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How are you? I’ve been really struggling: I was sick and not able to do much for about a week. The energy in the field is crazy and so many people are feeling that anxiety.

I wondered if it was the right time to continue with the course, and I decided that we all need reminders of the good in the world and really we need to create a community of people who are supporting each other with compassion. The more love that we can feel for ourselves and compassion for others, I truly believe we can change the world. As one of my teachers, Cheri Huber would say, “Inner peace, world peace, and I believe that is true.”

So far in this series, we’ve been talking about self compassion, and the mind and how both of those can help us change. If we are thinking that it will be hard, and I’m a horrible person, then change is going to be a lot harder. In this 3rd episode in the series on how to make sustainable change, this week we are going to talk about energy.

This is actually a major component of change for many people because we just aren’t used to talking about energy in our lives. So I’ve talked about energy before as what we are: the signature of who we are that is individual. It’s actually relevant given what is going on in the country right now. We all have our own energy and we can pick it up in other places. So, when we go into public spaces there is energy there from other people.

Here’s what’s really interesting too, is that even we are safe at home in our little spaces, we can still pick up the energy of those people who are putting out massive amounts of it. We haven’t been taught how to manage energy because we weren’t taught that we ARE energy bodies so we don’t know how to keep it to ourselves or check to see if other people have given it to us. 

Energy can gum up the works

This is one of the biggest secrets of health is that this energy is what can collect and lead to illness. The build up can also lead to that feeling of “I don’t want to” or resistance that comes up. And what is really interesting is that this resistance can be a a younger part of ourselves that doesn’t feel seen or heard and needs some attention before we plow ahead with change.

This is why we have the two parts before this: self-compassion, gratitude, and watching what the mind is saying. Those together might actually lead you to some left over energy that needs to be cleared. As I said before, they are not really separate; all of the wellness bodies are intertwined. So, you might see old thoughts or old patterns that just feel like they are stuck, or feel like a lack of movement in the body, and THAT is energy.

In about 80% of the clients that I see, the first thing my guides tell me I need to do is clear their energy of something. It’s like clearing off your desk before you start working. Otherwise you have all this stuff that is hanging around and getting in the way.

How do you clear the energy?

One of the biggest ways I find clearing to occur is with intention. Where we put our attention is where we put our energy, so if the energy needs to be cleared, then putting our intention on clearing anything that doesn’t belong to you is the simplest way to invoke change.

You want to state the intention very clearly. “I intend that all energy that does not belong to be cleared and returned to the earth where it will be changed into love and light.” The statement is the most important part because you need to say it with conviction: it is happening. There is power in what you say and how you say it. You are commanding a change in the field of energy. 

Now my encouragement is to pair it with something that will help clear the energy.  Here are some simple suggestions.

  • First of all you can go to nature and the elements to clear the energy for you (so fire, earth, air, water). Any of these work – sitting in the sun and asking for the sun to clear your energy, or going to the trees, creek, or the ocean to clear the energy. The wind could clear the energy as well.
  • If you aren’t able to go outside, you can also use a salt scrub or a salt bath and again use your intention of having the energy cleared. The two together will help you clear the energy that doesn’t belong to you. “I intend that all energy that does not belong to be cleared and returned to the earth where it will be changed into love and light.”  Now, granted this doesn’t always clear all the energy. Some are a little more persistent and need more help, and that’s ok.
  • If you have a relationship with guides, you can ask your guides to clear.
  • Or if you have another practice that helps you clear energy- there are many other Eastern practices. Of course, if you still can clear it, my suggestion is see a shamanic practitioner to help clear the energy if you find that this is not enough on your own. 

When we are ready to make change, and when we are ready to take a step in the direction that our heart is calling for, it’s so helpful to look at the underlying process of what is holding you back. To make change, the underlying issues need to be addressed first, and only then can real change be made. 

So these first three parts of the series are setting up the foundation for change and setting up a life of health and wellness. I want you to be that person who takes such good care of themselves because you want to, and because you couldn’t imagine not nourishing yourself. I want you to be the person who listens to that inner voice that says “YES you can live a vibrantly healthy life.” That’s why the course is called Whole Body Upgrade. this is all about upgrading your life, and making sustainable change in your life with kindness and compassion.

Listen to the Whole Body Upgrade Podcast:

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