I’ll start with the biggest exciting news- I’m accepting applications for the Centered Wellness Training program. This training program is for coaches who want to accelerate their clients progress and their own success. It’s for any coach who knows that it’s important to get to the root of what is causing their clients’ to be stuck. It’s a 6 month program and it’s going to be a deep training that will provide tools and skills that go beyond thought work, to deepen your skills as a integrative expert, so that you can work with guides, your intuition, nutrition, and energy in addition to the coaching skills you already have to be even more amazing! Y’all know I just love the Centered Wellness Framework and now I’m going to teach other coaches how to use it in their own practice. It’s going to be a really small group – I’m limiting it to around 6 people (make 10 though) and it will only be offered once this year. I’m super excited about it and I can’t wait to see all the amazing coaches who will join me! 

With this new program being developed and really birthed into the world, it feels like the earth is shifting and shaking underneath my feet and I started receiving a lot of information through my dreams and my guides. It’s been really interesting to watch the messages roll in and then be confirmed through others. 

One example is that one morning I was chatting with my guides (as one does) and had a very significant message that I could feel in my bones. THis is sort of challenging to put into words because it’s more of a body sense feeling than words, but the message was basically quite blunt…that I’m doing a good bit of damage to myself right now. That there is this feeling of eating all the right things, but yet staying up late at night or not managing my thoughts in the way that I want to, that it was influencing my health as much as the kale and the broccoli sprouts are. Now my guides always communicate this with so much love and attention. This is not harsh or shaming in any way. They wanted to let me know that I wasn’t caring for myself with the exquisite attention that I deserved.  I wasn’t taking enough responsibility and care of myself in the way that can help me thrive and step fully into my future self. 

I knew this on some level and had been fighting off this general apathy that sneaks in with a year long global pandemic. As a result, I’ve been staying up too late for me and buffering and trying to not feel some of my emotions using social media scrolling, comedies, and other digital shows. Now is there anything wrong with this? No! We can have entertainment. This is not about not allowing or depriving myself. What wsa happening though is it had slipped into an unconscious habit. When I asked myself consciously if this is how I wanted to spend my time, the answer was very clearly NO…and then sometimes I would just keep doing it anyway. I have big dreams and things I want and I had this undercurrent that it wasn’t possible, so what was the point, etc. 

Here’s the thing- your health and wellness requires you to have the most exquisite care and responsibility of yourself. My guides were pointing to this with bright flashing (and compassionate lights) .It’s time. It’s time. It’s time to take care of yourself and listen to what you really want. 

The next morning when I was on social media, the very first post I saw was from my friend Michelle Wolff (who you should totally follow because she is an amazing coach and human design expert)> She was talking about the energy of money and how money wants to come in when you care for your house and your car and your body. That you need to take care of the things you own and the body you have with that care and responsibility. What I see is that health has this same energy. Your body is this SACRED object- it holds so much wonder and delight and power and we treat it like last year’s grocery bag or an old rag! 

In shamanic practice all things are sacred and all things are alive. Drums, rocks, trees, all are sacred. And that includes you. These objects that we so carefully place on our alters and stare at with love and affection, that is us too. You are worthy of care and attention. That’s how I want to show up to be in my body and It’s how I want you to show up too. My teacher, Swami Satchidinanda would say “Love All. Serve All.” And it most specifically and decisively includes you. So the running around, forgetting to eat, going to bed late, pushing yourself too hard, forgetting to move the body– it’s us just forgetting we are sacred objects. 

Now, please don’t use this to beat yourself up or shame yourself. That’s not what this is about. This is about compassionately and lovingly seeing that there might be some changes you want to make at this time. If you don’t Totally fine! I know that I want to make these changes. That I want to show up for myself in the most sacred and loving way. I want to let love of my body, mind, and spirit wash over me like a great waterfall of hope. 

What does it look like to treat yourself as sacred? It can mean a lot of different things. It can be saying kind words to yourself no matter what happens. It’s loving yourself when it doesn’t seem like you “should.” It means feeding yourself nourishing food, and putting yourself to bed at a reasonable hour, making sure that the body gets to move, and have fun and play. There is room for all of that in life, and if there isn’t then maybe it’s time to ask yourself how you want to live your life. 

If you were given the most precious stone, would you throw it under the mats in the car and hope it would be ok? Knock it around? Probably not! You’d probably put it in a safe and soft place. Make sure it was clean and was given what it needed. Wear it with pride and love. You’d treat it as a sacred object. Your 5 Wellness Bodies were given to you in that same way- a precious object to be cared for and loved. This is how health flows in to us. When we care for the physical, mental, emotional, energetic, and spiritual wellness bodies. They are all a part of who we are. 

Treating yourself as the sacred being that you are will be similar and yet different for each one of you. One of my spiritual teachers said it was like you were taking care of the deities or Gods themselves. Caring for Ganesha or Krishna is done with the utmost care and reverence. That’s the level of respect I want you to bring to yourself. This can be done in the everyday– the way you  brush your teach or dress yourself. It doesn’t have to be china and fine crystal (although if that’s what makes you feel cared for, then go for it!). 

The basics are to deeply care for the physical body. This will include rest and movement, and nutritious food.  These are all fuels that run the body. It may mean dancing in the living room, or setting down your work an hour earlier than you usually do. Caring for yourself might also mean being compassionate with yourself regarding where you are right now and how much you are able to do. If it feels like too much, try small, incremental changes. For the mental wellness body, it might mean spending less time on social media, and instead lovingly connecting with friends by phone. Or watching the beliefs that you have about yourself or your life and seeing if it serves you. It might look like checking in each day with the emotions and where they are in the body. You can ground and center your energy and ask if there is any extraneous energy. And finally, you can check in with your guides and ask for support. It all goes back to that one question: what would love do? Use that as your guiding principle. 

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