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As some of you may know, we’ve had a variety of health issues in our family- I guess it’s why I’m so drawn to the work that I do. I began this work over 20 years ago with my own health issues (PCOS, IBS, migraines, high cholesterol), and then both my husband and my boys have had issues that I’ve supported them with as well. I see again and again that there isn’t just one way to heal. This is really why I became so interested and focused on helping others with integrative and holistic health and wellness. About 10 years ago, I was reading a book about nutritional healing and realized they weren’t talking about or discussing the other types of healing that were possible or that contributed to full and holistic wellness. What I had experienced in my life was that yes, nutrition was important and made huge changes AND there were many things that the root cause was not nutritional- they were emotional or energetic and no amount of nutritious foods were going to change those issues. 


For years I was taught not to use the term “healing” because it was too out there, too woo. Right now, I’m embracing the term because this is the transformation that I see with the clients in my practice and with myself. It’s a shift from a not-well form to one that is well. It’s just the best term that I have found that encompasses what I do. 


So healing into wellness is what I want to talk about today. And I’m using the term wellness very intentionally because the term health very specifically deals with physical health. It’s an important part of wellness, but it is only one part. 


In my experience, I have seen that the process of healing is a multidimensional process and so many of the people I come in contact with just haven’t been exposed to the perspective that it’s all connected. 


One of the groups I’ve worked with on campus is the health promotion department at the health center. One of the things I love about this group is that they see that there is are underlying root causes to what we see in the student populations. The drug and alcohol abuse arises from a combination of trauma, stress, lack of skills to deal with stressful situations, and sleep and nutritional challenges. This is the same approach I use when I work with clients. It is a holistic and multidimensional approach to dealing with healing of any type. 


As I’ve talked about previously on the podcast, many of the symptoms we deal with (health, mental, emotional) are influenced by different things we “consume”- the things we read, the people around us, the thoughts we think, the food we eat, and what we pay attention to. If we only look at one portion of our health and wellness, we will likely miss true wellness and the potential healing that is involved. 


This is why I love the work that I do. All of me informs my wellness. That’s actually good news. When I look at the holistic model i use that outlines the 5 wellness bodies, it becomes clear that there are lots of ways to support ourselves in wellness, and that each of those wellness bodies influences the other. The 5 wellness bodies are physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual.


As you know I’ve been talking a lot about rest lately, and this is directly linked. We need rest in each of our wellness bodies- physical rest so that our body can literally sleep and sit still, we also need emotional rest where we can set down the worries of our life, and mental rest where we aren’t trying to solve all the problems- where our mind can find stillness. We also need energetic rest, to allow the energetic body to recover and rejuvenate. And finally, spiritual rest. Our soul essences also need rest. All of these wellness bodies also interact with the nervous system , which is a physical system, but it’s influenced by all of these different wellness bodies.  


Healing involves this multi-dimensional process of caring for the different wellness bodies, AND the wellness bodies all require rest. That’s why I love my community A Place to Rest. It offers a space to take care of these different bodies, and multi-dimensional rest will change your life. It’s true because you heal ALL of you, not just one part. It may seem complicated at first because we aren’t used to thinking this way, but it’s actually quite simple with a little bit of practice (and support).  


Ok my friends, I’d love to know how you are practicing multidimensional healing in your life. If you are interested in multidimensional healing, Join A Place to Rest – it’s still being offered at the founder’s rate for now. You’ll get 4 energetic, emotional rest sessions a month for $54 is an incredible deal and I don’t want you to miss it. Plus, you have access to purchase Seed Moment Healing sessions for only $108. I’ll post the links to both in the show notes. Ok dear ones, take good care of yourself. 

Let’s change your relationship with yourself through multidimensional healing. Join A Place to Rest community today! 

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