Hello dear ones, How are you?  I’m doing really well. I just taught a Workshop to teach coaches how to do a seed moment healing and it was so much fun. I love teaching and I love this work so much. It’s such a joy to do and to teach others how to bring an integrated energy, shamanic, and coaching style into their own coaching practices. I find there are so many things I have learned that it doesn’t even occur to me that people don’t know about this in their lives. So when a dear friend of mine asked me to write a letter to her daughter, it inspired me to write a letter of what I thought other people might not know, and really what my younger self needed to hear years ago when she was really struggling. What I find so often is that many women come to me without knowing these basic truths, so I wanted to share them today. 

As you listen, allow this information to wash over you and really sink into not just your intellectual mind but your heart. Here are the Top Ten things to remember as you go through life: 

1) There is nothing wrong with you.  Everything you are and everything you do is just exactly as it should be and is often a superpower that gets overlooked. You are amazing exactly as you are- You don’t have to be productive or reach a certain goal to earn your worth. You are worthy right now (and always will be).

2) Everyone has a voice inside their head that is critical and harsh. The good news is that you don’t have to believe it. I have it and every single woman I’ve ever met has it. If you hear that voice saying something that you wouldn’t tell your best friend, please don’t pay it any attention. Pretend it is a small lizard on your shoulder, pat it on its head and give it a grape (but don’t believe it).

3) Taking care of yourself is not selfish. You deserve to be nourished with good food, sleep, movement, and loving people that surround you. This is non-negotiable. Self-care is one of the best things you can do for yourself throughout your life. Self-care can look different from other people but it almost certainly doesn’t include sugar or things that make you feel crappy the next day – which brings us to the next tip.

4) Cake is not self-care. Many people think self-care means Netflix, sweets, wine or junk food: it’s not. Much of society wants us to believe that self-care is about “getting a treat” but that’s just a false story. Self-care is actually nourishment of YOU (see number 3). 

5) Life is full of surprises. Your circumstances don’t dictate how you feel. Your thoughts do. The way you think about those surprises will ultimately influence how you feel about it. Your thoughts lead to your feelings- and the good news is that you can change your thoughts (it just takes a little practice).

6) Don’t be afraid of emotions.  We all have emotions and there is nothing wrong with feeling the WIDE range of emotions (and in fact we should). If you feel big emotions (positive or negative) there is nothing wrong with you (or even the situation). This is how life is and it’s not a problem. What often makes it feel worse is the story we are telling about those emotions.

7) Emotions are meant to be felt. When you feel those big emotions, where do you notice them in the body? The more we can feel the emotions in the body, the more quickly they can move through. If you notice they are not moving through, then go back to see what the critical voice in your head is saying. Remember that thoughts can be changed, and so can that voice.

8) Curiosity is a superpower. The more curious you can get about circumstances, emotions, and thoughts, the less likely you are going to get carried away by the story that’s been created by the critical voice in your head.

9) The breath is an anchor. No matter what, you can always come back to your breath. When you feel the breath in your body, and notice the sensations that are present in the body, it provides a little bit of space (and time) no matter what the situation or circumstance. The breath is always with you and is an anchor to the present moment and it will save you over and over again. Practice coming back to the breath when things are GOOD so it will be easy when things get tough.

10) You are surrounded by spirits who love you. We all have spirits that have volunteered to be with us during this life. It’s like having a built team that only wants to support us in our life missions. Does it mean that life will be easy? Not usually! It does mean that there is always someone there to support and love you no matter what. 

Ok my sweet friends. I hope these 10 things are helpful for your present self or maybe your younger self. I’m seeing all of you in your own divine light. Thank you so much for listening. Take good care of yourself. 

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