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Every year, more and more women watch their health and vitality slip away. Today, so many women are overwhelmed by chronic health problems. It doesn’t have to be this way. In the Whole Body Upgrade podcast, I help women struggling with emotional or medical issues that aren’t responding to traditional medical treatment. I use ancient practices with modern day wisdom, to help people spiritually, nutritionally, energetically, and emotionally.

This podcast is about how we can take charge of our well-being and raise our vitality. It’s a new way of being- and it’s so important right now for all of us to take charge of our own wellness. 

The Whole Body Upgrade show supports you in creating good health, so that you can enjoy your life, and becoming more resilient energetically, spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

It’s time for you to upgrade.  

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The Magic Is In The Resistance. Ep. 61

Hello dear ones. How are you? I’ve noticed that as we continue with the pandemic around the world, and the delta variant is present, I’m feeling all the effects of the heaviness of the world. Layer on top of that my own personal health issues, my older son breaking a...

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Let’s Talk About Balance. Ep. 60

Hello dear ones, how are you today. Are you taking good care of yourself? Are you treating yourself with the utmost love and attention? I hope so. I know it can be difficult to remember that you are made of light, and I’m here to remind you that you are.  That’s...

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How To Create Energetic Anchors For Your Future: Ep. 59

Hello friends, how are you? It’s August and we are in the hottest month here in Georgia, and by the time you listen to this, the kids are already back in school and I will be teaching at the university. It’s a time of transitions and transitions are always such a...

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What If You Are Fully Supported? Ep. 58

I want to begin by welcoming in the directions east/south/west/north/directions that are above, directions that are below and those that are within.  I call in the elements of air, fire, earth, and water. Welcoming the well ancestors, guides and compassionate...

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Top 10 Things to Remember: Ep. 57

Hello dear ones, How are you?  I’m doing really well. I just taught a Workshop to teach coaches how to do a seed moment healing and it was so much fun. I love teaching and I love this work so much. It's such a joy to do and to teach others how to bring an...

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Discomfort Is A Good Thing. Ep.56

The last episode I talked about how challenges are actually spiritual opportunities and that these difficulties can be reframed as just a way to polish our rough edges.As just a reminder, we talked about how these difficult things in our lives can actually be great...

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Are You Polishing Your Rocks? Ep.55

How are you my sweet friends? I’ve been going through some polishing or spiritual opportunities, as one of my teachers called it. These are small but meaningful opportunities in our lives to grow and learn about who we are and change direction if we’re needed to. My...

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The Games Y0ur Mind Plays: Ep. 54

Hello my friends, how are you? It’s full swing of summer here. The garden is growing, swimming, and taking things at a slower pace. Summer is typically the most challenging season for me. I have more difficulty with my emotions, health, and my mind. It’s been a...

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What’s Your Priority? Ep. 53

Hello my friends! How are you? I’ve returned from vacation and it was so fun to be away and it is so good to be home. I really benefited from getting out of our routine and being in new places.  We had fun seeing family and having adventures like hiking,...

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Reminder to Rest

Hello dear ones. I’m popping in with a quick reminder and not a full episode. Just a reminder . This weeks’ reminder is to Rest. To rest and to play. I have been noticing how important this is and as I sat thinking about what I could offer to you all this week as an...

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It’s Really a Revolution: Ep. 52

Hello my friends! How are you? As I’ve been recording the 4 part series on the last 4 episodes and getting the word out about the program, and the more I talk to people, I’ve realized that this training is really a revolution. And that right now, especially in the US,...

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Meet Rebecca

I believe the body has wisdom because it gives us signs and symptoms that are the messages we need: nutritionally, energetically, and emotionally. I believe food is medicine and energy can heal. I believe when we are in touch with the higher power, life gets way easier. I believe that loving ourselves is a way to heal our bodies and our minds because the crazy mind-- the lizard mind-- leads to dis-ease. I believe in you

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