Hello dear ones, how are you today. Are you taking good care of yourself? Are you treating yourself with the utmost love and attention? I hope so. I know it can be difficult to remember that you are made of light, and I’m here to remind you that you are. 

That’s not actually what I want to talk about today, but it is always a good reminder! Today I want to talk about Balance, and more accurately, what is balance, and what it is not. It’s a common word I hear many women talking about especially in academia, and I think we see it as some goal we need to achieve. Our society talks about achieving balance or obtaining balance as if we can have just the right amount of work hours and play, or veggies and desserts in order to make ourselves feel “balanced”. I think many of us (myself included) are so often trying to avoid the deeper work of being uncomfortable in obtaining wellness. I see many women who don’t want to give up sweets so they call having a dessert, a balanced life. 

Here’s what I see though– It is going to feel uncomfortable saying no to someone and it’s uncomfortable to eat food that looks different than your standard office party, and it certainly is uncomfortable bringing your own food to that office party or dinner party. Often we use that word “Balance” to mean that if I have a little bit of sugar, or if I have the drink just this once, then we are balanced because I do a little of what i like and a little of what i don’t. 

The way I see it, I think the concept of balance is quite different. If someone is really wanting to be healthy, heal their chronic pain or the NAFLD, or PCOS, then there are going to be things that you will do that will not look “Balanced” to american society. It will look very unbalanced, but the end result is achieving the way you want to feel and to me THAT is balanced. The balance of knowing what you are willing to work for, what you want in your life. And what’s important to you. If you are happy with the way your health is right now then it is totally fine! I’m not saying everyone has to cut out inflammatory foods AND if your body is struggling with inflammation, it isn’t balance to eat what is causing you trouble. 

Do you remember the Weebles from the 70s? This toy was made up of little people that looked kind of like eggs, painted as people. Kind of strange for kids of today I’m sure, but this was the thing when I was little! The old commercial was “weebles wobble but they don’t fall down.” That’s what balance is like. Center is this place of back and forth and sometimes you might be all over the place, and it is STILL balance. It is not perfectly still and it definitely looks different for different people. 

Balance isn’t a thing to check off or achieve. It’s being in the messy middle of listening to your body and nourishing who you are. For me it’s really important to keep coming back to the body and make sure the mind isn’t creating an idea of what “Balance” is all about. The mind will tell you the candy bar is balance, and then beat you up for eating it afterward. Balance is finding a healthy dessert that satisfies your sweet tooth without giving up your goals and wishes. 

If you aren’t sure how to find a state of balance, first drop the idea of what balance is, and focus primarily on the body. Use the body wisdom to determine what is right in this moment. It may be that it changes day to day. Practice noticing what is the mind or ego talking, and going deeper to listen to the voice that comes without urgency, with a quiet peacefulness that is unmistakable. 

Ok dear ones. I hope that is helpful as we move into this next season with the school year starting. I’m seeing all of you in your own divine light. Thank you so much for listening. Take good care of yourself.

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