Welcome to Whole Body Upgrade. It’s so nice to be here again. I am gonna start by welcoming in the great directions. I welcome in the great direction of the east, the south, the west, and the north. I welcome in the direction that is above and below and the great direction that is within. I invite all of our loving, compassionate spirits who are guides and helpers, and also our ancestors who have lived well and died well and support us in this day-to-day life. I acknowledge that I am on the land of the creek in the Cherokee and what is now known in his Athens, Georgia. So welcome. Today I have a special, what I think is special little treat for you today. Instead of a regular podcast, I wanted to offer one of the energetic re rest sessions from place to rest. And the reason why I wanted to offer this, this, when this particular rest session happened, it felt like a divine download about some of the work that I’m doing in terms of whole body upgrade.

The way that a place to rest works is people ask particular intentions. I pull cards and then I open it, the intentions that were brought up to the guides and they provide the information. So what I’ve included is just the session, just the channeling session, the energetic rest session from my guides. And it talks a lot about the five wellness bodies that I use in my work. So I’ve included that rest session for you. So this won’t be one that you’ll be listening to while you’re driving. Don’t close your eyes while you’re driving, obviously this is one to really sit with and absorb the energy that’s there. As I said, this is an example of a place to rest, but it’s also a really good explanation of how the wellness bodies work together as the guides have shown me. So, without any further ado, then I will give you that particular rest session. I hope you enjoy.

[Rest Session]

Let’s find a comfortable position, and let’s use our breath as the entryway. The starting point here, the breath, to me, the breath is always the entryway. So noticing just the sensations of what’s present right now. Maybe the physical sensations of breathing. There could be thoughts around what just came up. There could be for me, I have some essential oils going. There could be some smells that are part of the breath. And just at the top of the next x inhale, pause and see if you can add a little bit more breath and then slowly exhale and we’ll do that again. Physiological sigh, inhale, and then a second one, and then exhale.

And one last time, inhale. Second one, exhale. And then just allow your breath to go back to a natural breathing. Just invite your body to really begin to rest and relax as much as possible, even if it doesn’t feel like it can or should or will’s, inviting it for the possibility that there may be ease in the body. And remembering that anytime there is tension, even if the situation can’t be changed by going in through the body to invite relaxation, it works. It like reverses the physiological pattern, meaning you don’t have to get your brain to feel safe, to get your body to feel safe. You can have your body to feel safe so your brain can feel safe or vice versa.

And if none of that made any sense, just see if you can relax your jaw and relax the muscles around the eyes and smooth the forehead. And you might even just say the word it’s, or the words the phrase, it’s safe to relax, it’s safe. And just invite, we can just begin by inviting the toes and the feet to relax any tension or tightness in the muscles, if there’s any cringing, and just see like, oh, what am I holding there? What can I let go? And then moving up into the calves and the shins and the knees and the soft spaces behind the knees and the legs.

And then noticing that there are muscles in the pelvic area. If you think about the sits bones at the, just the bottom kind of part of the pelvis. And then at the front, some people, you know, you can kind of feel those notches at the front. That’s the front of the pelvic bone. And if you can imagine that that’s a square and that you can relax those muscles, just bringing your attention and awareness and just inviting them, right? Like, oh, mm-hmm. Perhaps you might consider letting go of any tension in that area if it feels like it’s possible, right? That’s why it’s an invitation. And the same can be true as we move up to the belly and the back and the low back and the mid back and the upper back and the chest. And just imagine that this relaxation that’s been moving up from your toes to your heart is now in every part of the heart. And with each pump of the heart, it spreads relaxation throughout. So now the shoulders and the arms and the hands are also releasing and letting go. And then up the neck, and again, we’ll just revisit the jaw, see if you’re holding any tension or tightness there around the eyes and the forehead and the top of the head.

And as your physical body releases, what happens is it opens up this potential for the other wellness bodies to be tended to as well. Right? So physical is this outer layer, and in the physical we hold emotions, we hold thoughts, right? Past, kind of hangs out in our tissues, in our organs, in our mind. So the image that I get is like, there’s this almost like an opening when you release that tension from the physical body, right? Which allows in this possibility that we were talking about, and it allows us to come to the mind. And that layer of the mind is the one that puts us into the future. Or the past has these thoughts about, well, no, I can’t do that, or they shouldn’t have, right? For talking about family. So in the same way that we can invite relaxation into the physical body, we can also invite the mind to slow down, to be in the present moment, to stop this jumping from place to place. It may still look in that direction, and that’s okay. So that we have this opportunity to slow the body, which slows the breath, which slows the mind.

