Hello my friends. How are you? I’m feeling better than I have in a long time. Stillness and rest has been such a support to me lately. I’m feeling differently and I’m noticing so much shift happening internally as well as externally. The more I feel in my core this place of deep rest, the more results I see, like more sleep, clarity, creativity and intuition. This is why I’m building a new community called “A place to rest” and the whole idea is creating and cultivating stillness for a group of women. We all need this place to rest- I offered a free Rest Date last week and it was so soothing to my nervous system. What I realized as I was leading this is that there is also energy clearings and work form the guides that will happen during the live sessions. My whole body was happy. Many of the women that showed up found that it was the most rested they’ve felt in a long time. I’m offering another free Rest Session on Friday April 15th as a kick off to open the community, “A Place to Rest: A community of embodied stillness,” which will open on April 16th! There will be weekly Rest/Stillness sessions (either recorded or live), as well as resources for you to support rest and stillness in a library. There will also be a support in between the sessions to help you to remember to come back to stillness and for energy clearing. It’s all about community, support, and nourishing your soul. I’m very excited- it’s a monthly group, where you can join any time,  and it’s only $54. Also, if you are part of this community, I’m also offering discounted 1:1 healing or coaching sessions with me for only $108. I’m so excited for this and I can’t wait for you to join the community!  


You can tell I’m excited because I will talk about this all day. And that’s part of what I want to talk about today is how the opposite of stillness, the restlessness can be related to this challenge or difficulty in loving ourselves. Let me explain a little more- what I see so much in myself and my clients is often we keep moving and looking outside of ourselves to “fix” or change something that we have been told is unacceptable. There is part of us that is “unlovable” or “too much” or in some way not what we’ve been conditioned to believe is “right.” Society has told us that we need to keep doing in order to be loved. That doing may look like losing weight, being pretty, being smart, having a beautifully organized and picture perfect home, being the right amount of whatever without being arrogant. This causes us to constantly be doing to seek approval, belonging, and love. 


You might feel resistance when you try to rest or get still. This is societal programming. In fact it might feel really crappy when you first try to rest. You are detoxing yourself from the messages of doing in today’s world. Feeling the discomfort of rest, is actually a radical act of rebellion against society. This is big. It’s big because we are taught from a very early age that resting is bad or wrong as I talked about in last week’s episode. When you know that it’s going to feel uncomfortable, bad, or like every cell in your body must MOVE, then you actually know when you feel that discomfort that you are in the right place. You can tell yourself that it is working. That you are detoxing. 


This is what I’ve been experiencing. The resistance that arises to sit down and rest, to find stillness, and when I finally do, now it doesn’t take long for intuition to drop in. I don’t just fall asleep immediately any more. I get messages from the guides so quickly because I’m healing my nervous system from the constant doing. I’m detoxing the old ways of being. And at first, yes it has felt miserable…I didn’t know it was going to feel miserable and so I thought there was something wrong. Now that I know that nothing has gone wrong and I see what is on the other side, I’m noticing and reminding myself how much better I feel after practicing rest and stillness. It actually starts to feel amazing.  


And then here’s the thing about resting and stillness. It leads to all sorts of possibilities and joy. It creates the opportunity to actually sit with the parts of yourself that felt unacceptable (because that’s what we were told), and start to accept them. You can sit with them first just in observation, then in acceptance, and then in love. This is part of why stillness is so life changing. When you rest in compassion, you can bring loving compassion to all parts of you. This creates a whole different level of stillness that shifts the restlessness and the resistance that I referred to at the beginning. 


Ok dear ones, I’d love for you to see where this restlessness arises when you try to rest. Maybe even see if it feels right to commit to rest, even when it feels uncomfortable. And if you would like support, join the free Rest Session on Friday April 15th at 12pm ET and my community, a Place for Rest. Take good care of yourself.

Join me April 15th at 12pm ET for a Free Rest Day gathering! Register here. 

A Place to Rest: A Community of Embodied Stillness begins on August 16th! 

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