoga instructor, mindfulness instructor, Reiki Master, shamanic practitioner, and a lover of nutrition. I’m also a health and wellness coach! I believe that the fusion of these healing modalities is where health begins. You don’t have to wait to feel better. You can start now.



Wondering About Results?

Rest is simple, yet powerful. 

“Working with Rebecca was a life changing event for me.  

When she first said elimination diet I thought that there was no way I’d be able to do it.  I had so many reasons I wasn’t ready to change my relationship with food but I also knew I needed to do something if I wanted to heal a lot of the chronic health issues I was struggling with.  She was there with me every step of the way and gave me the courage and support to say “I CAN do this” even when it was challenging.  Looking back at where I started to where I am today I can’t believe how much better I feel not only physically but emotionally.  Our weekly calls helped keep me on track and the healing work she did on my behalf was a huge help.  Her holistic approach to working with the 5 wisdom bodies made for a very in-depth healing and growth process that has made a big impact on my life.  I didn’t truly realize how unwell I had been feeling until I knew how good I could feel.  

Rebecca is a talented and compassionate healer and I feel so fortunate to have been able to work with her. ”

Bri A.

“I’ve done your rest sessions almost every day this week and it’s been a game changer for my nervous system. Yesterday, I had 2 people comment on how relaxed I looked…and I started the week coming off of 8 migraines in 15 days. 🙌 just did today’s session to keep up my progress. 💕 thank you💕💕”

Cara Pacific Campbell

“I highly recommend Rebecca at Centered Living. She is an incredible shamanic practitioner, healer and coach (she’s also a PhD so you know she’s done her research!) She’s personally supported me with a persistent health issue, providing a combination of distance reiki, journeying, and dietary recommendations. In addition, she’s journeyed for me multiple times for guidance, and also performed a soul retrieval that was incredible in helming me resolve areas where I felt blocked.

I would recommend her for anyone who is dealing with a persistent health issue that they’ve been unable to resolve through other means, as well as soulful individuals who are feeling stuck in some are of their lives and are open to spirit driven guidance combined with pragmatic coaching.”

Nicole Diaz

Nicole M. Diaz Coaching

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the membership cover?

A Place to Rest is a membership community to give you the space to rest. 

This course includes live Zoom sessions, and a library of resources on the Place to Rest site, to help you find stillness no matter what life situation you are facing. We will also meet as a community in A Place to Rest Facebook group.

As a member, you will also have access to a single individual coaching or shamanic healing sessions for $108 (regular price is $250!). When you sign up you’ll get access to the first module materials within 24 hours.

What if I need more support?

If you are looking for individual support, as a part of the community you can purchase single sessions for only $108 (that’s over a 50% discount!). I created this community knowing some people benefit from the group support and I wanted to make it financially accessible.

When does the membership begin?

There is a free call on April 15th at 12pm ET and the membership site will be available April 16th. All live calls will be recorded and stored in the membership site. If you sign up after April 16th, your membership begins on that date, and runs for one month at which time an automatic payment will occur. You can cancel at any time before your renewal date. 

What is the price?

The price is a monthly fee rate of $54/mo USD! This is an amazing founder’s price that is full of value!  

Are there refunds?

As a rule I don’t offer refunds in my practice. This is a month-to-month membership, therefore if you wish to discontinue your member, you can cancel at least  48 hours prior to your membership renewal date.

If you aren’t familiar with my work and would like to know more, check out my podcast, Whole Body Upgrade or the Centered Living with Rebecca YouTube channel. If you have any questions at all you can email me at Rebecca@CenteredYou.com.

I can’t make the live calls- what if I have questions?

All the Zoom sessions will be recorded, with a Facebook group too! If you have a question, feel free to post in the Facebook group and I’ll answer there or on the live calls or in the group. You are welcome to email me privately as well. 

Will this membership be a good fit for me if I struggle to rest on my own?


It’s ok if you are not used to resting. This will give you the chance to practice. 

This work is for those is looking for more space and quiet in their lives, and especially for those  that are exhausted and burned out. The patriarchy has influenced all of us and conditioned us to believe that we need to do more with less. This work is the antidote to doing- it is about BEING. 

Rest is Essential

Join the community. Change the world.

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