I’m super excited that the masterclass, “A more powerful way to get clients unstuck” for coaches is this week! It’s June 2nd at 12pm est. It’s going to be such good information for anyone who is a coach who works with clients of any sort- As I’ve mentioned, I work with women who want to upgrade their health or business and I’ll be speaking directly to those of you who are coaches. It’s all about supplementing your already amazing coaching skills with holistic tools that will supercharge your clients progress. It all comes down to getting to the root of the problem they have and many coach training programs simply don’t teach it.  There will be a replay, but you’ll want to be there because I KNOW how those replays hang out in your inbox, AND I’m offering something special at the end of the masterclass. I’ll be going into detail about that and the Centered Wellness Training too.The applications are open and ready right now if you know you are interested. I’ll put the link in the show notes so you can read more about it. It’s going to be a very small group of folks to allow for deep training, so don’t miss the chance to apply. The early bird price ends June 24th and applications close July 1st. So what are you waiting for?!

Last week’s episode, the part 1 of this series, was talking about energy and how that can keep clients stuck or really be removed to propel them forward. It’s one of the prominent ways I find that my work is different from so many others, and usually the missing piece of the puzzle for so many people. Just as a little mini-review; When you learn to clear or extract energy, or return energy to the client that has been lost, given a way or broken, it makes such a huge difference. Here’s the interesting thing, is that energy just in and of itself isn’t what makes the difference. So as big as it is, it isn’t the only piece of the puzzle for getting clients unstuck with ease. Energy works with all the other aspects of who we are and what we do. 

Energy is just one of the tools that’s not typically included in coach training. One of the things I have learned in my own life as well as with my clients is the power of nutrition, exercise, and sleep in getting unstuck. I call this the physical wellness body, and It’s fascinating to me how often what someone eats can influence their progress in business, the relationship quality, parenting, and of course, health. Let’s start with nutrition as an example. There are many aspects of the standard american diet that lead to inflammation. When there is increased inflammation, there is evidence that this leads to more difficulty with remembering, brain fog, depression, irritability, and anxiety. Most of us have had those days when we’ve been traveling or just a really busy period in our lives where we are just eating the most convenient food and how we feel sluggish and not on top of our game. Some individuals’ physiological systems are just more sensitive to inflammation than others for a variety of reasons- one of them being stress- and it can affect them more specifically. So imagine that you are trying to help one of your clients (or yourself) and you feel stuck. One of the places we aren’t taught in life or business coach training is to look at how the food might be playing a role. It’s a crucial component. The nightly glasses of wine, or the food that we might be eating can be a place where we are buffering emotions, but also raising our level of inflammation which may mean we have less resilience available to us during challenging times. 

So here’s what I want you to know as a coach. You can take information about the physical wellness body, and apply it to the work you do with your clients. It can be a few simple questions regarding sleep, what food they are putting into their body, as well as how much they are moving their body.  Here’s one example of a dear client of mine. Everynight, she would finish work at 5pm, and the first thing she would do was to reach for a beer or wine. Every night. She was so stuck and was having trouble in her family relationships, anxiety and depression, as well as determining what the steps in her would be. As we worked together, we used mindset, energy, and mind-body work to help her release from the pattern of drinking. As she changed her relationship with alcohol, she found she saw differences with her family because she was reducing inflammation in her body which allowed her to be more emotionally present, and less reactive. She also felt better during the day, and wasn’t feeling as mad or anxious all the time. She started taking steps toward what she really wanted to do in her life, and started creating products to sell in her sister’s business. 

Another example is a client I worked with that wanted to change both her food and her exercise habits. She had recently seen a physician and he was warning her some difficulties with her blood sugar that was creeping towards diabetes. She was already eating pretty healthy, but the few tweeks we made together in a single session helped to balance her blood sugar, and simultaneously she started having more significant upticks in her business as well. There is no coincidence that when you address the whole client, they have the opportunity to make massive changes in all parts of their life. The problem in most of coaching and really healthcare as well, is that we tend to think of things in silos instead as a holistic and dynamic system. 

This is part of what I’m going to be discussing this week in the masterclass, “A more powerful way to get clients unstuck.” I’ll be giving you tips and tricks on how to use this in your practice as a preview for the Centered Wellness Training program that starts in July. 

The physical wellness body is crucial to our clients- we need to pay attention to all aspects of who they are. When you as a coach can address all wellness bodies, then your clients’ progress skyrockets. It’s deep and magical work and it’s part of my mission to get it out into the world because I think it’s going to change the coaching industry. 

Ok sweet friends, I hope this information about nutrition can support your clients. Next week, I’ll be talking about another skill that isn’t traditionally a part of coach training that can help your clients AND boost your practice. Take good care of yourself. 

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