How are you my sweet friends? I’ve been going through some polishing or spiritual opportunities, as one of my teachers called it. These are small but meaningful opportunities in our lives to grow and learn about who we are and change direction if we’re needed to. My teacher would say that when stones rub together they are polishing each other. What I forget sometimes is that what feels like it is uncomfortable, might be interpreted by my brain as bad or wrong, but it is actually the challenging situation that is doing the polishing. It’s refining me into what I am becoming.  

I’m in one of those places right now- it’s a mild polishing. Maybe more like a scrub. When I noticed that I wasn’t listening to myself in the way that works best for me. I was sort of listening…halfway. There were times where I was listening to my guides and actively seeking their input, and then there were times that I would seek it, get an answer that didn’t fit my brains perspective of reality, and I would just say to myself “well it’s just not possible that way, so I won’t do it.” It was so sneaky that I didn’t even notice it was happening. I was listening and not listening at the same time. I was listening but not believing that it could be true. I wasn’t trusting. 

As a result, I fell back into my old patterns of pushing and striving and listening to what was true for others instead of being firm in the knowledge of what is inside. I find that I’ve been noticing a different level of this in the last year or so. In the past, I would seek advice or wisdom from others. I didn’t know what to do, so I would ask my friends, family, and really anyone on the streat what my next decision should be. Now, I ask my body and feeling sense when I make decisions. I’ve become quite practiced at it. So this next level was a bit surprising. 

I was noticing that when I saw someone else’s lawn or house a certain way, I just assumed it was supposed to be that way. It’s the belief that somehow I have done it “wrong” again and that I need to look to the external for answers. It sounds silly to say, but it was so subtle I didn’t notice it for a while. I was striving to try to match what the external world looked like instead of asking myself what made me happy, and what was in alignment with my values. 

This is true also of building my business. I’ve been watching this as I worked with clients, and I noticed that I felt like “Oh I don’t want to work in the summer” and it was like  “but I have to. That’s what I’m supposed to do.” The belief is there- but is it true, but do I absolutely know that it is true? And I can begin to question it. 

Then I started realizing what I love. What I wanted. We live in an area of town where everyone has lawn care. That’s not consistent with my values though. In the last few years we started planting fruit trees and gardens where there was once lawn. This year, we made a conscious decision not to mow where there was grass. This year, the critical voice was sneaking up again and telling me all the things that were wrong. Wrong about my body, house, family- UGH it’s never ending.  (and side note, this happens when I eat food that is not as nourishing or if I am not moving my body as much as it needs). 

This week I remembered that I’m being polished. This is the spiritual workshop I signed up for this life. Years ago, a shamanic practitioner told me my purpose here was for infinite growth, and that feels undeniably true. Right now, the stones are rubbing together, showing me when I’m out of alignment and when I need to step back into listening to myself, and when that critical voice is just there to help me practice all of the things I’ve learned over the years. It’s all very good information. I don’t need to make it mean anything about who I am, or what I’m doing. It’s an amazing spiritual opportunity. And that’s where growth originates. Without the scrubbing or polishing, or without the spiritual opportunity, we are just stagnant. While staying in the same place may feel safe, it’s actually the opposite. Staying in the same place is actually the most dangerous thing we could do because we don’t actually stay the same….we shrink. The world gets smaller and smaller because we are listening to the voice in our heads and letting that voice drive the bus. 

Don’t let that voice drive your life. Look for the spiritual opportunities (and let me tell you life is FULL of them). It can be the way your son leaves his socks on the floor, the way your boss looks at you in a meeting, or your current health situation. This is the polishing or the scrubbing of the rocks. We can choose to be polished or not. Choose to be polished dear ones. Life is short and it’s full of potential. And if you need support, The Vibrant health program is a 3 month safe container for health and wellness. If you’re curious about it, let’s chat on the phone to see if it is a good fit for you. I’ve put the link in the show notes.  

Ok dear ones. I’d love to hear where you are getting your rocks polished right now. I’m here cheering you on. Thank you so much for listening. Take good care of yourself. 

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