And when the mind is slowed from jumping or assuming the past or the present, it’s kind of like, you remember those projectors? No, what were they called? Overhead projectors. Where the, it’s almost like what the mind will do is place these clear transparencies on top of your vision and say, see, this is how it is. This is the only way it can be. But the reality is we could just change the clear transparency can take it off because there are all these possibilities, right? Like what if, what if it was there was calm and ease? Mm-Hmm. <Affirmative>, what if there were plenty of possibilities? What if there was abundance all around?

That’s what being in the present is about. And it becomes like nesting dolls, right? This is the image that I see is first the physical body kind of opens, and then the, the mental body opens. And when the mental body opens, we can start to see the emotions that are there, the emotional body, not the emotions, but the emotional body that’s there. And of course, they’re all connected, right? So when we have calmed the body, calmed the breath, calmed the mind that the emotions tend to be more calmed. That the hypervigilance of looking to the future and into the past and to the right, that like, that frenetic movement is slower easeful.

And it’s almost like we can, what I see is then it almost offers the opportunity, the possibility of what you want to see, what you want to feel, the life that you wanna have can then be planted there in that emotional body, right? The physical body calms the mental body, slows the emotional body is there for, how do you want to feel? How do you want to feel calm and ease, open to possibilities, open to the future, while still being present? There’s a groundedness in that. There’s a hope and inspiration while also a presence.

So where are we saying no to our dreams because of the mind and how can open to the possibility without grasping at it? So that’s where at the next level, right? We’ve done the physical, the mental, and the emotional body. When the emotional body is like, how do you wanna feel? I wanna feel calm, I wanna feel ease, I wanna feel inspired, I wanna feel confident, I wanna feel resourceful. I wanna feel resourced, you know, you can play with those emotions that you want. So, you know, just now identify how do you wanna feel? How do you wanna feel? And then in that feeling state, really feel it again, in, in your body. Feel the emotion in your body. We’re tying those three bodies together. And then we look at the energy that that creates a body and the present moment. A mind that is like a reflecting pond. That stillness that they talk about in meditation, that emotion that you wanna feel, excited, grounded, peaceful, calm, peaceful, joyful, whatever emotion it is. And then the energetic body is that next layer. This is, again, it’s like those nesting dolls we’re opening and each one is smaller is not the right word, but it’s kind of like stacked up. And we get to the energetic level. And again, there’s another opening. When the emotion is there, it changes the energy body.

So letting go of the past is a relaxation. And there’s curiosity about, well, like what comes next? We don’t know. Who knows? Isn’t it? It’s like opening a present. We’re gonna find out. And that gets imprinted onto the energy body. So we’re walking around with these signals that are being communicated to everyone and everything because all of these different layers of who we are are now different. The physical body is different, mental, emotional, energetic. So clearing anything that was left behind the old residue of past evidence, past beliefs, past mental beliefs, past emotions, we can energetically clear those. Well, the guides can energetically clear those. So your guides and my guides are coming in to take care of anything, any energy that doesn’t belong to you, that’s in your energy field. Now that they’re kind of showing you this layers of how things work opening to the nectar that is all around right there is so much available. There’s so much available in this moment. And what the guides are doing is just making room for it. So that clearing has done,

And I’m just asking about this next layer, the spirit layer, and just seeing what comes up next. Usually in the spiritual body, spirit, body, this, what I see is so the spirit body is like soul essences and our interconnectedness to all that is, and our guides. And it’s interesting cuz I, I don’t really know what this means exactly, but they’re showing, right, these stacked, it looks almost like a pyramid, but it’s our bodies, right? So our bodies is on the lower physical bodies, on the lower layer, mental, emotional, energetic. And then at the top is this spiritual layer. And what I see is a golden thread that comes up like core ish area.

Again, it’s a very delicate, golden thread. It’s typically how I see it. So what they’re saying is this is like, this is the wrong word for it, but I, I don’t have a correct word for it. Destiny is the first kind of word that popped in. But it’s, it’s like your, your divine connection, your path, or you know, your kind of divine guidance, that’s probably a better word, divine guidance of what’s next, right? That’s that thread delicate, right? We, the quieter we are, the more present we are, the more we hear that divine guidance or feel it.

