Stress. I hear so many people complaining about it. How many times have you said something like:

“I’m so stressed! When I finish this project, THEN I’ll be able to relax.” or “When he stops telling me what to do, THEN I’ll feel better.”


So often we think stress is because of a circumstance or situation. But stress is really about our thoughts. I catch myself thinking I’ll be less stressed “once I finish” a project, semester, or class. But in reality there’s always something.


When I change my perception, the situation doesn’t have to change. Changing my thoughts allows me to be in the very same circumstance,

and feel less stress. That’s right. Same day, less stress. You don’t have to quit your job or take a vacation to have less stress (although make sure you include rest and down time too)!


Try these two steps for less stress:

1) Connect with your breath. See if you can watch the thoughts in your head swirling, and just allow the stress. Allow the fear or whatever emotions arise. Breathing in, I allow. Breathing out, I surrender to the situation as it is.


2) Send yourself loving kindness, or kind words. It could be as easy as placing your hand on your heart and saying “I know this is hard for you” or a more traditional loving kindness technique “May you be well, may you be safe, may you live in peace and joy.”


How do you feel?

It may take a bit of practice to change the habitual thoughts and feel less stressed or you may feel it immediately. Your current situation may be same, but I’ll bet that by turning your attention to thoughts of kindness, your body reacts with relaxation.


Try it the next time you feel stressed, overwhelmed, your kids are screaming, you have a project due, or a lion is roaring in your back yard.


Peace and Perspective,



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