Whole Body Upgrade Course


More Energy + Unstuck = Feeling Better

An 8-week program for exhausted women who have tried everything, are stuck, and just can’t seem to feel better the traditional way. Move from exhausted, to wellness.

It’s time for a Whole Body Upgrade.

Whole Body Upgrade Course

Whole Body Upgrade is a compassionate foundational course to upgrade your health and wellness. You’ll receive expert guidance in all of the wellness bodies, so you can turn your health around NOW. No more waiting. No more staying up all hours of the night searching on Google for what you should eat. Nor more guessing at what might help you feel better. You’ll have your own personal integrative health expert by your side.

How does it work?

Join me for an 8-week course to upgrade your health! This framework is life altering because it moves what’s blocking you *out of the way* so you can upgrade your energy, your joy, and your confidence. This online 8-week course will bring you to a whole new level-- using mindfulness, coaching, intuition, nutrition, and shamanic work to connect to your own helping compassionate spirits and lead you into health.

In this course we will explore each of these 5 Wellness Bodies:







Each week you'll  learn about different ways of upgrading all of you. You will receive videos to learn from, and guided audios to apply it to your life. We’ll gather together each week by Zoom for questions and support. Each week builds on the previous week with practical application. You'll  move through the 5 Wellness Bodies so you can get unstuck,  step into more energy, and finally feel better!

Welcome Week: Setting an intention

Week 1: What’s blocking you?

Week 2: Learning to listen to the wellness bodies

Week 3: Change your thoughts, change your health

Week 4: Food as medicine

Week 5: Calling back your soul parts

Week 6: Bringing the wellness bodies into your daily life

Integration week

The Full Package 

  • Group calls each week so that you don't have to do it alone
  • A novel framework and perspective to help you feel better
  • Group calls each week so that you don't have to do it alone
  • Customized expert support to guide you through the rough spots and celebrate with your wins
  • Facebook group to connect with those on the same journey as you
  • Shamanic Healing to clear energetic blockages and move you forward
  • A library of energetic and emotional tools so you can heal
  • Upgraded mind, body, and spirit
  • Resilience to deal with stressful situations
  • Profound change in your life as you care for yourself
  • Energy to do what you need to do, while still having energy for fun
  • Your Investment: $150*

*This is a founding member price and is the last time it will be offered at this rate!   

Can’t make the class live?  All video calls will be recorded and you can listen when it works for you!


You’ll also receive these fabulous bonuses so you have everything you need to get your life back: 

  • Chakra Balancing mp3
  • Deep Relaxation mp3
  • Grounding mp3
  • Access to the 4 week Everyday Mindfulness self-paced course!


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