There has been a big shift going on around here. It may not look like much on the outside, but on the inside it feels huge. I feel settled, calm with the unknown. and while that may not seem like much it’s been causing ripple effects in my life. Magic is happening. Not the least of which is being at ease in the unknown.


So let’s start back at the beginning. For most of this year, I was so unclear and I didn’t know what I wanted. I thought I sort of kind of knew, but not the deep, down knowing that I craved.


I was looking for clarity (at least that much I knew). The more action I took, the more clarity I received.



The interesting thing was that clarity came in the form of supporting myself. 


I increased my time in meditation,  both sitting and moving meditation, which was a huge jump-start for my clarity. Acting on what feeds me, like hiking in the woods, naps, and my love of all things healing.  I made sure to include those in my days and weeks. I received Reiki from a friend, and felt clearer still. I increased my yoga practice as well, which soothes my body and soul. I surrounded myself with friends who support me, and I hired a coach. She helped me see underlying beliefs that were keeping me stuck! By clearing old beliefs and radically supporting myself, I allowed myself to step back and see what I couldn’t see on my own. And now magic seems to be around every corner. There was an inner clarity that appeared— I felt more settled. I felt like it was all OK no matter what happened.  I still don’t know what comes next, but “I don’t know” feels exciting.


And then the MAGIC started happening.


For example, I released a belief about not being smart enough passed on by a former boss. I haven’t had contact with that person for 20 years, and within the week, that person had emailed me. I also released a belief about my research having to be a certain way, and suddenly a favorite teacher of mine was looking for help with a new research project. I cleared the belief my life had to be either about my research or my coaching (not true!) and suddenly I was being invited to lead workshops and clients began signing up to where my calendar is almost booked (I have room for one more client in January)! All of this feels like pure and complete magic to me.


When there is clarity I can see what is so, and let go of what is no longer true in this moment. In that way, I can move towards my own North Star.


And my mantra continues to be, “Thank You.”


Peace and Clarity,

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