Hello my friends! How are you? As I’ve been recording the 4 part series on the last 4 episodes and getting the word out about the program, and the more I talk to people, I’ve realized that this training is really a revolution. And that right now, especially in the US, we are at such a turning point that I see women really being at the forefront of changing our society. 

The United States has been built on the patriarchal model of white supremacy and keeping women and people of color in their place has been an integral part of how our country was built. It’s unfortunate, and it’s what I’m seeing as I get older. 

What this equates to is the systems that are in place are really disempowering women and people of color. Stay small. Don’t speak up. Don’t question the status quo. And really, the message that there is something wrong with women. Now I’m a white woman and I know I have only received a small fraction of this in comparison to individuals that are black, indgenious, or people of color. Most of the clients that I work with are women, although I do work with men as well and I see the same negative effects on men as well. 

This is why I’m so passionate about the Centered Wellness Framework. I see it as a method of empowering anyone to be more healthy, well, balanced, and on purpose. It’s not the content of the Centered Wellness framework that is important, but really the process that is so important. And the process is really a way to empower people, and as I said for me I see it as empowering women, to not give away who and what they are to anyone else. 

So often as women we are told that what we’re feeling is not appropriate. That we are just having too much emotion, or feeling too much. That we shouldn’t be selfish and start that practice we always wanted. That we should be our energy on how we look instead of how we feel. That our aches and pains are in our head. That we can just take a pill and be finished. 

The way I see it, the more we empower women to be healthy and well, the more we are able to change the very fabric of society to be a more just and loving place. The more we empower women to grow their heart-centered businesses, the more freedom that is available to women and that changes the world. From my perspective the Centered Wellness Framework empowers women, and that is revolutionary. When we empower those that have been disempowered for so long, it starts to shift the framework of how society functions. And yes, there will be resistance because the people who have been in control for so long are not going to like it. 

That is just a sign that it’s time to keep going. Resistance is part of the revolution. Looking at our human selves differently from the status quo is an act of rebellion, and it’s crucial to shifting our society. You can do this for yourself by using the centered wellness framework in your own life and you can use this to help your clients. 

This process is deep and rich and it’s been a part of who I am for so many years now. I’d love to show you how different your life can be. You can work with me individually for a 3 month program or you can become trained in using the Centered Wellness framework in your own practice. The Centered Wellness Training applications close on July 1st. I’ll put a link to both in the show notes. 

Ok dear ones. Thank you so much for listening today and for starting this revolution with me. Take good care of yourself.

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