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Friends, I want to talk to you about something that is really important to me. You can feel better.

There is this common belief that we have to suffer. We have to suffer because we are old, and getting older means being unwell or not feeling well or even being in pain. Or, that it’s just the way it is because we as we age, our hormones change and well, it just has to be like this.

The brain fog, the lack of energy, the feeling of being unwhole are not just regular life. They are all symptoms that can be addressed. There are other symptoms too: not being happy, not feeling worthy, not sleeping well at night or feeling stuck.  These symptoms, these common things that so many millions of American women experience, and commiserate over with their friends. These symptoms are completely treatable. 

You can feel better

Your life doesn’t have to be like that. I want you to know that you can feel better. It doesn’t have to take walking uphill both ways in the snow or as Mary Oliver said,”

“You do not have to be good.
You do not have to walk on your knees
for a hundred miles through the desert, repenting
You only have to let the soft animal of your body
love what it loves.”

You can feel better and it doesn’t have to take forever. It doesn’t even have to take years. You can start to feel better. I wish I had a better word for it than feeling better, but is the only thing that begins to capture what women experience when they work with me. They start off feeling that this is just the way it has to be (and often they don’t even realize how bad it is UNTIL they start feeling better). 

And here’s the trick: once you start feeling better, you know how it can feel, and you look for other little alignments that can help you feel EVEN better: VIBRANT.

So here’s the thing: you don’t know how good it can get. I wish i could show you how you will feel; incrementally at first, and then more and more until you look back one day and realize how far you’ve come. You begin to expect feeling better, so when something is off, you know it is a sign from your body. You are listening, you are present with yourself, and you feel not just better, but amazing. 

I wish I could show you how good you can feel

How you will feel different in your body, how you will see the world with new eyes. The same experiences, yes, but a whole different perspective on how things happen. It sounds big, and it’s totally and completely 100% true. Your life is waiting for you on the other side. 

This is so important to me because every time i hear a woman commiserate or the worst is when they state it as a fact: that all of the body aches, and sleepless nights are something they have to just live with. I feel so sad that they don’t know there are other possibilities; that this is another way. That’s what i’m here to do. I’m here to show women that they can feel better- in fact they can feel like love in their bodies. Pure love. 

I see it so clearly for each of the women (and men!) that I work with. Waiting isn’t go to be the thing that makes it better. “Some day” is never going to be less busy or less full. This is the mind having a conversation to keep you in that same ho-hum place when you could be living in a realm of magic. 

So that’s what I wanted to tell you today. You don’t know how good it can get, but I do. And i’m here to hold that vision of you, feeling ah-maz-ing. 

Listen to the Whole Body Upgrade Podcast:

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