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Today, I’d like to share something a little different. I’d like to talk about one of my former clients, as just an example of how this work can take place and what it looks like with with each person. And it’s very individualized in some ways. It can be a framework, but it is set up really specifically depending on what you need and what’s needed.

Becky was a client of mine who was complaining of a lot of physical pain. It was very specific to her elbow and her arms, but also in her knees as well, kind of depending on what she was doing.

She had been working with a doctor and the doctor had tried cortisol shots, and basically had said if this cortisol shot wouldn’t work that she would need surgery. She wanted to work with me to possibly avoid having that surgery.

Client Guidance from Guides

One of the things that I usually do when I first began working with a client is actually talk to my guides, and have them give me a little bit more of a diagnostic journey of what they see as a challenge or what might be needed. They actually showed me two different pieces. One was that there was energy that needed to be root removed, and that this energy was causing some of the pain.

In addition, they were very specific about her need to love herself. And that relationship of loving needed some assistance.

Instead of jumping right in with removing energy, we actually worked on some of the foundational pieces. First, we started with her learning more about mindfulness. She was very actually very excited to do this, because she had already been diagnosed years ago with ADHD and wanted to learn the practice of being present. So she started learning that and we also talked about some of the different possibilities. Yoga helped her with managing with some of her emotions.

She also had a lot of anxiety. It wasn’t the main reason that she came to me, but I think it was affecting her. She was having a lot of anxiety around her pain and she was having anxiety around the food issues that we were beginning to talk about. We went in together talking about breathwork, and some different yoga to help with our sleep.

She was complaining about her blood sugar being imbalanced and she was waking up in the middle of the night. We talked about how all of those things are connected.

Every week for her as we worked together, I did this same kind of process of journeying to the guides, asking for what was there, and getting clarification on what was needed. Becky also noticed that the guides were giving her information that maybe there was a career change in her path, in order to be more aligned with what she loved. That brought up a lot of her self-doubt.

One of the pieces that came in as we worked together was to have a conversation with the parts of the body that were aching. So, beginning to ask the elbow: “What do you need right now?” This has been very beneficial for many of my clients, whether it’s with pain or with other issues. Learning to ask instead of looking up to the mind, and looking to the body for answers.

She began having that conversation and at the same time, we decided that an elimination diet would be beneficial to her. Digestion was one of the areas that the guides were pointing to. Normally, I have my clients eliminate for 1-2 weeks to see if there is any relief from symptoms. We eliminated gluten, dairy, red meat, sugar, eggs, chocolate, and we talked about what was going to work for her and how to do that. I gave her some recipes, and her family was very much on board. She knew this was only a temporary shift.

What she started noticing within two weeks is that the pain started decreasing just from changing the food. Her elbow was feeling better, and her bloating was decreasing. She also noticed an emotional component: when she was stressed, she would turn to food. With the mindfulness she was learning about, she was able to turn her attention to “When am I eating? What do I need? What am I avoiding?”

She said: “It’s been a process of discovering what my body wants, because I’m not emotionally eating my feelings.”

Additionally, my guides removed energy from her, to help her continue this process and clear out what wasn’t hers. Sometimes when there is energy in the system, it can lead to pain and inflammation as well. Sugar is a huge component, but there are other inflammatory foods as well.

Throughout our work together, she really began building a relationship with who she was and what her body needed, and what was showing up. She had tools to deal with balancing her blood sugar and her emotions. We found foods for her that supported her body that actually tasted good, and that she wanted to continue to eat. She found new recipes that her whole family wanted to continue eating that were delicious. And that felt good to her body. There were foods she did not react to that she knew she could continue eating.

Because she had built this relationship with her body, as she added things back in, she could tell things that told her, “Oh, that’s not serving my body. I don’t want to actually have that in my body.” She found some desserts that satisfy the sweet taste without sugar.

So one of the things that I love is nice cream, which is frozen bananas, you stick some cut up bananas in the freezer for a few hours. And then if you have a blender or a Vitamix that can handle frozen bananas. It’s just bananas and cacao powder, no sugar added, and it tastes like chocolate ice cream. And it’s to me is just amazing. My boys love it too. I’ve probably talked about it on the podcast, because we’ve been having quite a bit of it this summer. And that’s one of the great things is your taste buds don’t know the difference between the natural sugar and the harmful sugar.

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