Hey friends, I’m super excited right now. Summer is starting here in Georgia. When you listen to this, I’ll have finished the semester at the University, my kids will be finished with the school year and my vacation is getting closer! I’m also excited because I’m offering a new masterclass, “A more powerful way to get clients unstuck” for coaches on June 2nd at 12pm est. Ya’ll know I’m a teacher at heart and this is a great chance to learn new information to help your clients. You’ve already got the coaching skills, but supplementing with holistic skills will supercharge your clients progress (and your skills). It all comes down to getting to the root of the problem they have and many coach training programs simply don’t teach it.  I’ll be going into detail about that and the Centered Wellness Training too. The applications are open and ready right now if you know you are interested. Because this is such a small program, I’m going to chat with everyone that applies to make sure we are a good fit.  I’ll put the link in the show notes so you can read more about it. It’s going to be a very small group of folks to allow for deep training, so don’t miss the chance to apply. Applications close July 1st. 

This directly relates to what I want to talk about today. For me the Centered Wellness Training is very important work to get out in the world. As I mentioned many coaches just aren’t taught the tools they need to get to the root of clients’ problems. I remember being so frustrated in my own health journey of wanting a more holistic approach instead of spending all my time coordinating different healers. 

Over the years, I’ve become an integrative wellness expert, working with guides, intuition, nutrition, and energy in addition to coaching and mind-body skills. When I would go to a training or a workshop, I kept wishing mindfulness, nutrition, or shamanism would be incorporated. But it wasn’t.  So I would take the information I was given, and bring it back to my clients in bits and pieces, but not as a cohesive unit. After lots of trial and error, I found certain combinations that worked like magic. 

This series of episodes is going to go through the different pieces that have been integrated with my coaching skills in order to amplify my clients progress. This first week, I’m going to talk about energy. If you have been listening to the podcast you are probably not surprised that energy is the first one. And quite frankly, I’d say this is one of the most powerful tools when paired with coaching. When energy work was used alone, it too is amazing; however, the pairing of the two is where I see such a shift in getting my clients unstuck more quickly!

So let’s first talk about energy- what do I mean about energy? The way I define energy is a mix of Reiki and Shamanism. We are made up of energy and we all have a signature energy pattern that is our own. This signature energy pattern is really important to who we are, our health, and moving forward in our lives with purpose. Our energy wellness body is like wearing a black shirt when you have a white cat. You don’t even have to rub up against that cat, when you are close enough the white cat hair just finds you like a magnet! That’s like energy. We go to a crowded office building, an airport, concert, or grocery store and there is LOTS of energy and we might accidentally pick it up. Energy can also be kind of siphoned off from other people with cords or attachments from people in our lives, that either we have created or other people have created. In the same way we can have a cord or pick up energy that doesn’t belong to us, we can also have energy from spirits that have passed and are in the middle world. When we have an energy or entity that isn’t ours in our space or in our body, it can keep us stuck. 

What I see with clients that are stuck in health, business, or life is that as a coach, when I was just using thoughtwork, clients would stay stuck. They would try to change their thoughts, and it would make a difference; however, it wasn’t really getting to the core issue that was causing their challenges. So it was like putting a bandaid on one cut, but not getting rid of the cat that was biting them! To mix metaphors, it’s like jumping around trying to plug a dam with lots of holes and trying to plug each one instead of seeing what is causing all the holes. 

Combining energy with thoughtwork or mindset (or whatever you want to call it) makes the change you are trying to create for yourself or your clients, that much more powerful. It allows the opportunity of getting to the root issue of the problem, and energetically clearing the ties and connections of that issue. 

For example, when a client is stuck in pursuing her passion and building a business, she might notice that she can’t seem to move forward in putting her new course out in the world. She might have the thought, “This will never work” and we could work on just that thought and she might see some change. Thoughtwork can be very powerful work! Now, here’s what I’ve found though…when I pair that thought with the energetic work of jumping across timelines, going back to the seed moment to heal where that original thought originated, then the client can start to see broader holistic change. 

One of my long term clients had been working with me for quite a long time before I started incorporating this process in our sessions. He felt better when we worked together, there was change, and there was transformation, yes. AND when I started going back to the seed moment for him, he didn’t need to meet as often. He shifted from being in survival mode to being in thriving mode. His progress was amazing! He started taking action and had really huge changes.

Energy can also be removed to help clients move forward in their health- if an entity is present in a person, it can lead to health issues and no amount of mind-body work or supplements is going to change that person’s health because the root cause is an energetic presence that doesn’t belong to them. 

This is part of the Centered Wellness Framework- the energy body has a huge influence on all aspects of who we are and when you as a coach can address all aspects of a person, then your clients’ progress skyrockets. It’s like finding the holy grail. When you learn this work, then you’ll start to wonder why everyone else isn’t doing it. Which is exactly why I am starting to train coaches to use this with their clients. It’s deep and magical work and it’s part of my mission to get it out into the world. 

Ok sweet friends, I hope this information about how energy can support your coaching clients is helpful for you. Next week, I’ll be talking about another skill that isn’t traditionally a part of coaching training that can help boost your practice. Take good care of yourself. 

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