Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about the light within me/us/everyone, and about what Tosha Silver writes in “Outrageous Openness” (which is fabulous) regarding surrender to the divine. When things are tough, or when you are indecisive or just plain stuck, offer it up to the higher power (whatever you may call that). That’s right. Surrender it and let it go. 


Dr. Martha Beck also writes about surrender including acceptance and compassion (which are some of my favorite topics) and accepting what is. That’s right. ACCEPTING WHAT IS– it doesn’t mean you have to like it, you just take Byron Katie’s advice and stop arguing with reality.


So this week’s offering is a poem based on an experience during Intermediate Yoga teacher training. A poem I wrote about what God/The Universe/Nature/Life wants for us. Love. Pure love.

Happy Friday :).


The Wink

And there he was smiling and winking

at me.

That beautiful blue Krishna. Winking.

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Heart melting, fluttering, skipping a beat.

What did he want me to do?




And see that the light of




is inside of me.

Love. Inside of me. Often. Always. Beautifully glowing.

What a fantastic wink that was.



Peace and Love,



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