Healing can happen. My podcast can help.

In the podcast, I help women struggling with emotional or medical issues that aren’t responding to traditional medical treatment. I use ancient practices with modern day wisdom, to help people spiritually, nutritionally, energetically, and emotionally.



Whole Body Upgrade Podcast

Every year, more and more women watch their health and vitality slip away. Today, so many women are overwhelmed by chronic health problems. It doesn’t have to be this way.

This podcast is about how we can take charge of our well-being and raise our vitality. It’s a new way of being- and it’s so important right now for all of us to take charge of our own wellness. 

This weekly podcast supports you in creating good health, so that you can enjoy your life, and becoming more resilient energetically, spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

It’s time for you to upgrade. 

Recent Episodes of Whole Body Upgrade

Four (no 5!) ways to prepare yourself for the holidays: Ep 93

I have been thinking a lot about the holidays as they are coming up quickly. And one of the things that I've been talking about with some of my clients is just thinking about what is happening, in terms of how to deal with all of the different pieces and parts. The holidays tend to be really challenging for a lot of people, and I have learned a lot of tools over the years that I use for myself...

We Need to Rest (with Amy Hallberg): Ep 92

Hello, Hello. Welcome to Whole Body Upgrade.This week, I had the pleasure of having a conversation with Amy Hallberg over at the Courageous Wordsmith, and we were talking about rest and that we need to rest. And it was just a delightful conversation, so I wanted to share it with you all. Her podcast, again, it's called Courageous Wordsmith. And so we're sharing it on both of our profiles because...

Multidimensional Healing (and Rest): Ep 91

Hello all, welcome back to Whole Body Upgrade. I want to start with thanking you for joining me here each week, or for the first time or for the 91st time. And if you are loving this podcast, please review it on apple podcasts so more people can see it, and if you want MORE of this, join me in A Place to Rest.    As some of you may know, we’ve had a variety of health issues in our family- I...

Three Parts of Compassionate Attention: Ep 90

Hello my friends- I’m starting today with a little channeling I had from the guides as I was resting today.    “Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of rest. Rest is just the manifestation of compassion. Compassion is the next step from attention. They are all necessary and they are all required. When you bring compassion to the part of you that is struggling, you begin to...

Rest Reflection: Ep 89

Welcome to the Whole Body Upgrade podcast. I'd like to start by welcoming in the directions. I welcome in the great direction of the east, the direction of the south, the west and the north. I welcome in the directions that are above and below and the great direction that is within. I welcome in all the great loving, compassionate spirits that are here to support us as well as the well ancestors...

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Rebecca Shisler Marshall, PhD is the founder of Centered Living and an Associate Professor at the University of Georgia.  She researches mindfulness and integrated wellness, using ancient practices mixed with modern wisdom to help women feel better and have more energy. Her novel integrative framework, Centered Wellness, incorporates yoga, nutrition, coaching, shamanism, Reiki, and mindfulness.

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