Hey, and welcome to Whole Body Upgrade this week, I recorded a video and audio, and I want to just note that the quality is not what usually happens– and in the spirit of just not having to be perfect, I am posting anyway, and just notice how it’s okay. It’s okay to not be perfect. It’s okay to put things into the world that are valuable, but not necessarily perfect. Okay. Dear ones and enjoy the podcast episode.


Welcome, welcome to Whole Body Upgrade. I have been having a challenging day and it made me think of two things that I wanted to talk about. One is that there were a lot of emotions that came up today. It’s just a, it’s really not a big deal, but it brought up, I don’t know if you’ve paid attention to what has been happening on Facebook or Instagram, but I, we had a dishwasher delivered. They were supposed to install it. They couldn’t install it. We paid for installation, we got a refund. And then they said, and then the door was dented and it didn’t work. And they said tough, basically. So we have a dented non-working dishwasher. Now we maybe we’ll have somebody coming out to fix it. Maybe at no charge to us. We’ll see. Anyway, it brought up a lot of emotions.


And what was really interesting to me is I had the opportunity to feel the emotions. This is part one, right? Being able to feel the emotions and how important that is. And I realized that many years ago, I didn’t even know what that meant. I didn’t even know that emotions, you could feel them. I mean, I knew I had emotions, but I didn’t know. I could feel them. So really feeling the physical sensations of the emotions in the body is a practice that I have been practicing for several years now and noticing well, what does that feel like? How do I express that emotion? What wants to happen? What does the body want? Does the body want to cry? Does the body want to scream? And then noticing who else is as a result of it? So this feeling sense, this feeling in the body, this emotion that brings up physical sensations, right?


Those feelings are big and many of us are conditioned in this culture to then squash them down and not feel them. That’s how I was conditioned. I was told I was too much. I was told I’m such a drama queen. I am. And I’m too sensitive. I am. And that is actually a good thing about me. It’s a superpower. It is something that I am learning to embrace now. Right? All of that is amazing for me to be able to say, yeah, I am a drama queen. Yes. I feel things deeply. Yes. And that’s good instead of okay. I won’t try to feel those. I’ll just be hard and cold on the exterior and go try to feel them somewhere else. No, no more. So, as I’m feeling these big emotions, right. Then it leads me to, well, who’s here. Meaning what thoughts are coming up?


What parts of me need attention? So, because I was feeling all of these big feelings over something that really could have for many people, not brought up big emotions, right? It was a dishwasher. It’s not working. We spent a lot of money on it. I have feelings about the money that we spent. I have feelings about people not doing what they say they’re gonna do, but there’s this little part. That’s like, I did something wrong. I did something wrong. And that younger part of me needs attention in that moment. So what I’ve been talking about, uh, what I talked about last week was something called a Seed Moment Healing. And I want to go into a little bit more depth into today because there is that part of me who thinks that she something wrong again, because of past experiences, things in my life that led me to believe that there was something wrong with me, that there was a right way to do things that I had to do things a certain way.


So in that moment, when big feelings can come up, I can ask, “who’s here?” What does she need in that moment? Seed moment healing takes it even a step further. I can go back in time, energetically, spiritually, and be with that part of me. Now, this is what I usually do with clients. When they’re working on something, they want more of something in their life. They want a big promotion. They want to reach their health goals. Why can’t I be healthy? Why do I always go for the sugary sweets at night? Right? What’s going on there? Why can’t I make those changes? We look at what was the younger part, where was the seed moment of that action or reaction so that we go back together in time, energetically and spiritually hold the container of space for that younger person for that younger child who needed something.


