Shamanic Healing Session


Shamanic healing sessions are based on the ancient shamanic work based on energy and spirit. This work can include energy clearing, or returning your soul essence that may have separated after a traumatic event (surgery, divorce, accidents, loss of a loved one through death- basically our regular lives!). This is powerful work that is done over zoom/phone.

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In the shamanic view on health and healing, there is an energetic or spiritual basis to illness. As a shamanic practitioner, I call in the helping spirits to diagnose and guide your healing. If you are feeling depressed, anxious, overwhelmed, or have an illness that isn’t responding to traditional medical treatment, shamanic healing may be of help to you. We will work together with my guides to clear energies that don’t belong to you, return your power, or bring back soul essences that have been lost. This is powerful work that is done over video/phone.

The session entails us working together to determine what isn’t working in your life. I’ll check in with my guides, and with your energy intuitively. At this point, you’ll relax while I work with my guides to bring you the healing that is needed for you. I’ll offer homework and suggestions for integration at the end of the call. This work is powerful, and you will need water to drink and time to rest. Following this 60 min session, please allow some quiet time for yourself to integrate, rest, and recover.

Here’s what you get:
– Comprehensive intake questionnaire
– Diagnostic journey
– Personalized healing
– Integration plan at the end of the session

*If you would like to be considered for a sliding scale, please use this application.



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