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March has been a whirlwind for me and now we are at the midway point. I’ve celebrated both my husband’s birthday and my youngest son’s birthday, it’s mid-point in the semester at the university, and midway through the Whole Body Upgrade course. I’m also developing a certification course for Whole Body Upgrade so there are lots of exciting things in process! 

What I’ve noticed in all of the busy-ness is that I often start to give away my power because I’m just looking for some relief from all that is going on. I let others make decisions or I just want it finished! This is part of my human design of wanting to just get stuff done!  But it’s important for us to realize that we shouldn’t give away power.

What I’ve also noticed is that this is true for my clients. Not just when it’s busy, but this potential to give away power. The power of speaking what you really want, making decisions, and telling people what you need. Women have a history of giving away the power, often because they have been conditioned this way by the patriarchy and the systems in place to purposefully keep women down. How it manifests is wanting to be accepted, wanting to belong, and not want to get anyone angry (don’t rock the boat). 

It’s not just emotional: it’s an energetic giving away of a part of who you are and what you want. When we decide that’s fine and we don’t state what we really want, or we don’t use our voices, we are giving a way a part of energetic selves. I really want you to notice this difference of how things can be given away energetically, and understand the impact so that you’ll know it’s not just about what you eat for dinner, but it’s actually a part of who you are.

I want you to understand that you are an energetic and spiritual being and that energy that you hold and your soul essences matter. Giving them away influences your emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing. It matters to feeling better. It matters to how you are able to show up in the world in your job, with your family, and your dreams. 

So if you wonder if you might be giving away your power, notice how you feel in your body throughout the day. Do you feel small and contracted? Or do you feel open and light? You can notice how your body feels as you go throughout your day, but especially somewhere you might be feeling more challenged. Notice how when you say “yes” to something that doesn’t serve you what happens in your body. Or notice when you say “no” to something that you love, what happens. The sensations in the body is a really great way to notice the energy of power and your soul essences. 

This week I’m going to encourage you to see if you can be in your power even if it is just for one thing a day. You decide that you want to step outside and feel the sun on your face. You decide you want to move your body doing one yoga pose. Or maybe you ask for help on something you really need help with instead of brewing in anger of not receiving help. I urge you to take back your power even in what might seem small ways. Because the small ways are actually quite big and will lead to a flow of who you are, to return to you. 

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