Hello hello! I love recording this podcast, it is so fun for me, and I feel like I get to sit across the table and chat about life. I want to remind you of two things- the Self-Trust summit starts May 24th and registration is open now, it’s a free summit and I’ll be speaking in it as well as other experts on self-trust. I can’t wait! 


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Part of what I’ve been noticing for myself is how easy it is in these turbulent times for the brain to have lots of stories about what is going on. There is a lot going on- I mean it is really hard to keep up with all of the challenging things that are happening in today’s world. My brain likes to focus particularly on how I won’t be able to handle all of the difficulties. The story of not enough and insufficiency is THICK in my past and I am practicing bringing lots of awareness to this. I was reading the Soul of Money by Lynne Twist (which I highly recommend), and it helped me to see this pattern from the critical voice in the head. 


I’m told I’m not enough, I don’t have enough, and that I need to work harder and do more in order to prove that I am enough. My experience is this is why people and especially women have such a challenging time actually giving themselves the rest they need. 


I see this with my clients too- there is a critical voice in the head that is deeply hurtful and it has so much power. That critical voice is the one that has been conditioned in us from the time we were young. The voice tells us we should know better, we have to keep doing, and that if we were better/good enough, things wouldn’t be this way. It’s all the “proof” we need to keep working really hard. The critical voice is loud and it tends to offer the same insight over and over again. 


Here’s what I’ve noticed about this critical voice. It not only keeps us constantly doing to prove our worth (which keeps us from resting). The critical voice also sucks the energy right out of you. The conversation we have with the critical voice IS the energy suck. If we were doing without listening to the voice, we would not feel nearly as exhausted. The critical voice creates a sticky kind of a feeling energetically. Take a moment right now, and tune into what it is saying the last time you noticed that “I’m not enough” or “I don’t have enough love/money/time”- notice how it feels in the body. Where do you feel it? Does it feel light or heavy? 


While the critical voice is in the head, it really makes a huge difference in how we feel in our body. When we see that this voice is speaking to us, we can feel our body get heavy, the emotions change, and our energy gets zapped. Then we feel even more exhausted. So the conditioned voice tells us to keep doing to prove our worth, AND in that telling, it’s like having someone shouting at us on the sideline which is also draining! So our energy is being drained twice as much. 


Personally, I like to think of this critical voice as separate from me. It’s like the patriarchy has taken up a room in your home and it is constantly judging your clothing choices, what you say, when you rest, what you eat. It’s constant. In Buddhism, it’s referred to as ego. 


So that all sounds pretty challenging right? Well there is good news!!! The first is that you can actually learn to turn your attention away from the critical voice in the head. You can learn to turn to compassion, goodness, and love. The other piece of good news is that we also have a voice in our heads that can be incredibly loving and supportive. In christian religions I’ve heard it referred to as the still small voice within. It is the loving compassionate voice that says it’s ok to rest. That kindly encourages you to take care of yourself with as much love and attention as possible. It does take practice to listen to this voice, or turn your attention toward it, and it is 100% worth the practice and effort. 


The compassionate, loving voice is also extremely powerful and has been life changing for me and for my clients. When you focus on the voice of kindness and compassion, you give the power and the energy to something that provides energy back to you, instead of siphoning it off from you. And the bonus is because it is a kind compassionate loving voice, it’s going to encourage you to rest, fuel yourself with nutritious food, and move your body. It’s a powerful cycle for good. 


Ok friends, I’d love to hear what you notice about the powerful voice in your head. And if you would like support, join A Place to Rest- our next session is May 13! I’ll post the links to both in the show notes. Take good care of yourself. 


Let’s build your self-trust, change your relationship with rest, your guides, and yourself. Join A Place to Rest community today! 

Register for the free Self-Trust Summit by March 23rd! So many amazing speakers and I’m honored to be one.


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