I want to begin by welcoming in the directions east/south/west/north/directions that are above, directions that are below and those that are within.  I call in the elements of air, fire, earth, and water. Welcoming the well ancestors, guides and compassionate beings of the light. Acknowledging I’m on the land of the Creek and the Cherokee in what is now known as Athens Ga.

Hello dear ones. How are you today? I’ve been having the most wonderful sessions with my clients. I speak with many women who have health issues, or are stuck in business, romantic relationships, energetically, emotionally, or spiritually. So it’s a wide range of topics each time I meet with a client.

The conversations I’ve been having this week felt like they really needed to be shared. One theme that has come up multiple times this week is the concept of being supported. This is a recurring theme for many of my clients. Many women don’t feel supported in their day to day lives; that may be in their romantic relationships, family, in society, or in their jobs. It’s a concept that I’ve experienced myself in my life and I’ve found many different ways to address this that I wanted to share with you. 

For so many years, I tried to get other people to give me that support. I would look externally for the support that I needed. I find I still do this today, where I’ll reflexively reach out to someone to give me the support I think I need. Eventually, I realized that while it may feel helpful or good, it isn’t often what I really need. 

When I need support, there are two ways that I found to be the most helpful; supporting myself and asking the guides for support. 

Let’s talk first about supporting myself. For many people this may sound ridiculous or impossible, especially when they are feeling overwhelmed or in a challenging situation. The heart of this method is to show up compassionately for ourselves. So let me explain a little what this means because while it is a super simple concept, it can be different and challenging to explain. Most of us walk around in the world identified as a younger part of ourselves that has been hurt and is trying to hold it all together. I often joke around that my 5 year old self was the one going to faculty meetings at the university for many years. That 5 year old was trying so hard, but it just wasn’t her responsibility to be the one at the office or doing any of the adult stuff going on in life. And yet, that is who was showing up. As I learned to support myself, I supported that 5 year old. Gave her the support she needed and THEN gave her permission to ride her bike and play on the swing instead of going to the job. It wasn’t her responsibility. It was the older, wiser self who was able to do the job. I learned how to support myself emotionally, mentally, and energetically to provide relief.  

This was huge for me and I find that when my clients understand how to do this for themselves, and really feel the difference it makes, it can change how they approach life. They become fully supported. 

This was the first layer of support that I found, and quite frankly that alone would have been enough to dig me out of the hole I was living in when I was in my 20s. 

Many years later, I came to learn about shamanism and guides and realized that I was supported by guides. And that it wasn’t just me, it’s that everyone is supported by guides. In shamanism, it is viewed that for each person when they are born, a power animal or guide steps forward and volunteers to be with them for their time on the earth. It’s a sweet reminder of the reciprocity of the spirit and natural world and that we are always supported. I like to take it a step further when I think of support. My experience is that I’m supported by the trees around me, the earth, the sun, the air, water- all of the things that surround me are here to support me. Mama earth supports me in so many ways everyday, I ask for help from the angels and I’m answered, my guides drop me hints and nuggets of wisdom, and friends send me just the article I need to read. I am infinitely supported and you are supported in exactly the same way.

I’m not someone special that I have this support. Everyone has this support waiting for them. All you need to do is ask or go out with the trees and place your hand on one. Don’t live in an area with a lot of trees, talk to your house plant, the fly or spider in your house, the sun or moon. Support is all around us each and every day, and we simply aren’t taught how to connect and feel this support around us. 

I remember wanting so badly to feel the support of my guides years ago because I wanted to feel what other people described with their guides. The connection, the love, and that someone had my back no matter what. It seems like someone with a PhD working at an academic university wouldn’t want this, but I’ve always been drawn to beings beyond the veil, really ever since I was young. I realized I could have this connection, and that it was way easier than I thought, I just had to learn how to listen. 

I learned how to support myself and I learned how to be supported by the guides and nature, and honestly it changed who I am and how I showed up in the world. I know I have my own back. I know my guides have my back. And that my friends, is where peace and calm originate, which touches every part of my life. I want you to imagine, what if you are fully supported? What would you do differently? What would you feel like? How would you show up in daily life? What would your life be like? 

If you don’t feel fully supported, consider signing up for the Vibrant Health Program. It’s an incredible program with 3 months of full support to get you unstuck, and connect you deeply with yourself, and your guides. Ok my sweet friends. I hope you know that you are fully supported. I’m seeing all of you in your own divine light. Thank you so much for listening. Take good care of yourself.

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