This is Rebecca Shisler Marshall with Whole Body Upgrade. And let’s begin by welcoming in the directions. I welcome in the great direction of the east, the south, the west, and the north. I welcome in the great direction that is above and below and within. And I ask all of the helping compassionate spirit guides who are here to support us as well as the ancestors who have lived well and died well. So that what needs to be said will be said, and what needs to be heard will be heard. And I acknowledge that I’m on the land of the creek in the Cherokee, in what is now known as Athens, Georgia. 


I wanted to record a podcast today. I’ve been recording less frequently as things are shifting and changing. I’m in the middle of a training, and things are being integrated together in ways that I couldn’t really have imagined before.


And one of the things that’s coming out of this is I’m getting some insight, some “a-has” around how I help women and how I help people in general. I also have several clients who are males and I help women. One of the things that has been really clear and has been a big thing on this podcast for the entire time that I’ve been doing it is looking at wellness, right? That’s the Whole Body Upgrade component of it. It’s why I wrote the book “Whole Body Upgrade,” and why I talk about health and vitality and getting unstuck. AND there’s another thread that became very clear this morning and I wanted to record about it now while it’s fresh.


I was kind of going back and forth and messaging with one of my friends, we were talking about how I help women with these lifestyle changes. And I was thinking about some of the clients I’ve had since I started this new training. I’ve been doing these practice sessions and these different individuals, some women, some men, what I’m watching is them transforming in front of my eyes. So I have a session every other week with most of them. Some of them it’s every week, but mostly it’s every other week. And one woman came to me yesterday and she said, “you know, this wasn’t what our session was about, but I lost six pounds.” It wasn’t what we focused on. I never focus on losing weight unless that’s, you know, something a client very specifically is asking for. That’s not the focus-  I like to focus on changing inflammation, right? So for her, for this client, we had talked about stress eating and how to change stress eating. It was just a habit that she didn’t want to have anymore. It was something that she felt like wasn’t serving her, and she wanted to change it. 


Well, two weeks went by after we worked on it, I think it was just one session. And in that one session, between that two weeks’ time, she had significantly changed her relationship to how and why she was eating. She had tools to use. She had changed because she was influencing, she was changing her nervous system, which allowed her body to shift from reaching for food out of this stress habit. But also she was, had some tools to help balance her nervous system so that she wouldn’t be as stressed, right?


In this noticing, she also noticed she wanted to build other tools and skills that were beneficial for her in managing her stress, in having a more enjoyable life. And this is one of the things that really got me. I see this person who really wants to have an enjoyable life to not be as stressed, to not have as much emotional challenge, right? And I paired this with a session earlier this week with a local yoga studio. It was part of a wellness challenge and I was coming in to talk about rest and talk about managing your energy and how the importance of rest and it happened to be all women that were part of it. What all of these women were talking about were all of these different ways they can’t seem to rest. 


We need better boundaries. We need better work-life balance. We need, how can I feel more, you know, this or more that? And how can I, how can I sleep better, right? There were all of these different pieces that were also lifestyle and stress and in the same way that this client was, but it looked very different. And I kept thinking about how important rest has been. And I kept thinking about how so many women come to me talking about stress or come to me talking about dreading whatever it is their job, or that next thing.


And when I think about what’s on the other side, is this idea of feeling better. I talk about feeling better a lot. You can feel better. You don’t have to wait to feel better. If you’re exhausted, if you’re anxious, if you’re feeling all of these things, you don’t have to wait to feel better. And I get a lot of feedback that people wonder what is ‘feeling better?” And then my friend pointed out to me this idea that “God forbid, God forbid, a woman should be, could be, would be well rested, well-nourished.” GOD FORBID we actually feel good!


And it seems for a lot of these women, it seems so far away not even to be like well rested and well-nourished, but what’s on the other side, a feeling actually amazing, right? One of the colleagues that I follow, she talks about “How good are you willing to let it get?” 


What a question. How good are you willing to let it get? What if it wasn’t just about work life balance, but what if it was about feeling amazing? God forbid that you actually enjoy your life, right? We have been taught, we have been taught as women to NOT enjoy. We’ve been taught, well, that’s selfish if you take care of yourself. We have been taught to do everything for everyone else. 


We have been taught that we shouldn’t have our own pleasure. And yet, of course, we should. That we have this opportunity to feel good, to feel not only good, but to feel the things, to do the things that we want to do, and to feel amazing about it. 


Part of what I am really wanting to do is to help women, not just because I’m a woman, but because I feel like when women are supported, when women are doing what they love, when women are doing what feels amazing, when they are taking steps towards, well, it may not feel amazing at the time, but when they are taking steps towards things that they love or they’re incorporating things that they love into their life, we are the the ones who DO things. We are the ones who take action. We are the ones who care for the community. We are the ones who care for the children. We are typically the house managers in a lot of hetero, you know, cisgender heterosexual relationships.


