Ready to Change the World?

Accelerate your clients’ progress

(and your success) in this 6-month training program to get your clients unstuck faster, and teach you holistic skills that work. 


Centered Wellness Training 

Small Cohort. Deep Training.


Holistic Skills

Get to the root of your clients problems.

Deep Training

Dynamic process to help your clients.

More Transformation

Help your clients get unstuck faster.

Sun through trees

You want to change the world.

You know there’s a different way to think about health and healing– that there is a root cause underneath the symptoms.  

You know that humans are multidimensional beings that require more than just a step-by-step approach. 

You know that healing requires integrative approaches from both ancient traditions and modern wisdom. 

You know you are a very good coach and…


You know that there is more than just one approach to healing.

You want to help clients get unstuck with ease

You want to give them the transformation that they crave faster


And you want to make the work you do more powerful


Maybe you’ve been wondering if there’s a way to magnify your clients success. 

You watch them make changes, but you have a sense there could be even more.

You’ve looked into other programs, but they aren’t the holistic approach you desire. 

You want to get to the root problem your clients experience. 

You want more for your clients.

There is another way.

A holistic way of working with clients that brings in all parts of who they are and what they need: physically, emotionally, mentally, energetically, and spiritually. As a society, we have forgotten the power of energy and how energy can hold thoughts and beliefs in place. 

When ALL parts of our clients are aligned, their progress skyrockets.




Each part of a person supports the other. 

Nutrition influences emotion. 

Sleep guides our thoughts. 

Emotions impact what we eat. 

Energy affects the actions we take. 

Spirit alters our energy. 

When all parts of a client are balanced, they accelerate their progress. 


A holistic approach to working with your clients means balanced and aligned clients. 

Aligned clients make rapid and deeper changes in their lives.

The more lives we change, the more we change the current systems. 

When the systems change, the world evolves (and aren’t we all ready for that?!)

Deep and rapid change means they become raving fans. 

Raving fans means more referrals. 

Client success = your success

I'm ready to help my clients.

Centered Wellness Practitioner Training

The Centered Wellness Practitioner Training uses the Centered Wellness Framework, which will provide you the opportunity to support your clients holistically. It’s not just about one client. This work will create ripple effects. With each individual that becomes free, the deeper healing of old ancestral and societal wounds begins as well. The inner work changes family and the systems of your client. This work will change the world– and it begins with your clients.

What is Centered Wellness?

Centered Wellness is a way to take your client’s transformation deeper. This training takes your work with clients beyond  accountability and thought work. It’s guiding your clients  to live from the 5 Wellness Bodies within the Centered Wellness framework. It includes energy, working with spirit guides, mindfulness, shamanic wisdom, and nutrition. This framework is the culmination of 15 years of training and experience pulled together in one six month training program.


If you are a coach*, the Centered Wellness Framework will provide you with new knowledge to add to the training you have already received, and allows you to take your clients to a whole new level. 


The Centered Wellness Practitioner training will enhance the skills you already have, and maximize your time and effort by holistically and quickly transforming clients in health, life, or business! Take your practice to the next level by supplementing what’s already working and making it even more AMAZING! 


The Centered Wellness Framework is an integrative framework that builds on many different healing modalities: mindfulness, yoga, nutrition, coaching, shamanism, intuition, and reiki. What makes this framework different is the integration and the interconnectedness of each of the different Wellness Bodies that make up the Centered Wellness Framework. These wellness bodies are crucial for success in health, life, business, and wellbeing.  


You’ll learn this intuitive practice that is grounded in science and the mystical;  it will require your own personal transformation. Practice and deep embodiment will allow you to shift others’ lives quickly.  By the end of this training when you work with clients, you’ll know this work in your bones. The Centered Wellness framework is the backbone of my practice, for clients wanting to change their health, life, and business. This framework is designed to change the way people view their lives- and using this framework with clients is the best way to change the world!

Why? Because the more inner peace in the world, the more outer peace in our community and society.

