Stress Less Starter Pack

Free tools and techniques to help you feel better fast

It's time to feel better

Less Anxiety

Self-hypnosis is a simple and easy tool to help you have less anxiety fast. Block the anxiety with this evidence-based tool that works! It’s so helpful, I teach all my clients (and use myself each day)!

It’s Not Your Fault

Learn about the hidden systems at play that keep you from feeling better.

Download Chapter 1 of Whole Body Upgrade: A Centered Wellness Approach to Restoring Your Health and Vitality

Rest is Necessary

Recharge and rejuvinate even when you’re exhausted! Your energy will be cleared, you’ll feel connected to guides, and give your body a chance to fully rest. This sample energetic rest session is part meditation, part deep relaxation, and all goodness. Have a taste of A Place to Rest Community and feel the magic. 

Mindfulness is Magic

Free 10 minute evidence-based mindfulness meditation to calm your nervous system, change your brain (yes, literally!) and help you feel better. Bonus: mindfulness is the foundation for magic!

Free Consultation Call

If you are an overworking professional who feels anxious and exhausted, this integrative and holistic style of coaching helps you feel better fast. Let’s chat to see if working together is right for you.

Whole Body Upgrade Podcast

Whole Body Upgrade podcast has over 90 episodes to help you feel better and have more energy.

About Rebecca

As a recovering stress-magnet and scientist turned shamanic wellness coach, I give busy and overworked professionals new hope as they say good-bye to anxiety, connect with spirit, and finally have more energy.

Compassionate Presence

Change happens quickly with non-judgmental compassionate presence. 

Integrative Techniques

As a recovering scientist, I use evidence based techniques that work like magic. 

Certified Expert

I have more certifications and education than mosquitos at a southern picnic in July. Seriously.


"I can't believe how much better I feel. I used to dread traveling for work because of the anxiety. This trip I feel asleep on the plane! I was relaxed! I was even able to use deep breathing! I had so much energy and was even excited."

– current client

"I stopped stress eating and it’s made a big difference- in two weeks I lost 6 pounds!"

-former client

"Tapping WORKS! Powerful knowledge to know how to soothe myself back to sleep."

– former client

Schedule a free consultation to learn if working together is right for you.


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