Hello my friends- I’m starting today with a little channeling I had from the guides as I was resting today. 


“Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of rest. Rest is just the manifestation of compassion. Compassion is the next step from attention. They are all necessary and they are all required. When you bring compassion to the part of you that is struggling, you begin to hear what is needed. When you bring compassion to the part of you that wants something different in your life, you can ask what your heart wants. The trick is that you must be paying attention- attention to what doesn’t feel good and attention to what does.”


Whew! That’s what the guides wanted to be known this week when I asked for a message.


For years I didn’t even realize I was avoiding what felt “bad” in my life because I thought I noticed it and that was enough. But I didn’t really listen deeply. I didn’t bring compassionate attention to that part of me that was really struggling. What I know now and what I encourage my clients to do is to notice that part that is angry/sad/struggling and sit next to it and hear what it has to say. What message does it have for you? What does it need? Does it need a hug? Or to hear that it is loved? Does it need to sit and cry? That level of compassionate attention is so rich and full of insight that it will change your life. It will shift what you feel and what you think is possible. 


Here’s the deal though- compassionate attention can be broken down even further as a process. There are three parts that I’ll outline for you now. If you want that level of compassionate attention, you have to make room for it in your life. You have to make space. That might mean quiet times of doing nothing. Of sitting outside and listening to the spring frogs or birds or taking a walk in nature without distractions. Or it might be meditation. Making space is necessary because for that wise and divine wisdom to flow through you, it needs room. It needs space to be heard. This is why I love A Place to Rest. It creates space for you to listen. 


Once you have space, the next part is paying attention so you can notice what is present- are there worries or fears? Is there excitement and joy? What do you see in your heart and mind? What is showing up in the body? What is showing up in your emotions? What thoughts are you having right now? When you create space and bring attention to what is present, then it opens it up to its final component. . 


The final component is compassion. Yes, those things (fear, joy, pain, hope) will all be there at some point, and the beauty of compassion is that we can be with whatever shows up with love, understanding  and even non-judgement. Self-Compassion is being kind and understanding to ourselves, and allowing what is (no matter what) instead of turning to that critical voice in the head. Self-compassion says “yes, this is hard and that’s ok.”


Ok sweet friends, I’d love for you to see how you can practice compassionate attention this week. Join A Place to Rest – right now it’s at the founder’s rate and I don’t know how long it will remain at this low price. 4 energy sessions a month for $54 is an incredible deal and I don’t want you to miss it. Plus, you have access to Seed Moment Healing sessions for only $108 which is a price I’ve never offered before. I’ll post the links to both in the show notes. Ok dear ones, take good care of yourself. 


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