It’s episode 50! I can’t believe I started this podcast a year ago and now have 50 episodes! Crazy. I I had so much fun with the Masterclass last week, and now I’m the Centered Wellness Training applications are open and today I’m so glad to be with you here today, continuing to talk about easy methods to help get your clients unstuck. We are at part 3 in the series and this week is all about The Spiritual Wellness body and how working with this wellness body can help get your client unstuck. 

In the last two episodes we’ve been talking about energy and nutrition and how both of those aspects can really help your clients get unstuck by using a dynamic and multi-dimensional approach.  When energy is cleared or what your clients are consuming is changed, it can help them get unstuck in health, in business, or in their life. The spiritual wellness body is another aspect of this multidimensional approach. I’ll talk about two different aspects of spirit and how they relate to this holistic coaching model: they are soul essences and spirit guides.  

Soul essences are part of who we are and we have so many of these different soul essences. From the shamanic viewpoint, when there is a difficult, challenging or traumatic experience in our lives, an aspect or a component of our soul essences may go into hiding because in the moment it is not viewed as safe. This is a very common occurrence in our lives- we all have difficult or challenging experiences and yes, some of us have traumatic experiences with a capital T. So many of our clients (and us) are walking around with soul essences in hiding. What this can look like is not feeling whole, complete, being depressed, or stuck. Clients just know that they feel dissatisfied, and you may see that mindset itself isn’t enough, or they keep circling back over and over again to a belief or a thought. I’ve seen this for clients who are building their businesses, revamping their wellness, and for people just simply wanting to move forward in their life. This soul retrieval can be an integral component to helping move clients forward, and it’s not something that is talked about in our society, and definitely not something that is included in most coach trainings. 

Another aspect is working with guides and intuition. I can’t say enough about this because really my helping compassionate guides are a key component to evaluating, assessing and working with my clients. Intuition and guides are really closely linked. My intuition really is just a conversation I’m having with the guides, so I’m going to focus on that for now. I have many guides that I work with depending on the client and the issue. These guides are the foundation of the work that I do with my clients. I will receive information through my different senses like images, words, sounds, body sensations, or a knowing in my body. These guides are the superstars and I’ve just learned how to listen to them so I can receive the information. I know more coaches who have included this in their coaching (and maybe that’s because I’m a spiritually based coach) and again, it can be really powerful. The shamanic training that I received introduced me to more guides and really gave me a framework for gathering the information that I’m referring to within a client session. The thing about guides is that there are so many available to help us in different forms that when you open up and ask for support with your clients, you might find that you have a specific guide to help you with clients or even one that is specific to each different type of task. 

So you may be thinking, well why should I be doing that? Can’t I just refer to a shamanic practitioner? Yes, you can. I think there is great value in working in a team of individuals and especially someone with shamanic training. AND I’ve also seen how when it is incorporated with coaching, nutrition, mindfulness and all the other pieces, it really strengthens the work the client is able to do. Together, it quickly clears a path for your clients. And isn’t that what we want? To be able to clear a quick and cleared path for our clients? The other piece that is different in the Centered Wellness Framework and training is that it’s also about teaching your clients to do this for themselves. Building their own connection with their guides and intuition. It’s a crucial part of navigating the world and in my perspective it is really how we are going to change the world.  

Through the series, I’ve been talking about the different components, and the real magic happens when they come together. Except it isn’t magic at all, because it’s based on the framework that everything is connected. Everything within your clients is going to influence everything else. What your clients eat is also going to influence their ability to connect with their guides. I’ll be talking more about the integration in next week’s podcast. 

Ok my lovely friends, I hope this information about spirit and how it fits in with coaching is helpful. We’ll talk about the integration of these different skills that aren’t traditionally a part of coach training that can help your clients AND boost your practice. Take good care of yourself.

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