As you may know, I’m finishing Martha Beck Life Coach Training. We had a training call schedule with Martha Beck for one of the classes and I innocently submitted a question. See, I’ve always tried to be a ‘good student’ and submit questions. And I really had a question. Why was I reaching a block in my own life? What was I doing wrong?

So there I was on the training call…and Martha called on me. She called on ME– as an example of how fear can stop you. In front of everyone. My heart was racing, sweat beads were forming, and I was working to stay. with. my. breath.

She asked me “What is your biggest fear?” LONG PAUSE. My mind is racing. Fear? What am I afraid of? And I blurt out a fear about failing. Well, wonderful fantastic Martha took me through an intense coaching session of naming and dissolving my fear (using the tools I’m learning in the training and The Work by Byron Katie). I had a huge AHA moment. Huge. I came off that session wanting to dissolve every single one of my fears.

I was coached by others and myself. I sat everyday asking “What is my biggest fear RIGHT NOW?” And I noticed where it was in my body. I noticed how I felt. I noticed what messages my body was giving me about fear and situations and about losing my old identity as I move into this *new* me.  I was on a fear clearing rampage. I meditated, visualized, walked in the woods, and practiced releasing, releasing, releasing.  Wow.  Freedom is the only word I can describe what I started experiencing.

Fast forward a few weeks, and I’m listening to a talk  by Tony Robbins and it hits me again.

The only thing that is keeping me from getting what I want is the story I am telling myself of why it can’t happen. 

I am the only thing in my way. Me. And the stories in my head. Boom. Clarity. I have a choice. Wow again. I sit down to meditate after hearing that and while I was sitting there, it was like an electrical surge went through my body.

Share it.  Clear the fear. Now. Do. It. Now. 

So I closed my meditation, jumped up to my computer, wrote out the process I’ve been using to clear my fear and decided to create a free class. I was up late into the night writing. And then the next night learning how to present the class. And now (again), writing this blog. Why? Because I can’t stop. Really- some force or passion or love or he who can’t be named or chocolate or *something* is keeping me up because I have to be of service. I have to help people heal. And, I think this can help.

What I offer to you as my free gift in 2015 is my first class called “Clear the Fear.” We are going to go through 8 steps to release fear from your life.  They go a little something like this:


8 steps to Clear the Fear

1) Name the fear

2) Feel the fear

3) Listen to the fear

4) Dissolve the fear

5) Ground yourself

6) Send the fear into the earth

7) Release the fear

8) Repeat


Simple, right? 🙂

Please join me in practicing with me on January 23rd 10 am PST/ 1pm EST. I only hope that this practice will be as beneficial to you as it is to me. I’m offering it as a gift! No cost! Why not join me in playing a bit…what do you have to lose except fear?

May you find Peace and Freedom in 2015,


p.s.- Have more questions? Email me or connect with me on Facebook!

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