I was laying on the coach in my apartment, in pain. My head hurt more than I’d ever experienced before, like a knitting needle being stabbed in my right eye. All I wanted was darkness and silence to help deal with the migraines. Still, I needed to go to class and work, and struggle through my life.


Eventually, I went through a series of tests and was ultimately given a prescription drug to help alleviate the migraines. While I was glad to have some relief, it left me wondering *why* I was having the symptoms and if I was going to have to take medication the rest of my life.


This is when I first discovered the mind-body connection. I was in graduate school, not taking care of myself, stressed, and sick. I had several illnesses over a period of time, but it whole downward spiral began with dizzy spells and recurrent migraines.


Luckily, this began my exploration of the mind-body connection and the first steps I took in healing my own body.  I have been fascinated ever since with using food as medicine, finding natural treatments, and maintaining high levels of self-care. It is truly a passion of mine!


In this video blog (4:34), listen to my experience with migraines and how I healed the cause, instead of just medicating the symptom. If you or someone you know has migraines, please share!


Peace and Relief,

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