What Is Whole Body Upgrade?

Whole Body Upgrade is about feeling better, having less pain, more energy, and is what happens when you use the 5 Wellness Bodies of the Centered Wellness Framework.


In this framework, there are 5 wellness bodies: Physical, energetic, emotional, mental, and spiritual. This stems from my training in many different fields, as well as seeing when I’ve worked with clients that if we just focus on the emotion, or food, or the body, there are all these other parts of us that aren’t integrated.

   Yoga talks about the 5 bodies or 5 koshas (bodies) 

        • annamaya kosha- foodstuff
        • pranamaya kosha- energy, 
        • manomaya kosha- mind, 
        • vigyanamaya kosha- wisdom, 
        • anandamaya kosha, bliss)

 Shamanism has a similar perspective and talks about     something similar with the 4  wisdom bodies in   shamanism (physical, emotional, mind, and spiritual)

Knowing that we are multi-faceted, and knowing that addressing only one part won’t lead to healing, I’d like you to think about these 5 wellness bodies and how they may be influencing your health. Most of our society focuses on each of these bodies separately, and not addressing each one. That’s why this course is different.

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