You’ll begin with your own work, then move into and learn how to guide others through the same process. You’ll go deep into finding the cause of what’s blocking your clients’ in their wellness, life, and business, and offer a framework for how to get them unstuck and amplify their success. The 5 Wellness Bodies of the Centered Wellness Framework gives a holistic perspective on wellness, life, and business– and it will change the lives of your clients’ l


Over the course of the training (6 months), you’ll dive into the 5 Wellness Bodies and their interconnectedness, and then learn how to apply the framework and guide others to get unstuck and transform their lives. 


In the process, it will transform your life too.

In this training you’ll learn to use the 5 Wellness Bodies5 Wellness Bodies with your clients:

      💫Physical body

      💫Mental body

      💫Emotional body

      💫Energetic body

     💫 Spiritual body

This is for you if you are: 

  • Passionate about helping others 
  • Committed to doing your own personal work
  • Excited to pull  together multiple modalities to create a more holistic approach
  • Fascinated by intuition and working with spirit guides
  • Enthusiastic about working in small groups with other dedicated practitioners
  • Eager to make a difference in the world

This is powerful work because it is an integration of ancient tools with modern wisdom. You will learn to work with the guides to accurately assess and treat the root cause of your clients’ issues!

You’ll receive: 


  • Live and videos trainings 
  • Readings to help you understand the basis of this work
  • Weekly meetings with your cohort as I answer questions you have and take you deeper into the work
  • Detailed information on inflammation and nutrition as well as their effects on the mind, emotions, physical, energetic, and spiritual health
  • Training and education regarding energy and it’s wide reaching effects
  • An introduction to the shamanic perspective of on soul essences and the application to your clients
  • Small cohort with deep, experiential work
  • Intuitive practices
  • Training and support for working closely with your guides
  • Practices to use in your own life to live into them, and therefore understand them at a deeper level for your clients
  • Practicum experiences to apply the information you are learning to clients 
  • Individual instruction on the application of the Centered Wellness Framework
  • Small group consisting of 4-10 (max) participants 
  • Access to Whole Body Upgrade 8-week Course
  • Access to Everyday Mindfulness 4-week Course
  • Healing Audio Library
  • Listing on Centered Living Website as a Certified Centered Wellness Practitioner


1) Must complete Whole Body Upgrade Course prior to certification (can complete concurrently)

2) Must have completed a coach training program

3) Application to the program

4) Individual Interview with Rebecca


Application Required

This is a small group of dedicated individuals- 4-10 people, to allow a cohort method of learning from each other and allowing an opportunity to practice in your own life and with the group. Because this is the framework I’ve developed, you must be approved to join the program in order to ensure that this work will be represented well in the world. Joining this program is more than just another certification, you become part of a lineage of practitioners. 

Apply here. 


Your Investment is $5000* (early bird $4500)

(includes access to Whole Body Upgrade and Everyday Mindfulness Courses)

$4500 if application received by Sunday June 20th at 11:59pm est

$5000 if application received by July 1st at 11:59pm est

Payment plans available (3 or 6 equal payments + $40 admin fee)

*One partial scholarship is available for a BIPOC- apply here


    Training Program Outline 


    Module 1 

    Foundations of the Centered Wellness Framework

    • Lead Your Clients to Stillness 
      • Mindfulness 
        • Moving into stillness; techniques to help clients
        • Watching the stories; dis-identification
        • Becoming the spiritual teacher

    Module 2

    The Centered Wellness Framework

    • Coaching with the Whole Body Upgrade 
        • Clearing energetic blocks for your clients 
          • Learning about energy 
          • Reading energy
          • How to clear energy
          • How this influences the other Wellness Bodies
          • Application/Practicum week
        • Connection of thoughtwork to energy and emotions
          • Critical mind
          • Watching the thoughts
          • Better feeling thoughts
          • How this influences the other Wellness Bodies
          • Application/Practicum Week
        • Intuition and Listening Deeply 
          • Energetic, emotion, physical and mental listening
          • Intution as a guiding principle in sessions
          • Mindfulness as a practitioner
          • Compassionate Mentoring
          • Application/Practicum Week
        • Food as medicine mind, body, spirit
          • Inflammation
          • Blood sugar balancing
          • Gut healing
          • How food influences energy
          • The influence on the mind and emotions on food
          • Application/Practicum Week
        • Calling Back Soul Parts of Your Clients
          • Meeting your Soul Retrieval Guide
          • Seed Moment Healing
          • Application/Practicum Week
        • Bringing the Wellness Bodies together in your practice
          • The integration of the 5 Wellness Bodies
          • Application/Practicum Week


