Last week, I was feeling a strong pull to add more meditation into my day, and the lizard starts its familiar conversation.

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“I don’t have time ! I want to meditate more, but I can barely get everything done as it is.”


Then I remembered a practice I learned when my kids were first born. Instead of finding a formal sitting practice, I incorporating more mindfulness into everyday activities. When my children were babies I would mindfully change the diapers, nurse, or fold laundry; now I mindfully wash dishes, brush my teeth, or play card games and trains.


This is been an amazing help and I’ve already noticed a difference in the last week. For example, on the first day I added in 15 additional minutes in the morning and five minutes during the day, then my regular 10 minutes at night. I felt lighter and happier, more connected, and saw signs and messages.  By day 5, I noticed that I reacted less to life’s little dips and I was more able to respond.


I’ve been reading and conducting mindfulness meditation research for the last 5 years and the evidence is amazing! Mindfulness is helpful for decreasing stress, anxiety, depression, psoriasis, and building immune function (to name a few). Mindfulness has even been found to increase the thickness of the brain. Wow!

In the video (4:33) below are my tips for how to use everyday activities for mindful meditation.

How do you incorporate presence,  awareness, or mindfulness into you day?  Comment below or let me know on Facebook! I’d love to hear from you.


Peace and Meditation,

p.s- If you need a little help finding ways to incorporate meditation or stillness into your days, or just need a little compassion session, schedule your complimentary appointment with me.

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