Sometimes things are rough. The end of the semester and the end of the academic year always end up throwing me off center, and this year is no different. Only 4 weeks remain before the close of the school year and everyone seems to need something. Now!


Enter the practice of surrender.

When I can’t keep going and things are tough, surrender is my go-to tool. I offer it to my clients as well, when they are in a place of no longer being able to move forward. The last few weeks have seemed to be really tough for both my clients and me, so I’ve been practicing the art of surrender and feeling the power of letting go in my personal life and in sessions with my clients.


One of the best tools for surrender that I’ve read is a visualization provided by Tosha Silver from her book, Outrageous Openness. In her book, she suggests offering your problems to a higher power (whatever that may be for you).


Basic steps to help you surrender:

  1. Imagine your problem
  2. Hold it in your hands and feel the weight of your problem or situation
  3. Imagine a beautiful and glorious box
  4. Place the problem or situation in the box
  5. Offer this beautiful package it up to Divine, God, Universe (or whatever you like to call the higher power).


Pause and notice how you feel. My clients often report feeling lighter (and so do I). I’ve been practicing it daily and I’ve felt immediately better, even though the situation is the same!


Try these simple 5 steps and let me know what you notice.


Peace and Surrender,


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