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What is feeling better worth to you?

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Do you want to have less stress in your life? 

I get it. You are so overwhelmed and stressed you are exhausted. Your super smart, but you can’t seem to figstressure out how to feel better. Maybe you are sick with physical symptoms like adrenal fatigue or maybe you have irritable bowel syndrome, or a host of other labels.The critical voice inside your head is loud.  One thing is for sure, you know there is more to life than living like this. You want help, but you don’t know who to turn to or how to feel better.

I’ve got you covered. 

I’ve been there myself and I want to share my tried and true methods to stress less and thrive. I was so stressed out I was sick with migraines, adrenal fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome and PCOS. I spent 10 years developing a system, spending countless hours at trainings and research to find what works. All my physical problems changed. If someone would have told me 15 years ago, they could help me get rid of the stress and fatigue, that I wouldn’t have to keep going to the doctor all the time, I would have been thrilled! I didn’t have that help and I’m deeply committed to offering what I’ve learned to you.


I’ve distilled all my work into a 6 week program. I’ve been using these tools for several years and have taught this content to college students, at yoga studios, to other working moms, and to friends. This is your chance to work with me to help you heal. Use me as your personal resource to bring your life into a place of center.


Each step builds on the next. In this 1:1 individualized program I’ll guide you through healing Body + Mindy + Spirit. There are three stages to the program:


BAhhhh...This is what relief looks like!ody + Mind + Spirit

  1. We’ll begin with the body, using both nutrition and yoga to help reach stillness.
  2. When the body is able to be stilled, the mind is more able to be quiet and reflect the true source of the stress.
  3. Finally, after clearing away the negative patterns, the spirit is ready to receive!


It’s time to invest in your future of feeling better. stress relief

In this 6 week program, you’ll receive:

  • Relief from stress and overwhelm
  • Tools that can be used IN your life, while you are doing what you are doing
  • Opportunities to restructure your brain to decrease fear based beliefs
  • Natural methods to quickly dissolve old thought patterns and bring benefits to you body, mind and soul
  • Techniques to flip the critical voice in your head
  • Calming techniques
  • Support from someone who understands
  • A new-found love of yourself


The program includes:

  • 6 individual phone/Skype sessions designed to identify stress points and dissolve the underlying beliefs causing them (all recorded for you)
  • A guided deep relaxation, designed to lower cortisol
  • A guided meditation for overwhelm
  • Video and audio training in multiple stress reduction techniques like mindfulness and yoga to increase relaxation
  • Access to a private Facebook group to ask questions
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Rebecca Shisler Marshall, PhD


What is feeling better worth to you?

Schedule your free 30 minute Less Stress Call to talk to me and see if working together would be right for you.

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