      Module 3


      Application and Practice outside of the course using what’s been learned and making it your own (2 weeks)

      • Practice a minimum of 4 mini-sessions within the cohort


      Module 4

      Centered Wellness Practicum 

    • Practicing the skills of Centered Wellness with others (6 weeks)

      • Practicing the interconnected work of the Centered Wellness Framework. Each section for Module 3 comes together in this final section. This module will include practicum experiences where you will be using the centered wellness framework on another member in your cohort, while I offer individualized instruction, guidance, and suggestions. You will be required to practice and record a 30 minute session  with someone outside of the cohort using the Centered Wellness Framework. I will review each video and provide feedback for each student. In order to complete certification, the student must attend the courses regularly, received at least one live feedback session, and submit a video of the new skills. 
          • Some of the skills you will be pulling together in an integrated session include: 
            • Connecting with the guides
            • Identifying areas of stuckness and imbalance
            • Energy Extraction
            • Intuitive healing
            • Nutrition and the influence on the other Wellness Bodies
            • Healing the seed moment
            • Self-compassion
            • Soul Retrieval
            • Yogic postures support the nervous system
        • Graduation and Closing Ceremony! 


      I'm ready to change the world.

      I can step into my destiny.

      Faster Results

      Compassionate Mentoring

      Deep Training

      Tree in light
      Rebecca Shisler Marshall, PhD

      Rebecca Shisler Marshall, PhD

      Spiritual Guide and Integrative Wellness Expert

      I’m on a mission to change the system of health, healing, and wellness. And I want you to be a part of it.

      With 20 years of research, teaching, and training in wellness, I pulled it all together in the 5 Wellness Bodies and in the Whole Body Upgrade Podcast and Whole Body Upgrade Course to help women feel better. Now it’s time for you to bring the transformation to your clients!


      My health issues had me looking for a different way, and when I couldn’t find it, I created it myself. I love mentoring and I want to shift the old patriarchal foundations of healing; the Centered Wellness Framework. My extensive research and teaching  in mindfulness, yoga, and integrative practices will provide a solid foundation to help you learn the integrative skills you want.

      I’m a certified life coach and yoga instructor, mindfulness instructor, Reiki Master, shamanic practitioner, and a lover of nutrition. I believe that the fusion of these healing modalities is where health begins. Health isn’t just for the few, it’s for everyone. It’s time for women to be empowered to be in charge of their lives. 

      The Centered Wellness Framework grew out of my wish for a more integrated way to treat clients. The Framework will shift the way you and your clients look at getting unstuck in health, life, and in business.

      Wondering About Results?

      This is a brand new program so I don’t have testimonials for this specific training. However here is feedback from clients who I’ve helped in the Whole Body Upgrade Course, where I teach the Centered Wellness Framework. Imagine if your clients could have the same results?! 

      .“The Whole Body Upgrade Course has been one of the most insightful and actionable courses I’ve ever taken.  I’ve come to recognize and acknowledge each of the bodies that make up each of us.  Though I was aware of all of them, it was in this course that Rebecca taught me how to begin to integrate them.  It has been a revelation and a gift to feel connected to all of me, to all of the parts seen and unseen.  There has been so much information imparted in this course that I know I’ll continue to revisit the materials and gain more insight over time.  This course has definitely changed my life for the better.  Thank you!” 

      Nina C-B.

