Sometimes gifts show up in strange packages.

My gifts were hypoglycemia, dizzy spells, migraines, polycystic ovarian syndrome, insulin resistance, and adrenal fatigue. I’ve written before about how stress In my job made me sick, but what I didn’t mention in that article was the deep gratitude I have for my all of the ways sickness showed up for me.


That’s right. I’m glad I was sick.

Am I out of my mind? (Well, yes, but that is a different blog ;).  All of society is basically based on never feeling anything and never being sick. Being sick is often thought of as something to avoid because it is uncomfortable, inconvenient, and slows us down. So here are three reasons to be glad that you are sick– with anything from a cold to an immune disease and everything in between.

1) Sickness = Rest

It is culturally acceptable to slow down when you are sick, where it may not be true other times. Is your schedule filled to the brim with activities and engagements? Sometimes I need this little “get out of the rat race free” pass to take time to lay in bed and let my body heal.


2) A wake up call to care for the body

Often when I get sick, it is a wake up call to how hard I’ve been pushing the body and emotions. Emotional stress can deplete the immune function just as quickly as burning the candle at both ends. Being sick often leads me to seek out more nourishing food,  good company, and time. Things that are essential to wellness. So I use it as a red flag to take good care of myself.

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3) A sign of something bigger

Oh, this is a big one. Is there any message here in this sickness. Maybe it goes beyond nourishing food now, perhaps it is a call to a lifestyle change, or more rest and self-care on a regular basis. Perhaps it says something about where you are off path in your life. Have you talked about quitting the soul sucking job for years? Does your relationship need attention? Do you secretly wish to go on an African Safari? Is the word ‘should’ running your life? Should as in “I should go to that party. I should do the sensible thing and stay in this job.”  Dr. Lissa Rankin talks about shoulds interfering with our soul’s guidance. Ask yourself what message does this sickness have? Maybe it is just the snotty nosed kid that lives in your house, or maybe it is information. Use this opportunity to do a little review of your life.


Sickness as a Gift

When sickness is a gift, you see that there is an even deeper message. I wasn’t as conscious of it at the time, but slowly I came to hear the message of sickness. The message was for me to take better care of myself and to look closely at my life, and make conscious decisions. Where am I not being fully *me*? Where am I not loving myself? Where am I not listening to the wisdom of my body?  What am I feeling (usually stressed was the answer) and why? Being sick allowed me to look deeply at both internal and external information. The next time you get sick, see if you can allow your childlike curiosity to take over as you unwrap the gift that has been given to you.


Peace and Wellness,

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