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The last few weeks we’ve been talking about being read as an integral part of a whole body upgrade. This involves two parts: looking and asking if you are ready, and shifting your thermostat for how good you are willing to let it get. Many of us have a place where it feels comfortable: a certain amount of goodness in our lives that feels like we can tolerate, and if it expands beyond that it begins to feel like too much. As we were talking about last week, you might not even know how good it can get because you have this set point of goodness in your life. When you start to expand and shift, when you start to call in this goodness in your life, you have to become a different person. You have to become a new you. Your future self is waiting.

In the book “The Big Leap” by Gay Hendricks, he talks about this internal set point that we become used to or that is placed upon you by someone else. It’s like a cap of joy that we can allow in our lives. What he refers to as our “upper limit” keeps us in this comfortable, competent safe zone. In order to move out of the safe zone, it requires conscious awareness and practice of expanding where that upper limit falls. 

This is something i’m looking at in my own life right now. As things are changing around us constantly, I’m having to pivot and I’m seeing two types of people: those that are pivoting and those that are waiting for it to be “the way it was.” I think that the people who are willing to pivot, to do things differently to think about things in a way they haven’t before, are having the most opportunity and actually the most emotional resilience as well. 

With pivoting comes a willingness to be a different person on the other side. In fact it requires you to be different, and setting a new upper limit.  Let’s put it In terms of your health and well-being- At this moment, you are probably feeling stuck in some area of your life: how you are feeling, your energy, your job or your relationship.

The person who feels stuck is not the one who will solve the problem.  The person you are right now: the person who is struggling with sugar or alcohol or with finding a minute of self-care, is not the same person who will make these changes. The person who is here right now struggling is able to identify there is an issue. That person feels stuck and even asks for help.

So here’s the piece that is important (and stay with me on this because words are hard): that person who feels stuck is not the one who is going to make the changes to become the part of you that feels better.  

The future part of you: the part of you in the future who has already made these changes – energetically is already the one who reaches back into time and begins the transformation. You will call on the future version of yourself ,who has already made those changes, to help the present day version of yourself change.  The future and the present you meld together. It’s an energetic reaching into time to support you in change and to help you transition. 

The new you, or the “future you,” knows how to help. This future you knows how good it can get. The future self is here, supporting you every step of the way as you shift and morph and change into that energetic, vital, loving self. She knows what’s coming and she knows what you need to lay to rest in order to move into this new space. She’s ready and willing. She knows how good it will feel, and she is waiting to show you. All you have to do is ask. Find a quiet place, imagine that you can go to a beautiful space in nature, and there you will meet your future self. Connect with her, ask her questions, and know that she is there supporting you every step of the way. 

Your future self is waiting. 

Listen to the Whole Body Upgrade Podcast:

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