      “When I signed up for the Whole Body Upgrade Course, I wasn’t sure it was for me. I knew I needed something and the timing was right so took it. I will be eternally grateful to Rebecca and the beautiful women who joined me on the adventure. It was more powerful than I could have imagined. Of course, I always knew that I’m in charge of my life but now understand how to listen and affect change. Thank you Rebecca. You are a wonder.” 

      Angela M.

      “Before starting the Whole Body Upgrade course I absolutely knew that I wanted help with my boundaries. I had experienced enough of Rebecca’s work to be grateful, but not surprised, to learn very gentle, effective ways to not let other people’s mood or emotions affect mine. What was unexpected was how much all of the other Wellness Bodies could be upgraded and what a huge difference this has made in my life. Rebecca has discovered the key to making all of the parts of us work together in harmony. A long standing health issue has improved tremendously. I’m in awe of how deeply thought out this course is. It was wonderful to have Rebecca skillfully guide each of us to what was causing pain in our lives and to then help us dissolve or change it and upgrade to the place we were aiming for. One of the best things I have done in my life!” 

      Orla C.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      What does this training cover?

      Centered Wellness Certificate is a holistic program designed to provide skills on top of your existing skill set.  It’s a program to not only shift your own life, but the clients you work with as well. It’s a new perspective on how to upgrade you and your clients’ wellbeing using all parts of you– your whole body

      This program includes a mix of videos, audios, and live zoom calls. You’ll receive individualized practice in this framework and instruction to live this framework in your practice. A final video review will be required to receive final certification and endorsement from Rebecca. 


      You’ll have lifetime access to this training program including all the new info I add in the future.

      When does the training start?

      The Centered Wellness training program is scheduled for July 9th, 2021.

      What if I don’t want to work with clients?
      That’s ok! You are more than welcome to sign up for this program for your own personal practice and never use it with clients.
      What if I need more support?
      If you are looking for individual support my individual Vibrant Health program may be a better fit for you. I created this training program knowing some people are ready to apply this work to their own clients (and change their life in the process). 
      What is the price?

      $5000 or 6 payments of $840 (includes a $40 admin fee)*

      Early bird discount are available ($4500 if purchased by June 1st)

      *One partial-scholarship is available for an individual who is Black, Indigenous, or a Person of Color. Apply here.  

      Are there refunds?

      As a rule I don’t offer refunds in my practice. The work I do with the guides starts long before the training begins. If you aren’t familiar with my work, check out my podcast, Whole Body Upgrade, and the Centered Living with Rebecca YouTube channel. If you have any questions at all you can email me at There is an application and an interview process in order to ensure that your entrance into this program is a good fit for both of us. 

      I can’t make the live calls- what if I have questions?

      I highly recommend you make the live calls because I know how easy it is to get side-tracked in life. AND let’s face it, life is busy! 

      All the Zoom calls will be recorded, with a Slack group too. There are certain calls that you will be required to attend in order for me to view your implementation of this framework.  If you can’t make a call, you can always submit your questions ahead of time and I will answer them through email, Slack, or during our weekly calls. 

      Is this program a good fit for me?

      This program is for you if you are: 

      • Eager to accelerate your clients progress
      • Open to shamanic and energetic work
      • Interested in holistic coaching using nutrition, energy, shamanism, and the mind-body connection
      • Yearning for a deeper connection with your guides
      • Desire to use spiritual guidance with your clients

      This is not for you if: 

      • Energy seems like too “woo” for you
      • Spirit guides are not your thing
      • You are happy with your practice as it is

      Ultimately, only you will know if this is what you need or want in your life right now. I’m happy to chat with you and answer as many questions that you may have regarding the program. It is a significant investment and I want people who are ALL IN on this training, so please take your time to make sure it’s in alignment for you.

      My encouragement is to use the Centered Wellness framework to help you determine the answer!! Feel into the body, and see what your body has to say about the certification program, what thoughts are present, the emotions that arise, and the energy of the program. Ask your guides if it is a good fit for you. 


      Get started now!

      The next step is for you to apply.

      It’s time to step into your purpose.

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