Today, I started writing about my word of the year. I wrote about how INTEGRATION is my word of the year for 2016,  how I had mistakenly believed in 2015 that life was either *this* or *that*, and how things had changed for me. Now I wanted to go forward seeing all of the possibilities.

Then my blog post disappeared. Poof. Zap. Nothing. I had saved it, but it had not been saved.




So here I sit, with another opportunity. Do I re-write what I wrote before? Or do I start new?

Honestly, I don’t think I can re-create what I wrote earlier today. I was struggling to write it in the first place. I am tired. I want to connect with my tribe and I’m feeling like I’m over scheduled, with very little space for creativity. This is odd when the three feelings I chose to focus on for 2016 are Inspired, Spacious, Joyful.  


Believe me,  the irony is not lost.



So dear ones, I’ll write from the heart today– not just my regular heart, but the deep-down-let’s-have-a-chat-in-
front-of-the-fire heart. I’m here to tell you that I do get over scheduled with all the things that I love (and some things I don’t love). I sometimes say yes because I think I’m ‘supposed to’ or I worry about what other’s may think about me. Sometimes I feel down and depleted.


And I practice finding my desired feelings, and doing what it takes to feel those desired feelings (again and yet again!).


What do I want?


Right now I choose what makes me feel Inspired, Spacious, Joyful.  In this moment, I feel spacious to be sitting in front of the fire as I write. I feel joyful to be connecting with this community of wonderful people. I feel inspired to be sharing and writing what is on my heart.


Then, like magic, the feelings that I want appear, because I listened to my heart instead of trudging through and trying to push creativity. In one small shift, my desired feelings for the year are present in this moment, and all I had to do was follow what felt right for me and look for my own truth.


Thank you for being a part of this community, for chatting with me in front of the fire, and thank you for holding space for all that wants to be in this new year.


Peace and Inspiration,





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