Hello friends, how are you? It’s August and we are in the hottest month here in Georgia, and by the time you listen to this, the kids are already back in school and I will be teaching at the university. It’s a time of transitions and transitions are always such a special place in life. Often I feel like they are the most challenging, and at the same point transitions also have such amazing possibilities. There’s an opportunity to shift and recreate new routines and new things that can be a better support for my life and what I want to have in the future. That’s what I’m focusing on right now. I’m revisiting and creating the routines and also the supports that are helpful for what I want to achieve in my life. 

I’m purposefully creating what I want in myself by looking at who I want to be and what I want to become. I want to be the person who rests often, who takes care of herself with the utmost care, and has infused as much joy in her life as possible. I also want to reach and teach as many people as I can with this work in a sustainable fashion. I want the work that I do to be of service. That is what I wish for, and those wishes have so much energy. They aren’t simply routines, they are energetic anchors to the future. Let me explain what that means. 

Taking the foundational assumption that everything is energy, you can start to see how the thoughts you are thinking, and the actions you take are shaping what happens in your life. The thoughts that you have create your feelings, and your feelings influence your actions. If you’ve ever seen someone who is mad and looking angrily at someone you know that emotion and looks can be felt on an energetic level. In traditional shamanic cultures, it’s taught that thoughts have energy and so you want to be careful with what you are thinking. My teacher would talk about checking in with the garden of the mind to see what weeds are growing. Many people don’t know that we can choose the thoughts that we are thinking and that those thoughts have energy. If you are thinking how horrible your job is, there is a feeling and an energy associated with that thought. 

When you know that thoughts and emotions have energy you can take action from two different directions. First you can notice the thoughts and notice the emotions that go with the thoughts. What thoughts are you thinking? Are they serving you? How do they feel in the body- meaning what are the physical sensations in the body? What emotions are associated with those feelings? Knowing what the thoughts and feelings are is an excellent first step in shifting the energy. If you keep thinking the same thoughts, you’ll keep having the same emotions and the energy will be very similar. So to change the energy, I often first work with the thoughts and the emotions for my clients. By working with the thoughts and the emotions, you can change the energy and start to feel differently. When you feel differently, you take different actions, such as creating new routines,like meal planning and preparation. These are routines that you can bring into your life, and sometimes what stops you from creating a new routine is the thought- it might be “I’ll never be able to do it” or “what’s the point?”   By observing the thought and the emotion (and the subsequent energy), it allows you the chance to decide on purpose what you want to create. 

For some people, the reverse is true. That the energy actually has to be changed before the thoughts and the emotions can be changed. I often see this with clients where they are having almost a recoil effect back to the same thought even when they recognize that isn’t helpful or supportive for them. In clearing the energy or the energetic cords that are there, or clearing an entity. When the energy is cleared, then the thoughts and the emotions can change or at least there is a feeling of lightness in the body. The key to either one of these ways of approaching is using the body as a guide. There are lots of ways to shift energy: For all of them I ask my guides to support me in clearing the energy that doesn’t serve me. To support this, I may take a salt bath or use a salt scrub in the shower, or I will do a ceremony to ask for the energy to be cleared, use a sage smudge or certain crystals, or journey to my guides.  

So bringing it back to where we started, the actions that you take are energetic anchors. You may be wanting to finish your degree, or find a relationship, or build your business and the routines that you create at any point (transitions or not) are going to create places where energy can flow into your life. The thoughts that you think might be one of those energetic anchors or routines that you create. What do you want and what thoughts will help you reach that future moment?  Exercise, a nutritious meal, or connecting with nature might be your energetic anchor. It might be a nightly ritual of meditation or a salt bath. They are all related because they are all energy. The place to begin is to think about what you want to feel in your life, and create routines that support that feeling. 

Ok my sweet friends. Here’s wishing you many helpful and supportive energetic anchors to bring you closer to your future. I’m seeing all of you in your own divine light. Thank you so much for listening. Take good care of yourself.

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