And even in other relationships, females are, I mean, males can too. This is not an all or nothing, but on average, the women are the ones in charge of when we feel amazing, when we put our needs first, things will start to change in our community, in our culture, because we aren’t listening to the patriarchal expectations of what we should be doing. And that scares the heck out of a lot of people in this society. 


Sometimes you might need a little help remembering how it feels to feel good. So that’s part of what I help women do, is remembering how good that can feel even when it seems impossible, even when it seems impossible. 


I remember sitting down and trying to write a list of things that I loved and staring at a blank sheet of paper, not really knowing what I could say, beyond maybe chocolate. This is even before I knew I loved being in the trees, or didn’t remember that I loved being in the trees. I’ve always known I loved it since I was little, but I had forgotten. I had forgotten. I had forgotten what could be possible. I had forgotten what happiness felt like.


We’re told to care about certain things. And often as a result of that, we forget about what WE care about. We forget about what we love, we forget about what we want to do. If you’re feeling like “I don’t feel amazing, and I feel really, really far away from amazing,” that’s pretty common, and that that’s okay, I’ve been there too. My dream is that if we can get women actually feeling better, and not just feeling like just above “meh,” right? But if we can get women feeling better, and amazing. Just imagine if you had all of that energy. If you felt good in your physical body, your mental health felt good, your emotional health felt good, energetically, spiritually, you were connected. What would you do? What would you have more time and energy to do if you felt amazing because you were caring for yourself, because you were rested, because you were nourished?


That’s the kind of place that I want you to start imagining. What would you do? What could we all do if we felt that– that’s the world I want to live in, is where people are at their baseline of rested and nourished. That’s like the baseline. Not a place where we’re like, oh, if only I felt rested and nourished. No, I want that to be the baseline. Of course, I’m rested, of course, I’m nourished, nourished physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, energetically. I wanna be nourished on all of those levels. And now where can we go? Now, what dreams do I have? Yet, most of us are just trying to get up to the level of nourished.


If it feels impossible, if you can’t even remember what feeling good feels like, I want to invite you to two different places. I’m going to invite you first to A Place to Rest community, which is my membership group for women. We meet once a week, every Friday, you come on and say, you know what I want for this intention? What I want for this session is physical healing. You know, a lot of women who come to me have some sort of chronic illnesses autoimmune disorders, chronic pain. That happens a lot because there are, it’s a multidimensional problem that the western medicine world hasn’t quite gotten grip with yet because it’s emotional. It can be energetic, it can be physical, right? Women come to me and they just want more joy. I want to trust myself. I want to feel a little more abundance. I want to feel a little bit more joy in my life. I want to have something good to look forward to. You bring your intention, I ask the guides, you rest for an hour while I do energy work. That clears what is in your way. You know, what’s in your way to bring in the good stuff. You might have some nuggets of information. I pull a card. All of that happens, and it’s once a week, and it’s a pretty amazing deal for only $54. And you get, all of them are recorded. That’s one place I wanna invite you to. 


The other place I want to invite you to is if you’re know you I want to feel good. I want to, I know it’s possible. Or maybe you don’t even know it’s possible. And you’re like, no, not me. Not me, because I have a child with special needs, or not me, because I have chronic illness. Not me, because I work 80 hours a week and I’m a workaholic. Oh, oh, honey, yes, you even, you can feel good, all of you. Yes. I wanna invite you to a 30 minute conversation, a chat. You can have a little or a shamonic chat with me.  Come bring why you think you can’t, and let’s talk about it. I will tell you about how to feel better. If it’s not a good fit, it’s totally fine. 


Right now I am developing a new program. I have a pilot program. I wanna try this out. I haven’t done a program like this before, in this way. It’s three months, and in that three months, it’s 10 sessions. And we’re going to get you feel better. You’re gonna feel better after the first session, and then how you can get to be amazing at the end. What would be amazing for you? That’s a three month container. It’s a new pilot study. I don’t even have a name for it. I just put it out on social media this week. It’s pulling together the self-hypnosis work I’ve been learning and the self-directed neuroplasticity work. All of these brain changing techniques that I use in addition to the shamanic work, in addition to all of the other trainings, health and life health and wellness coach training, all of it. You get all of it. You get all of me for these sessions, and you’re gonna meet once a week. With an integration period in the middle.


And things are gonna change. And I know this because I’m watching it with my practice clients that I have right now. They’re people who had five sessions for 30 minutes. And one of the things I learned is that those are every other week. And I was like, no, it needs to be every week. Let’s dial up the possibility. So if you are interested a free 30 min session or A Place to Rest I’m gonna put the link to both of those in the show notes so that you have options for that. And you can always purchase the book, Whole Body Upgrade. That’s another way, an inexpensive way to access this information. It’s available in both Kindle and paperback. 


I hope that is helpful, and I can’t wait to see how you are going to do amazing things, because God forbid that women feel rested and nourished, and see the possibility that is there. All right, dear friends, thank you so much. Take good care of yourself.

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