Ever feel like nobody is listening to you? That what you say doesn’t matter? Or that you want to tell someone something but it doesn’t feel safe?


You are the answer.

Have I got a tool for you! You always have someone who is willing to listen without judgement! It’s what we all want, right? We want to be heard. And the good news is that is available to you right now because that listener is *you*. That’s right. YOU.

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Using your smartphone or a digital recorder, simply speak what you want to hear (a kind compassionate phrase, an inspirational quote) and then listen back. Imagine, you can feel heard all the time! It seems so simple, but the results are amazing. It’s called Recording and Listening and you can find out specifics on this website. Recording and Listening is also something I’ve written about before on the blog and I use it in my own life. When I use it, I feel deeply heard. And in my experience, feeling heard leads to change.


Find out more about it in the video (2:16) and tell me what you think here or on Facebook.

Peace and Listening,

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