Last month, I completed a 21-day Joy Challenge. Each day the intension was to complete the following tasks (and to live in joy of course!):

1) Find 3 gratitudes each day
2) Journal about 1 positive experience from the last 24 hours
3) Continue an exercise routine because my behavior matters !
4) Continue a meditation practice…short and sweet but EVERY DAY
5) Conscious acts of kindness (send an email or text to praise or thank someone in my network).

First of all, I want to say I had so much fun. Thank you for playing with me! What an amazing endeavor to choose to be positive and find JOY in life.

I’m partially amazed that I actually completed the 21 day challenge. 21 days is a long time in my book. Long. Time. In the past, I’ve mostly been distracted from completing similar challenges, email classes, books, etc.

What kept me going this time? Knowing someone was holding me accountable. Knowing I had invited a friend to join me. Knowing I wanted to post on social media daily. Knowing this is how I want to live my life. Knowing that life goes by so quickly. Knowing THIS IS IT. So every day, I kept going.

Did I follow it absolutely? No. I had the most challenge with remembering to give positive love notes to people. When I did, it was amazing. I felt good. Other people felt good. It was like a little shot of happiness. I watched as it just slipped out of my conscious awareness and now I’m a bit curious about the process (one of my commitments is to not beating myself up)!

Overall, I’m inspired! My experience is that what we bring attention to, is what we live. Every. Day. I’m choosing positivity. I’m choosing joy.


Peace and Joy,


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