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We’re going to talk a little bit about stuckness.

And you might be asking “what is stuckness?”

This is one of those terms that I hear a lot with the women who come to me sometimes men too, but I hear it a lot more from women. They come to me complaining of being stuck. 

They feel like there’s something that’s not quite right, but they can’t quite put their finger on it. Sometimes people will say, “I know I need to do something different. I’m not really sure what that is,” or “I know I want something different. But I don’t know how or I’ve tried.” 

Here’s a very common one: “I’ve tried going to the doctor, several doctors. And I know there’s something not quite right with my health. But I don’t know what it is. My doctor tells me that everything’s fine and that all my tests come back normal.

 And yet, I don’t feel right. There’s something that just doesn’t feel right.” 

For quite a few years, I was losing larger and larger handfuls of hair. And I went to see several specialists asking, you know what, in the world is going on, and many of them just chalked it up to hormone differences after having my children and completing nursing, or from being older, or stress. There were a lot of postulations that came about, and basically all of them were, “I’m so sorry, you’re going to have to live with this.”

Since I’m kind of stubborn 😀 I didn’t believe that there wasn’t anything I could do. I felt stuck.

Sometimes women will come to me and they’ll complain a feeling not quite whole, that there’s something missing. 

Or another example, a lot of women will come to me and in their business as well, where they’re feeling stuck in their business. They know they want to have their business grow. They know that there’s something that isn’t letting them move forward and they don’t feel motivated or energized. That’s another great example of stuckness.

So from those examples, you might have an inkling have a little idea of what it feels like or what you might experience if you’re feeling stuck. Sometimes people will also complain about depression, or anxiety and being stuck in those and that the traditional methods have not necessarily worked for them.

Stuckness is a term for feeling that something is not quite right but not knowing

where to go or what to do.

In the first episode, I talked a little bit about the Five Wellness Bodies in the Centered Wellness framework. I’m going to put this stuckness that I was just describing in the framework of these Five Wellness Bodies to help you spot the stuckness in these different areas.  I’m first going to ask you to ask your body. And this is going to be a very important paradigm. The body is really the place to go to for answers. The mind will want to chime in, “I’m not stuck –  I have a beautiful house and beautiful children have a beautiful job, I get a paycheck, everything’s good.”

Yes, and you may still feel stuck.

Yoga was one of the very first places that taught me that there is a large amount of wisdom. living in my body. The particular method of coaching that I learned in the connection of the mind and the body really cemented this, that the body has so much information. 

So what do I mean by notice the sensations in your body? Well, as I’m talking about this, you might notice that there’s a tightening in your chest, or that you have tension in a certain location, maybe in your jaw or in your belly.

If you aren’t feeling anything again, that’s okay. Right, we’re just noticing what comes up.

Next, I’m going to ask you to turn your attention to the mental body: the mind.  This is the second wellness body. And in that same way that I was asking you to notice before, I’d love for you to notice: what are you thinking? What are the thoughts that you’re having?

If this is challenging for you, it’s totally fine. One of the things that is really helpful for me is writing it down. 

Let’s go to the third wellness body, the emotional wellness body. For this to look at in spotting stuckness. We’re going to look at what emotions are present. What emotions are you feeling right now?

We’re not changing anything. We’re not making it go away. We’re just bringing our awareness to it.  

Now let’s move on to the energetic body. One way that you can pick up on stuckness, in terms of energy is heaviness or lightness in your body. If you were scanning your body, you might notice that there’s a certain part that feels like  there’s a rock in your belly. You might notice a tightness or sluggishness. 

When I am doing Reiki on my clients, I feel in their energetic body almost like a different texture. I drag like that I’m going a certain speed with my hand, and then it slows down dramatically. Some people for this will use the chakras. The seven chakras of there’s the that are located in different locations in your body. 

The final one is the spiritual wellness body. This is about feeling: was there a time in my life that I had a difficult or challenging event that may have resulted into a part of yourself going into hiding? Think about the events in your life.    

As they come up, and you can ask yourself: “Did a part of me get placed somewhere else for safekeeping?”

Those are the five wellness bodies. And the practice of noticing where the stuckness may occur, those going through those five pieces, or the five steps to noticing where stuckness may occur and where it can happen. These all interact and are intricately linked. 

Health and wellness can come from a very different place than what we’ve been taught in our society. We’ve been taught wellness is: you get your eight hours of sleep, you drink enough water, you move your body you have a coup, le of vegetables, and you should be good. 

But that’s not the whole picture. And I’m here to tell you that this way of looking at things will dramatically affect a number of people, because they’re walking around with challenges in the other four wellness bodies. And they don’t know that there’s a way to address them, or that they interrupt.

Those are your five steps to spotting stickiness. 

I would love to hear if you’ve used this exercise in your own body. Did you try it? What did you notice? 

Ready for more? The Whole Body Upgrade Course starts this week on Friday, January 29th! It’s 8 weeks of diving deeper to how you can feel better, have more energy, and move from exhaustion to wellness.

You can you can contact me on my on my website or on Facebook or on Instagram. I’d love to hear what you notice. 

Listen to the Whole Body Upgrade Podcast:

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