Whole Body Upgrade

A Centered Wellness Approach to Restoring Your Health and Vitality

Rebecca Shisler Marshall, PhD



You’re exhausted and sick. Chronic health issues often show up when the body is trying to communicate a message. This message can be trauma, overwork, or energetic sediment. True wellness comes from a holistic approach.


Who and how we connect with people is influenced by trauma, emotions,  beliefs,  our past. Our relationship with ourselves is mirrored by those around us. Want to have a better relationship with others? The first step is always with yourself.


The overworking is often a pattern played out trying to prove worth or that you are “good enough.”  Stop saying yes, when you mean no. Start learning how to love and care for your body, mind, and spirit. 


Energetic, emotional, mental patterns show up in your career and can slow momentum down to a trickle. Clear old patterns to loose the confusion and find clarity about your next steps.


The spiritual body consists of our connection to source and our individual guides, as well as our intuition. It is our connection to the divine as well as to the web of life, and also consists of  our soul essences.

What is Whole Body Upgrade?

 Whole Body Upgrade is more than just a book.

It’s a six-week journey to look at your wellness with a new perspective. No more giving away your power to others. Your wellness is in your hands.

Whole Body Upgrade is now available for purchase on Amazon!

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Now Available!

Now Available!

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A New Perspective on Wellness

Whole Body Upgrade started as an online course, to do the powerful work to change beliefs, release old patterns, and frame a new perspective. This experiential book will focus on your health, so you can feel better, have more energy, and get back to holistic wellness.

The secret ingredient: Energy

Our culture doesn’t take energy into account. The Energy Wellness Body often holds the secret ingredient to clearing patterns. When old energy is cleared, you can be fully in your own essential energy. When you are in energetic integrity, all the other problems start to fall away. 

An untended parts: Emotions

Inside of each one of us are younger parts who need love and attention. By learning to listen to and be present for yourself, emotions that are stuck begin to move and flow. This clears out the emotions that get stuck in your body and shows up as physical pain as well. 

The hidden parts: Soul Essences

When you’ve experienced traumatic events, soul essences can go into hiding until things are safe. The shamanic practice of soul retrieval is a beautiful part of shamanic coaching. It will leave you feeling grounded, whole, and complete. 

Becoming the watcher: The Mind

The brain has amazing ways to keep us safe, and one of them is the negativity bias. Unfortunately, this often appears the critical voice in the head (that voice that always FEELS like it is part of us, but is super mean- and hint- it actually isn’t YOU). When you begin to watch that voice in the head and learn to redirect your attention to the kind, loving, compassionate part of yourself, the game changes. 

The keeper: Body

The body is the keeper of wisdom, memories, and an amazing communicator. Often we just haven’t been taught to listen. By learning to listen to the sensations in the body, you build a relationship to yourself that is strong, loving, and meaningful. It’s the way to heal trauma, and rewire your nervous system to heal your emotional and physical challenges. 

Meet Rebecca-

After years of my own struggles with health issues, I finally found the root problem(s). It wasn’t one thing, like I thought it might be–it was actually a system of things that needed to be addressed. It wasn’t just the physical body that needed care, it was the emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual bodies too. 

Now I’ve taken what I’ve learned to help other women who experienced challenges in health and wellness, to heal and trust themselves.

I’m a certified life coach and yoga instructor, mindfulness instructor, Reiki Master, shamanic practitioner, and a lover of nutrition. I’m a health and wellness coach, a scientist, and a recovering stress addict. I believe that the fusion of these healing modalities is where health begins.

You don’t have to wait to feel better. You can start now.

Ways to Work With Me


Not sure what's to choose?

You can decide what program works for you at this time. 3 months of support? A Place to Rest Community? Sometimes reading about the options can be confusing. Let’s find the right fit for you-  schedule a free chat today.

Schedule a Free Chat

The best way to find out if this is for you is to schedule a free chat. I offer a 20-30 session where you can tell me what you are dealing with and where you’d like to be. I’ll tell you honestly if/how I think shamanic coaching  can help you, and if not I’ll make suggestions to other individuals that might be a better fit.  



Get Started

Let’s get you from where you are to where you want to be. Schedule a free chat or request a free recording of a Rest Session. If you are ready for community,  join A Place to Rest Community. Don’t listen to the voice in your head that says you are too busy, or when this project finishes. It will never feel like the right time.

The right time is always now. 

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