Now, usually it’s in this lifetime, but sometimes it’s in another lifetime. It’s in the very way, past like an ancestral or a previous life. Most of the time, I’d say with my clients, we have to first deal with this lifetime. So we deal with this lifetime with this particular, and I’m gonna say trauma, right. An event that was too much, too soon has been, I believe Resma Menakem was the one who defined trauma in that way in his book, “Grandmother’s Hands.” Side note: Awesome, amazing book. I highly recommend reading that book. He’s amazing. So notice saying what that child needs, going back in time to that younger part of you, having the guides help clear any energy from that, giving the mental wellness body, the mental wisdom that is needed at that time, the thought belief, the, the reassurance for what’s needed. And then right, there might be a soul essence, we’ve talked about soul essences before there might be a soul essence that needs to be returned.


So a, soul essence is we’re all made up of lots of different soul essences. And when there is something that is too much, too fast, too soon, that is what we label in today’s society as traumatic. Then a soul essence goes into hiding because it’s not safe, right? It’s not safe. I need to find a place that is safe to preserve myself. So in shamanic cultures, a shaman would come in and then when it was safe, return that soul essence, we don’t have that in our culture right now to have that. So what happens with my clients is if there’s energy that needs to be removed, that gets removed. If there’s a soul essence that needs to come back, that can come back. The inner parts of us are reassured. And then they may go to a different location that is safe.


So with that seed moment, healing, there’s a clearing. There’s a, an energy return or a spirit return and essence return that may happen. And again, the guides are the ones who are leading this who are saying, here’s what needs to happen? It’s individualized for each person. That’s what the seed moment healing is about. It’s that dynamic event. Someone asked me if there was a meditation or just a visualization that I could guide people through. And it’s, there’s a, there’s a deep listening. I think, I think it can be done in some ways, but, um, my experience has been that there’s a container, a safe space container that needs to be help because these are big events in our lives, which are causing energetic road bumps, blockages, stoppages, right. That we can get the energy moving again, bring the soul essence back again so that we can say, oh, I am able to be creative.


I able to take responsibility that that’s safe. Now I am able to be my full expression of who I am when those energies are moved. Um, moving right. When they’re flowing, then we have this opportunity to be able to show up as who we are. Then we have the opportunity to actually, it sounds like a big jump here, but be healthy health manifests when all of these energetic systems are in alignment, when they’re not in alignment, it’s like, again, that energetic speed bump. It’s like when you, um, have a Creek and you build a dam in the Creek, then the water gets backed up in a certain place instead of flowing as it’s supposed to, it’s not a healthy ecosystem then. So that’s, that’s why having a seed moment. Healing is so important. It’s a little bit of shaman. It’s a little bit of energetic work.



It’s a little bit of mindset work or thought work, as some people call it. It’s a lot of emotional healing that comes with it and it can help the physical body. So sometimes this will come up. If someone has a physical concern, they have an autoimmune disorder for instance, or they have an inflammatory disorder. And then we can look at where maybe that particular Seed Moment began.


So my homework for you is to get really curious about the emotions that you’re feeling. That’s a really great starting space. You can also get really curious about the physical sensations. When I first started feeling my feelings, all I felt was actually no emotion, just the physical sensation of a tightness in my chest or a dropping in my belly that physical sensation I could then lead to getting a little curious about what’s happening.


What’s going on? What am I feeling? Is this anxious that goes along with this physical sensation? Is this because something in particular happened, is it something from the collective energies of the world? You know, just not like I have to figure this out, but just like, “Hmm. I wonder why I’m feeling this tightness in my chest right now. Why am I feeling that I’m about to cry, right? What’s going on here.” Bringing that curiosity and then taking the time and space to feel, what does this feel like in my body? Where do I feel it? How is there a color with it? Is there anything else associated with it? And then asking who’s here, right? What younger part of me has just shown up? So sometimes people, when I’m on the, on a call with them, they’ll say, “oh, I just got a flash of my six year old self in the kitchen with my mother. ” And it’s like, okay, let’s talk about that. Right. Let’s go a little deeper.


Okay. Friends. I hope this is helpful. As you are moving into the new year, I encourage you to feel your feelings with compassion and look deeply at those seed moments. And if you need help getting to those, this is the crux of what I do is getting to that seed moment to get you unstuck and get you feeling well, having more energy and moving forward in your life. Take good care of yourselves.


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