Hello dear ones. How are you? As I mentioned last week I was being called more and more into stillness.  In fact, I pulled a card today from The Spirit Animal Oracle deck and that was exactly the message- that rest and meditation are needed and that miracles were all around. This stillness is a quality that I’m finding it hard to put words too in describing and yet, I’m finding that more and more people are resonating with the idea of rest. This is why I’m building a new community called “A place to rest” and the whole idea is creating and cultivating stillness for a group of women. We all need this place to rest- and in fact, there is a free Rest Date happening this Friday April 1st (I’ll put the link in the show notes). 


So let’s talk about rest- when I asked my guides here’s what they said to me: stillness is the source of everything. It is who you are and who you will become. When you find stillness from within, you have found YOU (your true self). It is all you are and will be. Stillness will fuel you when nothing else seems to fill up the void. While stillness looks like nothing, in reality it is everything. 


Whew. It is everything. That’s really why this feels so important lately. 


And, as a contrast, as I mentioned in last week’s episode, we have a very narrowly defined view of rest in our society. That rest equals sleep, naps, or maybe watching netflix for hours a day. And we think that if we are not doing one of those, that we are not resting. 


I’d like to propose that we look at rest and stillness differently than we’ve been conditioned. There is a quality to rest that lives inside of us, a quality that feels like a deep pool of cool water on a hot day. This stillness is not the swirly water of the shores of the ocean, but more the calm water of a deep lake. 


There is this possibility that rest is not what we’ve been conditioned to believe. We’ve been taught that rest is lazy, or that our bodies “should” be able to go all day long without stop. That resting means we are somehow weak.  That we can just put all sorts of fuel in it and it will continue to run at the same pace. That our bodies were supposed to just run and run and run, and that we can use things like caffeine, sugar, or alcohol to get our bodies to go along. 


What if that’s not really what rest is all about? What if instead of thinking of rest as ONLY not doing, we think of rest as an action?  What if rest is the most productive thing you can do for yourself? What if how we think about productivity is all wrong too? What if productivity is nourishing our bodies, minds, and spirits? What if sitting in the sun is actually the most productive thing you can do? 


That when we make our to-do lists for the day, it includes first and foremost Sleep, rest, joy. That when we put those first, all the other things will fall into place. So instead of thinking we need to rest after we finish the to-do list, the to-do list becomes the rest, sitting in the sun, knitting, or walking in the woods. That is our greatest “work”–  that IS productivity. That is finding a place to rest. 


From my own experience- and from what my guides keep yammering on about that I’m super slow to learn- rest and space leads to results. The results we want in our lives are not because of the wrong actions, but from the lack of rest on all levels. Yes, there is physical rest, and there is mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual rest. The results we want all come from increased stillness. And that stillness can actually happen in motion. 


When we touch into stillness we can find it beneath consciousness- yesterday we were having some difficult conversations in my family and I noticed that anger and restatement were showing up. There they were, and they were big. I practiced feeling them, and being present with my emotions and asking my body, where is stillness now? So I wasn’t trying to get rid of the emotions or ignore them, just simply seeing if I could touch into that stillness- like a touch stone. 


And there it was. Rest in the storm. Stillness in the chaos. It was there along with it- and I could hold it all. 


So rest isn’t getting rid of, but maybe holding all of it in a place of acceptance and compassion. That’s what I want to create- a community where people can come to rest and set down all the things that feel so heavy right now in this life. I’m creating a community called “A place to Rest” which will include weekly rest sessions, channeling, and eventually audios and videos to help support finding stillness. This sacred rest community/container is something that feels so good to me right now, I hope you’ll join me. I’m offering a free Rest Day on Friday April 1st at 12pm ET. It will be recorded, so if you can’t make it live, there will be a recording for anyone who registers. I’ll put the link in the show notes. 


Ok dear ones, See how you can bring rest in your life. Ask yourself- where is stillness now, or what would feel restful today. You might be surprised with your answers! Take good care of yourself. 

Join me April 1st at 12pm ET for a Free Rest Day gathering! Register here. 

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