And that’s the to like that divine guidance is this, there are possibilities all around, right? We’re there’s always enough and it’s that being in the present is how we follow that. Often tenuous, but always present thread. And they’re just showing the image of like, if you’ve ever done walking meditation it, it, they’re kind of showing me like that’s what it’s like is, you know, one foot in front of the other. We just take one step <laugh>. And it’s this, my experience of walking meditation is this, it feels like your foot is kissing the earth. It feels like my foot is kissing the earth with that love and connection in walking meditation, because it’s so slow and purposeful.

Not that doesn’t, life doesn’t move quickly, is kind of what they’re saying. They’re like, it doesn’t have to feel slow, but it’s the purposefulness of that being present. And that it, it you can be present at a high speed. Things can move quickly if you have that practice of coming back, coming back, coming back. And when I ask if there’s anything else about this letting and go of the past and open to the future or, or colonies for the holiday, they actually, the guides start hacking us back together. <Laugh>. So, so there are these five layers that they’ve shown us and what they’re, to me, what it feels like is in this, is this is it. We unpack ourselves in this way and then we pack ourselves back up.

That we have taken all of these nesting goals out, played with them, looked at them, cleared them of what they needed to be cleared from, given the wisdom from each body, and then lovingly with such care and attention, place them back. And what they’re showing me is that there’s a little bit more room now, and they’re telling me there’s more room for dreams. So in that, you know, all of this together, we’ve connected with this divine thread, we’ve cleared the energy and resonated with that emotion that we wanted to bring into our lives. Still the mind, still the body. And so here is the opportunity to dream, but what if, what would you like to have?

It’s okay to ask for something that you don’t have. It’s okay to, it’s okay to dream new possibilities. And so, so if there’s something that feels available for you to dream, call that in. If you don’t know, it’s okay, you can just go back to how do you wanna feel peaceful and calm, loving, joyful, excited, inspired. Notice the feelings in your body or what you’re dreaming when you’re dreaming it. And the guides are actually wrapping a little bow around you. So this to me, it feels like, you know the phrase, you are the gift that I’ve seen before. You are the gift. You are a gift to yourself. You have this amazing power in the present moment.

And to just tap into that and use that when you can. Stealing the body, noticing the mind, stealing the mind, tending to your emotions, clearing the energy and connecting to source. And so with this beautiful, what I see is a beautiful big red wide ribbon, almost like what they put on cars, but it’s on all of you noticing how you feel in your body in this moment. And knowing that you can revisit this at any time that you can listen to this recording. Again, you can just revisit this, the sensations in your body. Use the breath and the body as a doorway or whatever doorway feels right for you.

And then noticing that this, this conglomeration of all of these things that we’ve practiced today is gonna be placed back in your physical body, in the room that you’re in gently and lovingly, so that you are integrating calm, calm and ease. You’re integrating the parts of you, you’re integrating these different wellness bodies, and they’re all coming back into the room where you’re in so that you can step in your left foot and your right foot and to your legs. And knowing that, putting your arms in and your body in and knowing that being here in this connected integrated state is as simple as feeling the breath in your body.

It’s all just here waiting for you. And sometimes we feel like we’re very, very far away from it, but it’s really just like behind us, just like on the other side. Like we’re not looking in that direction. But if we turn around, it’s just there, right? If we remember remembering is the farthest walk and it’s can be the most challenging. But that’s that’s the practice, right? Remembering and then coming back, remembering and coming back. So noticing your breath again in your body as you settle in and feel integrated into your body. All that we’ve traveled through today. And if it feels right to you, can place a hand on your heart and say something kind to yourself, something loving.

It can even just be, thank you for listening to this, or Thank you for being here, or thank you for trying over and over again, or, I love you. Take a nice, long, slow, deep breath. Isn’t then a nice long slow exhale.

[End Rest session]

I hope that was beneficial for you, that you were able to rest during that and get comfortable and just absorb some of the wisdom that the guides have to offer. I have my first book, which is Whole Body Upgrade is coming out this Thursday, January 12th, 2023. And it’s about those five wellness bodies. The centered wellness framework is what I’ve been working with for several years. So I hope that this is helpful and that it’s good information for you. And I will put in the show notes how you can find the book, where you can find that. And I will talk to you soon. Take good care of yourself.

Thanks for joining me on this episode of Whole Body Upgrade. If you’d like to learn more about working with me, you can visit me on Facebook or Instagram or on my website www.CenteredYou.com. See you on the next episode of Whole Body Upgrade.

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