Earlier this fall, I went hiking on part of the Appalachian Trail with a two good friends. We wanted to spend time together, be in nature, and be a part of something that was bigger than just us. And despite 2 days of rain and chilly weather, we hiked, talked, and cooked together.  We met people who were just finishing after 4 months of being on the trail, starting in Maine. It was so amazing and inspiring!


Along the way, were the blazes to stay on the trail. Most trails have them in some shape or color. My weekly hikes take place in the Botanical Gardens here in
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Georgia, and has white markings for when you on the right path. So if you are off track, and you haven’t seen a sign for a while, it’s time to find your way back!

Watching for Signs

I’ve been thinking about this often as I move along on my own life path. I’m watching for the signs that I’m on my right path and living in a way that is consistent with my heart. Martha Beck refers to these as “Hot Tracks” in reference to animal tracking. I want to continue moving in the direction where I can best be of service to those that I want to help. Lately, I’ve received several signs or winks that I’m headed in the right direction. For example, I’ve started a new research project that is bringing me so much joy, ideas are flowing, connections being made, and workshops are materializing for me. To me, these are signs that I’m on the right path.
What helped me move onto that path? I surrounded myself with others who are as committed to my vision as I am. Friends, coaches, podcasts, workshops. They have all helped me see the underlying issues that were keeping me from moving forward, and helped me to clear the old beliefs and gain clarity about the direction I was heading, and where I want to be now.
On the last month of 2015, here are five questions to ask yourself as you reflect on your path:

Are you on the right path?

1) What signs you are seeing that you are on the right path (physically, mentally, or at work)?
2) How do you feel when you receive those signs (joyful or heavy)?
3) What signs are showing up that you need help finding your path (illness, lack of flow, forcing)?
4) How can you support yourself in making your way back to your path or continuing on your path (reminders, workshops, or quiet time)?
5) What other support do you need (an accountability partner, a coach, or healthcare practitioner)?

Let me know what you see! Follow the signs, dear ones.

Peace and signs,

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